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We welcome a new member to the Weyermann® team!     21.06.2016

As of June 22th 2016 we welcome Nevin Aytas to the Weyermann® Team. The native Turk comes from Iskenderun, a city in southern Turkey in the province of Hatay, where both our employees Gülseren Paklaci more

Malt workshop in Brazil - with Weyermann® Malts 2016    20.06.2016

Off it goes to Brazil for a Weyermann® ambassador. The following days, Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster, will take part at the malt workshop of our distribution partner for Brazil, Cooperativ more

BevExpo 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    20.06.2016

Recently Weyermann® team leader customer consultant and beer sommelier Ulrich Ferstl was on tour in Manchester for Weyermann® Malts. There, together with John Middleton, Weyermann® UK Representativ more

Big Craft Beer Day Festival in Moscow with Weyermann® Malts    17.06.2016

Recently the Big Craft Beer Festival in Moscow, Russia, took place for the second time and Weyermann® was of course of the party, represented from our exclusive Weyermann® distribution partner for Rus more

Weyermann® customer awarded "Best Artisanal Brewery of Latin America"!     14.06.2016

Congratulations to our Weyermann® customer, the Bierbaum brewery in Santa Catarina, Brazil, who was awarded “Best Artisanal Brewery of Latin America” at the ”South Beer Cup, Copa Libertadores de Cerve more

Weyermann® Malts at the BevExpo 2016    13.06.2016

Off it goes to Manchester today for Weyermann® team leader customer consultant and beer sommelier Ulrich Ferstl. There he will participate at the two-day BevExpo 2016 at the Manchester Central togethe more

And our team continues to grow!     13.06.2016

Today we warmly welcome Dominik Zink to the Weyermann® Team. He completed his training as an IT specialist focusing on system integration, at the Astrum IT GmbH in Erlangen. Due to his good res more

New employee at the Weyermann® logistics center!     11.06.2016

Since June 7th, 2016 we are happy about a new member of the Weyermann® logistics team,Michael Hollfelder. He is pleased about the challenges, which his new job as a temporary worker in our logistic more

The Weyermann® team grows and grows!    10.06.2016

Since June 1st, 2016 we welcome Monika Schmitt to our internal sales team. The young woman studied cultural studies at the University of Passau with the main focus on the areas of customer managem more

Number of trainee instructors at Weyermann® Malts grows!    09.06.2016

Five exciting training occupations can be learned at Weyermann® Malts: Industrial clerk, specialists for food technology, brewer and maltster, metal worker and electrician. Thereby a trained and more

Weyermann® glänzt bei Mitarbeiterbefragung zu Weiterbildung!    08.06.2016

„Kultur fällt uns nicht wie eine reife Frucht in den Schoß. Der Baum muss gewissenhaft gepflegt werden, wenn er Frucht tragen soll.“ - Albert Schweitzer In den vergangenen Monaten hat Weyermann® We more

Weyermann® Malts at the Craft Brewers Powwow 2016 in South Africa    07.06.2016

Recently Larissa Diesendorf, Weyermann® Export Coordinator and Key Account Assistant, was on tour in South Africa. There she took part at the first edition of the Craft Brewers Powwow – a fair all ab more

Successful organic control at Weyermann® Malts     06.06.2016

We start off this week with great news from our Weyermann® quality management department: We have successfully passed our this years’ organic control, which was carried out from auditor Bernhard Bö more

QS - spot audit successfully passed at Weyermann® in Bamberg and Leesau!     25.05.2016

We are happy about great news from the Weyermann® QM department: Weyermann® Malts has successfully passed the QS-spot audit at its locations in Bamberg and Leesau! The SGS ICS auditor Thorsten E more

12. Weyermann® Brew-Technical Seminar with Italian brewers 2016    24.05.2016

During the last two days we had a group of Italian brewers at Weyermann® Malts, who attended the 12th Weyermann® Brew-Technical Seminar with Italian brewers 2016. This time the focus was on the Wey more

AIBA 2016 - Two bronze medals for Weyermann® beers!    23.05.2016

Weyermann® won two bronze medals at the Australian International Beer Awards: with the smoked beer classics from the Weyermann® pilot brewery, the Schlotfegerla®, and with a very unusual beer creatio more

Weyermann® on customer visits through the USA!    20.05.2016

Following the biggest trade fair for the brewing industry, the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), and the Olympics of the brewers, the World Beer CupSM, our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyer more

Weyermann® sponsors malt for brewing technical internship at Osnabrück University of Applied Science    19.05.2016

As part of their training the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences always does a brewing technical internship which Weyermann® generously sponsors with malt. We are pleased that we can thus sup more

Weyermann® at the CIBUS 2016 in Italy!    18.05.2016

Our distribution partner for Italy, Uberti Srl, has duly represented us at the CIBUS 2016, a big Italian food fair. More: www.cibus.it Many thanks go to Uber more

Weyermann® at the Homebrew Experience Days 2016 in Beverlo    11.05.2016

The Homebrew Experience days 2016 offer an unique event for all home brewers, from beginners to experts on the Pentecost weekend. The event takes place at Brouwland in Beverlo, our Weyermann® distr more

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