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100th anniversary of Sinamar(R)

100 Years of Weyermann SINAMAR® Color Malt Extract Celebrated in Bamberg, Germany Bamberg, Germany. July 19, 2003. Under a clear July sky, almost 350 international guestsfrom Windhoek in Namibia, to New Orleans in the United States, to Cambridge in Ontario, Canada, to Bern in Switzerland, to Moscow in Russiaassembled today on the central lawn of the Weyermann Malting Company complex in Bamberg, Germany. The visitors had come from all four corners of the globe to mark a memorable event in the history of beer-makingthe hundredth anniversary of the first production run of a deep-black extract called SINAMAR®. The production process of SINAMAR®pioneered and patented in 1902 by Johann Baptist Weyermann, the great-grandfather of current Company President Sabine Weyermannturns de-husked roasted malt into a virtually flavorless, de-bittered, all-natural, liquid color malt essence. SINAMAR® derives its name from the Latin sine amaro, which means without bitterness. The trademark of SINAMAR® is a chimney sweep, a German symbol of good luck&and, fittingly, guests were greeted by a delegation of local chimney sweeps dressed in their traditional garb, as black as SINAMAR. After a brief address by Sabine Weyermann, in which she thanked her guests for the trust and loyalty they have shown in Weyermann products, Mr. Hipelius, the Mayor of Bamberg, tapped the first keg of Schlotfegerla beer, formulated and brewed in the Companys new 2.5-hectoliter Kaspar Schulz test-brew system just for the occasion. Schlotfegerla, which means little chimney sweep in the local Franconian vernacular, is a dark, smoky lager, which gets most of its color from SINAMAR®of course! Also on tap were the local Kaiserdom Pils, as well as Bambergs signature beer, the Schlenkerla Rauchbier. The food offerings continued the black theme with charcoal-grilled brook trout, spit-grilled wild boar, salsify (called Schwarzwurzeln, or black roots in German), and whole-grain pumpernickel (called Schwarzbrot, or black bread in German). New Orleans-style music was provided all day by the splendid and tireless SRS-Jazzmen. From the beginnings of SINAMAR® in the early twentieth century, mostly as a coloring agent for bakery products and for the local Bavarian dark lagers called Dunkel, the extract has evolved into the principal source of darkness for literally thousands of beer brands, including many of the top international labels. Says Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Vice President of Technical Operations, Nowadays, you will find our SINAMAR® in most Dunkelweizens and Schwarzbiers, as well as many Bockbiers, Dunkel lagers, Altbiers, stouts, porters, red ales, brown ales, and Scotch ales. Youll even find it in small quantities in some pale ales and Pilsners to give these beers a golden hue¾especially if the brewer started out with a very pale foundation grist. SINAMAR® is now used by brewers in 67 countries, from Mongolia to Norway and from Japan to Brazil. These SINAMAR® customers, scattered as they are on four continents, have made SINAMAR® the international market leader in all-natural color malt extracts. They are also a reflection of the growing global reach of the Weyermann Malting Company in an increasingly competitive world malt market. The production equipment that churns out Weyermann malts and extracts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, operates behind the unlikely facade of an early-twentieth century brown-stone complex, which the German government has declared a national industrial historic site. The edifices may be venerable, but the machinery they hide is anything but old-fashioned. Says Kraus-Weyermann, We were able to fit the most advanced twenty-first century production tools and high-tech process controls into this hundred-year old protected physical plant without destroying its wonderful aesthetics. We look at our unique buildings as the symbolic link between our Companys solid past and its exciting and expanding future. Even our modern SINAMAR® production facility is housed in a building that was once, in the1890s, the steam power plant for the entire Company. SINAMAR® is an unusual malt extract, mainly because it is about forty times as dark as the darkest beers, and because it contains absolutely no fermentable sugars. Professional and homebrewers are familiar with standard liquid malt extracts, which are condensed worts with about 80% of their weight in fermentable malt sugars. Once diluted back to regular wort density, these extracts can be fermented into finished beers or used as yeast starters. SINAMAR® all-natural malt extract, by contrast, is not condensed wort, but condensed beer. Because it contains no fermentables, it is not intended for making beer, but for giving an already existing beer one key characteristic that it may be lacking: A deep-opaque, dark colorbut without acrid, roasted flavors. For its high color values without bitterness, the foundation beer for SINAMAR® is produced exclusively from de-husked Weyermann CARAFA SPECIAL® II roasted malt with a Lovibond rating of 375-450º. Because there are no enzymes in roasted malt, there is no conversion in a mash made from it, and all sugars in the wort come only from malting. The wort that results has an OG of about 1.050 (12.5°P). It is fermented with lager yeast to an FG of about 1.040 (10°P). The beers alcohol level by volume is 0.8-1.2%. Subsequent vacuum-evaporation eliminates all alcohol, raises the gravity to roughly 1.192-1.224 (48-54°P), and gives the finished malt extract a color value of 3,200-3,375°L (8,500-9,000 EBC). SINAMAR® is packaged sterile at 162°F (72°C) into hermetically sealed shipping containers. Unlike other beer color enhancers used by many breweries around the globe, SINAMAR® is completely natural. In fact, it even meets the stringent requirements of the German Beer Purity Law. SINAMAR® meets all applicable government food-safety regulations including the Hazard Analysis of Critical Points. Its manufacturing process conforms to standard DIN-ISO 9001-2000. SINAMAR® is suitable for coloring not only beer, but also soft drinks, teas, soy sauce and baking goods.

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