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>Welcome to Weyermann Specialty Malts

Book premiere and time travel with the Malt Queen

A fantastic reason to celebrate: The German-written book "The Malt Queen" by Heike Bauer-Banzhaf had its premiere at the Weyermann® Visitors Center! The life of our president - 4th generation - Sabine Weyermann is the inspiration of the book. The ... more

Weyermann® sponsors Central European Brewers Conference 2021

Recently the Central European Brewers Conference 2021, sponsored by Weyermann®, took place in Budapest, Hungary, and was a huge success! The Central European Craft Brewers Conference (CEBC) is an annual conference and trade show representing the c ... more

We present the new design of our product samples!

Of course, everything is still red and yellow. The new design on our product samples is classic Weyermann® and yet refreshingly new! The new labels now fit on our small and large malt samples as well as SINAMAR® LME and roasted malt extract sampl ... more

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Seminars at Weyermann®:
Beer, Whisky & Gin

All Weyermann® fans, beer lovers and friends of good taste have the opportunity to experience Weyermann® in a very nice and lovely atmosphere.

Our 21 educated beer sommeliers who are working at Weyermann® will provide every customer and attendant with its very own special knowledge about beer, malt, brewing and distilling.

Please note:
English seminars are only available for exclusive bookings

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