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Weyermann® Quality

Welcome to the Weyermann® World of Specialty Malts!
Your partner in all malt matters.
We have the largest selection of malts, all produced and packaged in our own plants.

Our Quality Management Systems are DIN ISO 9001 certified.

These are the guarantees for the quality of all our specialty malts, malt extracts and SINAMAR®
  • Our highly trained and skilled production team

  • Our overall-process control system which allows us to monitor every step of our operation - from the barley
    at the receiving dock, through silo storage and malting, to tracking all exports of the final product

  • Regular analyses by federally licensed food inspection and audit companies

  • Adherence to the requirements of the German Purity Law

  • Exclusively German-grown, top-quality, non genetically-modified crop varieties of barley, wheat and rye
    planted specifically for brewery use

  • State-of-the-art, cutting-edge malting and brewing equipment

  • Fast and precise traceability of our entire line of specialty malts from the grower to the finished specialty malt by way of unique lot numbers encoded in D2 barcode transparencies

  • Individual batch analysis data customer-downloadable using D2 barcode scans (individual batch analyses are also available online)

Weyermann® Statement - Glyphosat in different beers
Weyermann® MalzfabrikBrennerstraße 17 - 1996052 Bamberg Telefon + 49 (0) 951 93 220-0Fax + 49 (0) 951 93 220-970eMail info@weyermann.de