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Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Jonas Paulus     31.08.2019

As of September 1st, 2019, we warmly welcome Jonas Paulus to our team. He will train to become an electronics technician here at Weyermann® Malts. Jonas was already able to get to know our com more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Felix Mohr     31.08.2019

As of September 1st Felix Mohr will enrich our team as a locksmith. Last year Felix completed his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and subsequently gained some experience working as a jour more

Weyermann® Inside News: We welcome Bisrat Tsegay to our team     30.08.2019

As of September 1st, 2019 Bisrat Tsegay will join our team and continue his training as a brewer and maltster. Bisrat, who is originally from Eritrea, began his training at our customer, the brewe more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Kevin Lother    30.08.2019

Kevin Lother will join our team on September 1st, 2019, and begin his training as a specialist for food technology. After finishing his school career this year, Kevin is all the more eager to start more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Michael Spindler     30.08.2019

Michael Spindler will join our team on September 1st 2019 and beginn his training as a brewer and maltster. Michael originally learned the profession of painter and varnisher and worked in this pr more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Annalena Schütz    30.08.2019

Annalena Schütz, who completed her school career this summer, will be our first apprentice who will train to become a specialist for forwarding and logistic services here at Weyermann® Malts. In h more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Jasmin Rehe     29.08.2019

On September 1st 2019, Jasmin Rehe will begin her training as an industrial clerk here at Weyermann® Malts. She successfully completed her school career and was already able to familiarize herself more

Weyermann® loves to be the lighthouse for Doemens    28.08.2019

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the family company Weyermann® Malts, the management decided to donate 100.000 € for the new building of the Doemens Academy. "The donation concept intend more

Weyermann® Inside News: We welcome Tobias Christa to the team     28.08.2019

As of September 1st 2019 we will have nine new apprentices joining our team in Bamberg starting their professional lives. One of them is Tobias Christa. He will learn the profession of an electron more

Weyermann® Inside News: We welcome Alexander Sterzer to the team     28.08.2019

Starting September 1st 2019, Alexander Sterzer will join our team and beginn training as an specialist for food technology. Alexander, who successfully completed his school career this summer, was more

Weyermann® on tour: Customer Visits in Hong Kong    27.08.2019

Axel Jany, Weyermann® Team Leader Customer Consultants International, is above the clouds now as he is on his way to Hong Kong in South East Asia. There Axel will spend some wonderful days buildin more

Weyermann® beers among the best of the world - World Beer Awards 2019    19.08.2019

We have some wonderful news to kick off the new week: at this year´s World Beer Awards three Weyermann® beer specialties have been awarded! Our Weyermann® Barley Wine was announced „World´s Best D more

Weyermann® does good: We fullfil heartfelt desires     06.08.2019

Social commitment is deeply rooted in our family business Weyermann®. The promotion of various projects is always a matter of the heart for us. We are happy to support the project "Wünschewagen" wi more

Weyermann® on tour: Agraria Malt Workshop 2019, Guarapuava, Brazil    05.08.2019

Thank you Alirio Caldera, Weyermann® customer consultant international, and Philipp Schwarz, Weyermann® team leader Weyermann® distillery, for representing us so wonderfully at this year’s malt worksh more

Weyermann® employees ride their bikes for the good cause!    03.08.2019

With great success the „Team Weyermann®“ participated in the Europe-wide campaign STADTRADELN. STADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance, the largest network of cities, municipalities an more

Traditional visit of our distribution partner BSG from the USA    01.08.2019

It is one of many traditions here at Weyermann®, to welcome team members of the Brewers Supply Group (BSG), our longtime distribution parter for the USA, at our company in the summer time and show the more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Marlon Jacob     31.07.2019

As every year, we look forward to offer young people a sound education at Weyermann® Malts. One of them is Marlon Jacob, who will train to become a specialist for metal technology at our Weyermann more

Welcome to the team, Marc Creutzburg    31.07.2019

On August 1st, 2019 Marc Creutzburg will start his training as an industrial mechanic at our Weyermann® plant in Clingen. In summer last year, he successfully finished his school career and complet more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Barbara Kirchgessner    30.07.2019

On August 1st 2019 Barbara Kirchgessner will join our team as employee in our Weyermann® Craft Beer Fan Shop. Most recently Mrs. Kirchgessner, who is a trained retail saleswoman, worked as shop ma more

Weyermann® on tour: Copa Cervecera Mitad del Mundo, Quito, Ecuador    30.07.2019

What a wonderful week full of craft beer, new acquaintances and interesting lectures at the Ecuadorian Beer Week 2019. Alirio Caldera, our Weyermann® customer consultant international, was on-site more

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