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Diastatic Malt
Product EBC Lovibond Use Rate Result Availability
Diastatic Barley Malt2.5 - 4.01.5 - 2.1
  • any Ale or Lager
  • replaces all or portion of Pale Ale or Pilsner Malt for all other Beer Type
up to 50 %
  • exceptional amylase strength
  • accelerates and enhances saccharification in mash for better extract efficiency and larger proportion of fermentables in wort, without loss of malt flavor
  • high diastatic power
in stock
Diastatic Wheat Malt3.0 - 5.01.7 - 2.4
  • Ales
  • "Dunkelweizen"
  • "Weizenbock"
  • "Weizendoppelbock"
  • Pub Wheat Ales
  • Light or Low-alcohol Beer
up to 50 %
  • ideal addition to pale or dark beers, whenever extra diastatic power is needed in the mash
  • can be used to replace regular Pale Wheat Malt
  • high diastatic power
in stock
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