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Weyermann® sponsors Doemens Academy master brews    13.04.2016

As every year, Weyermann® Malts has traditionally supported the Doemens Academy for Brewing and Beverage Technology with malt donations for their master brews also in 2016. Weyermann® Malts is alw more

Weyermann® Malts receives high score in preliminary evaluation of its visitors feedback    11.04.2016

We would like to thank all our Weyermann® visitors, who gave us a great feedback: In a preliminary evaluation we have achieved 4,6 from 5 points! Thank you so much for this great result! Every vi more

Distribution partner for the Ukraine visits Weyermann® Malts    10.04.2016

For more than ten years Unitec Ltd. has been at our side as our Weyermann® distribution partner, who always successfully brings our extensive product portfolio of over 80 malts to our customers in th more

New Weyermann® customer in Bamberg-Gaustadt enthuses with video!    09.04.2016

Since March this year there is a further brew pub in Bamberg, the “Erlkönig”, another Weyermann® customer, who relies on the red and yellow quality and competence. The Weyermann® team has already vi more

25 years Manfred Schrenker at Weyermann® Malts    08.04.2016

„You are simply always there, when we need you - for 25 years!”, Sabine Weyermann , Weyermann® management fourth generation, praised the commitment of the longtime employee of the maintenance team Man more

Weyermann® Malts at the     06.04.2016

On Friday, April 8th, Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality management and assurance takes off to Harbin, China, where he will take part at the “BHBT 6th craft brewery seminar” the following day more

Weyermann® Malts passes spot audit in Haßfurt    06.04.2016

On Friday Torsten Engelhardt from the SGS-ICS conducted a so-called spot audit (unannounced audit) in accordance with the QA feed standard at our plant in Haßfurt. This audit is announced up to three more

Weyermann® Malts says goodbye to Christoph Matheis     05.04.2016

We say goodbye to Christoph Matheis, production manager at the Weyermann® plant in Haßfurt. The trained brewer, who had his training followed by a master course at the Doemens Academy, has worked for more

Weyermann® Malts at the EuroGastro 2016    04.04.2016

From 06.04.2016 – 08.04.2016 the 20th anniversary edition of the Euro Gastro in Warsaw takes place and Weyermann® is on site represented by Marian Lukaszczky, our longtime Weyermann® distribution part more

Weyermann® employees introduces his home country Slovenia    03.04.2016

„What´s love got to do with it?“- that was the title of Gregor Alič’ lecture on Slovenia, which the Weyermann® Malt and Craft Beer ambassador recently held in the historical Weyermann® canteen as more

Israeli journalists visit Weyermann® Malts!    01.04.2016

This week we were pleased to welcome seven Israeli journalists in the red and yellow Weyermann® world, who got to know everything about the specialty malts of the Bamberg family business – from the se more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes exchange brewer!     31.03.2016

From 04.04.2016 until 15.04.2016 we sincerely welcome Louis Waldmeir as part of our exchange program for brewers in the red and yellow Weyermann® world. Louis Waldmeir is one of the brewers at the So more

Weyermann® Malts at the 1. Slovenian Beer Conference 2016    30.03.2016

Tomorrow, the 1.Slovenian Beer Conference „Good business practice in the field of beer” takes place at the Jable castle in Ljubljana /Laibach, Slovenia, and of course Weyermann® Malts is of the party. more

Weyermann® Malts says goodbye to Bodo Wille    30.03.2016

To the end of the month Bodo Wille, head of the Weyermann® IT department, leaves the red and yellow Weyermann® world after almost two years. At Weyermann® Malts he especially appreciated the inter more

5. Weyermann® Easter barbecue    29.03.2016

At the invitation of the Weyermann® locksmith´s shop and the Weyermann® management, the employees of the Bamberg family business came together at the Weyermann® locksmith´s shop for the 5. Weyermann® more

Contest winner visits Weyermann® Malts!    28.03.2016

Because he always drives past the Weyermann® site in Hassfurt, Guenther Birkel participated in the contest of “tag & nacht” magazine of Hassfurts municipal utility in late 2015 - the main price was a more

Membership of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand has been extended for one year!     26.03.2016

Our membership of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand has been extended for one year! Every year the Brewers Guild of New Zealand hosts the “Brewer´s Guild NZ International Beer Awards”, a renowned bee more

Weyermann® customer brews wedding brew at Weyermann® brew manufacture    25.03.2016

A wedding is always a reason to celebrate – of course the perfect wedding brew may not be missing! Thus we welcomed Sigmund Brockard, brew master and owner of the brewery Greifenklau, a longtime and l more

Weyermann® ambassadors receive a stylish second life in Italy!    24.03.2016

You can encounter our Weyermann® malt bags – also called Weyermann® ambassadors – in all countries of the world. And the best thing is: they often already have two lives. First as perfect protection f more

Currently published findings on Glyphosat in different beers    20.03.2016

Weyermann® Statement Concerning the current published findings on Glyphosat in d more

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