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1879 The company foundation was on the 4th of October, 1879, when Johann Baptist established a malt roasting house at the same time with the takeover of his father´s well known grain store. Inside the property of his parents-in-law, Laurenzi Street No. 28 in a part of Bamberg called Kaulberg, and under the Company name „Mich. Weyermann’s Malzkaffee Fabrik“, he fabricates malt coffee and some fruit coffee varieties. His “production equipment” is a small roasting drum under a tarpaulin. Johann Baptist has just one employee, Hans Späth. In these days Bamberg counts 26.951 residents. Because of the fact that the plant doesn´t have a germination room, they burn only grain which is not malted. But shortly after renting some cellar rooms in the part of Oberer Stephansberg, there is given the possibility for the grains germination. The plant in Laurenzi Street is blessed because the holy Laurentius of Rome, who died in 258 the martyrdom, is the pation saint of the maltsters, like the Holy Gambrinus too. His commemorations day is the 10th of August.
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