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Weyermann® Inside News: Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky Release    13.12.2018

The wait has been worthwhile! Today Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management, and Philipp Schwarz, team leader distillery, proudly presented the Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky to an exclusive more

Weyermann® on tour: Polish Craft Brewers Conference 2018 in Zawiercie, Poland    04.12.2018

Last weekend Axel Jany, Weyermann® customer consultant international, attended the Polish Craft Brewers Conference 2018 in Zawiercie, Poland. There he held a lecture about our specialty malts and more

Weyermann® Malts takes first place at education award BAzubi 2018     03.12.2018

We are happy to announce that Weyermann® Malts has taken the first place at the education award BAzubi. The BAzubi prize, initiated by Bamberg´s Mayor Andreas Starke, is awarded to companies in Bam more

11th Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping    03.12.2018

With the traditional words „O’zapft is“ the 11th Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping kicked off on the listed Weyermann® company premises on Thursday last week. Traditionally the Weyermann® management ar more

Weyermann® on tour: Polish Craft Brewers Conference 2018    30.11.2018

In the Hotel Villa Verde in Zawiercie, Poland, the Polish Craft Brewers Conference 2018 takes place today and tomorrow. Axel Jany, Weyermann® customer consultant international, is already on his w more

3rd Weyermann® Supplier’s Day     29.11.2018

Over 60 farmes from Clingen and Leesau followed our invitation to the 3rd Weyermann® Supplier´s Day. Weyermann® Malts maintains long-standing partnerships with regional farmers and traders, produce more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Stephan Starklauf     29.11.2018

As of December 1st 2018, Stephan Starklauf will join our team as a driver for the factory traffic. He has been active as a truck driver for around 25 years. For the last 9 years he worked for the c more

Weyermann® Malts donates for new team bus of the volunteer fire brigade Bamberg    29.11.2018

When a fire occurred out in a closed production area of our malthouse in August this year, firefighters were immediately on site to supervise the operation competently and attentively. We apprecia more

International Weyermann® employee introduces her country of origin, the Ukraine    28.11.2018

A beautiful thing the Ukraine and Weyermann® Malt have in common is the color yellow. It symbolizes sun-ripened grain on both sides. This and many other interesting facts were presented from Antoni more

Weyermann® mployees enjoy further educational training     28.11.2018

Employees from the maintenance teams at all four Weyermann® locations - Bamberg, Hassfurt, Leesau, Clingen - came together for a joint educational training course at Bühler GmbH in Beilngries. The more

We welcome Jennifer Schöne to the Weyermann® team     28.11.2018

With Jennifer Schöne the Weyermann® team continues to grow. Starting on December 1st 2018, Jennifer Schöne will join our company as a factory inspector. She will actively support the team of our f more

Weyermann® on tour: World Brewing Academy - Master Brewer Program in Gräfelfing, Germany    27.11.2018

Last Friday, Alirio Caldera, Weyermann® customer consultant international, visited the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing. There he trained the participants of the WBA Master Brewer Program, which is o more

Weyermann® brews beer for the business forum „Bamberger Wirtschaftsforum“    26.11.2018

For the 25th time, the Sparkasse Bamberg has invited to the business forum “Bamberger Wirtschaftstage”, which Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, attended. As part of more

Weyermann® Inside News: We welcome Ralph Storey to the team!     25.11.2018

Ralph Storey will join the Weyermann® team in the production starting December 1st 2018. On the recommendation of his big brother Richard Storey, who also works in our production, he applied for a more

Weyermann® Inside News: Welcome to the team, Céline Torres    25.11.2018

On December 1st 2018, Céline Torres will join our Weyermann® world as team assistant for the areas technology, production and marketing. Ms. Torres successfully completed her apprenticeship as offi more

Weyermann® sponsors new pavillons for the Bavarian Red Cross - District Association Bamberg     22.11.2018

As a big thank you for being there when we needed them during the fire at Weyermann® Malts in August this summer, we are sponsoring two new red pavilions for the Bavarian Red Cross – District Associat more

Weyermann® Distilling Seminar 2018    21.11.2018

After three succesful days at the Brau Beviale 2018, the Weyermann® distribution partner seminar and evening as well as the legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party, a two-day distilling seminar for intere more

Weyermann® Time To Say Goodbye: Denise Jones     21.11.2018

After three years in the red and yellow Weyermann® world our Weyermann® master brewer and distiller Denise Jones has decided to head back to her home country the United States. In our in-house dist more

Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2018 – Building international bridges of friendship!     20.11.2018

This year 489 guests from 39 nations celebrated the diversity and community within the international Weyermann® network at the legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party. With the traditional “after trade more

Weyermann® distribution partner seminar 2018    18.11.2018

After three successful days at the Brau Beviale 2018 in Nuremberg, 69 Weyermann® distribution partners from 26 countries came together for a seminar at the new Weyermann® Loading and Distribution Cent more

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