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Certified organic Roasted Malt
Product EBC Lovibond Use Rate Result Availability
Certified organic CARAFA®1000 - 1200375 - 450
  • Dark Beer
  • "Salvator Bockbier"
  • Stout
  • Porter
  • Alt Beer
  • "Bockbier"
  • "Schwarzbier"
1 - 5 %
  • deeper aroma of dark beers as well as beer color
  • our unique de-husked roasted barley malt adds aroma, color and body, with a milder, smoother flavor than achieved with whole grains
in stock
Certified organic
Cocolate Rye Malt
500 - 800188 - 300
  • top-fermented Specialty Beer
1 - 5 %
  • enhanced aroma of dark, top-fermented beers as well as improved color
in stock
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