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Weyermann® on tour: Saint-Malo Craft Beer Expo in France    22.03.2018

Today, our export specialist Jennifer Wichert travels to the north coast of Brittany, more precisely to the port city of Saint-Malo. There she will represent Weyermann® Malts at the Saint-Malo Craf more

Weyermann® on tour: Vocational Training fair in Hollfeld    22.03.2018

Yesterday we introduced Weyermann® Malts at the vocational training fair in Hollfeld. Attracted by the red and yellow booth and the lovely smell of Weyermann® Candy Malt®, many students came along more

Weyermann® on tour: Barcelona Beer Festival 2018    19.03.2018

Last weekend Barcelona turned into the beer capital for craft beer lovers from around the world. The Barcelona Beer Festival took place and Weyermann® Malts was there, too! The team of Ricardo Mol more

Weyermann® on tour: Asia Pacific IBD Convention, Wellington, New Zealand    17.03.2018

To travel to the land of the Maori and Kiwis is certainly on top of the must-see list for many. Our international Weyermann® customer consultant Axel Jany is just on his way there! In New Zealand´s more

Weyermann® Time To say Goodbye: Max Reifschneider     15.03.2018

Today Max Reifschneider will spend his last day as Weyermann® truck driver. Since summer 2015 the professional driver with roots in Kazakhstan was our Weyermann® ambassador on the rand and brought more

Weyermann® on tour: SIBA BeerX 2018     14.03.2018

John S. Middleton, our Weyermann® Representative UK, is ready for the SIBA BeerX in Liverpool! Our Weyermann® booth number this year is #14! SIBA BeerX UK is the biggest dedicated trade exhibiti more

Weyermann® Time To say Goodbye: Maximilian Küffner    14.03.2018

Today we say goodbye to Maximilian Küffner, Assistant Grain Logistics, who was part of our red and yellow Weyermann® world for two and a half years. In September 2015 the trained management assist more

Weyermann® on tour: 8th BHBT Craft Beer Seminar in Nanjing, China     13.03.2018

The 8th BHBT Craft Beer Seminar in Nanjing, hosted from our Weyermann® distribution partner for China, Barth-Haas Group, has come to a successful end. This year Dominik Maldoner was our red and yel more

Weyermann® on tour: Brazilian Beer Festival 2018    12.03.2018

Our International Customer Consultant Axel Jany spent the last week in Brazil and built many red and yellow bridges of friendship. After serving as beer-judge at the Brazilian Beer Competition, he more

Weyermann® on tour: 3rd Craft Beer Conference in Malmö, Sweden    12.03.2018

Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management fourth generation, had a fantastic time in Sweden. They traveled to Malmö and attended the 3rd Craft Beer Conference. The team fro more

Weyermann® sponsors home brewer competition SLOSH Berlin 2018    09.03.2018

Our malts, which we are sponsoring for the home brewer competition SLOSH Berlin have arrived in Berlin! In conjunction with Stone Brewing Berlin and BRLO, the MASH PIT is going to host SLOSH BERLI more

Weyermann® on tour: Craft Beer Conference, Malmö, Schweden    07.03.2018

Our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann traveled to our brewing friends up in Scandinavia today. Together they will attend the 3rd Craft Beer Conference in Malmö, Sweden, which takes pl more

Weyermann® on tour: 8th BHBT Craft Beer Seminar    07.03.2018

The Barth-Haas Trade Co., Ltd., our Weyermann® distribution partner for China, has invited to its 8th BHBT Craft Beer Seminar in Nanjing and Weyermann® will be present. Our Weyermann® ambassador more

Weyermann® on tour: Beviale Moscow 2018 co-sponsored by Weyermann®    05.03.2018

Last week, the Beviale Moscow presented itself in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center as a central platform for the Eastern European beverage industry for the third time. Karl-Ludwig R more

Welcome to the team, Jan Kronester!    03.03.2018

Starting tomorrow, Jan Kronester joins our Weyermann® team as an order picker. After a training period in our Weyermann® Logistics Center, he will work in our new warehouse and distribution center. more

Weyermann® Go for Gold: Brazilian Beer Competition, Blumenau, Brazil    01.03.2018

Yesterday our Weyermann® International Customer Consultant Axel Jany flew to Brazil. He has been invited to serve as beer-judge at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau. The Brazilian Beer Conte more

Weyermann® on tour: Beviale Moscow 2018 - Weyermann® is Co-Sponsor     26.02.2018

Right now our Weyermann® Customer Service Representative Karl-Ludwig Rieck is on his way to Moscow, Russia. There he will attend the Beviale Moscow and the VLB seminar "Modern Brewing Technologies more

Weyermann® on tour: 6th Ricardo Molina Microbrewery Seminar in Portugal    24.02.2018

As every year, it was a great seminar with our Iberian brewing friends, where Weyermann® Malts was able to build many bridges of friendship. Our Weyermann® distribution partner for Spain & Portugal more

Weyermann® on tour: Beer Attraction in Rimini, Italy    22.02.2018

Many thanks to all the wonderful visitors, with whom we were able to enjoy a lively exchange during the past days at our red and yellow booth at the Beer Attraction in Rimini! Monika Schmitt from o more

Collaboration Brew Day with the winners of the Samuel Adams LongShot homebrewers competition    22.02.2018

Sergey Lekakh and Slavi Kushnir from Israel enjoyed a wonderful Collaboration Brew Day at Weyermann® Malts yesterday! The two homebrewers took first place in the Samuel Adam´s LongShot Homebrewer more

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