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Certified organic SINAMAR®
Certified organic SINAMAR® - All-Natural Liquid Malt Color Manner of Transportation Packaging unit Net weight Avail-
Certified organic SINAMAR® is produced solely from our roasted malt: certified organic CARAFA®, according to the strict German "Reinheitsgebot" (purity-law). This law allows the brewer to use only the following four ingredients:


To get the characteristic color and extract, certified organic SINAMAR® is carefully evaporated in a vacuum process, finely filtered and canisters and containers of different sizes are filled directly at 158°F - 167°F (70 - 75°C).
Due to this special treatment the taste of certified organic SINAMAR® is less bitter.
Certified organic SINAMAR® causes no turbidity and remains pH stable.

According to federal regulations, certified organic SINAMAR® does not need to be labeled with a so-called E-number (European Community Number).
A declaration as malt extract, barley malt extract or roasted malt extract is sufficient.

Certified organic SINAMAR® is gluten free.

Certified organic SINAMAR® is perfectly suited for coloring foods such as: baked goods, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, pharmaceutical products and tea etc.

Recommended Quantities:
Use 14 g (11.9 ml) of certified organic SINAMAR® Color Malt Extract to darken 1 hl of beer or wort by 1 EBC; or use 1.5 oz. (1.25 fl.oz.) to darken 1bbl of beer or wort by 1° Lovibond.

Unopened containers have a 18 month shelf-life.
Once opened, contents should be used immediately and stored cool.
one-use canister
5 ltr.
~ 1.32 US gallon
5.9 kg
~ 13.0 lbs.
in stock
one-use canister
10 ltr.
~ 2.64 US gallon
11.8 kg
~ 26.0 lbs.
in stock
one-or multi-use canister
30 ltr.
~ 7.92 US gallon
35.5 kg
~ 78.3 lbs.
in stock
Analysis Data:
Real extract 53Weight -%/BRIX°
Specific weight1.131.28g/cm³
Color in EBC81008600EBC
Color in Lovibond30403200Lovibond
Viskosity 1000m Pa s
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Certified organic SINAMAR® SINAMAR®
Malt Extract for delicious Bavarian style beers!
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