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Malt production with best drinking water at Weyermann® Malts

At Weyermann® Malts food safety has the highest priority. Therefore we produce our over 80 malts very mindful of best raw materials. Throughout the whole production of our specialty and quality malts only air and pure water gets to our raw material, the grain.

The essential steps of the malt production are the steeping, germination and kilning. During the steeping process the quality grains (barley, wheat, rye and spelled) are mainly supplied water from the excellent Upper Franconian malting barley growing area. Here we at the world market leader regarding specialty malts pay attention to the best quality! We have two own wells on the premises that provide impeccable water. The wells are regularly inspected twice a year by an external accredited laboratory after the drinking water ordinance.
In addition, we purchase drinking water from the Stadtwerke Bamberg (municipal utilities).

This impeccable drinking water is supplied to the grain during the steeping process in large stainless steel vessels, where we steep the grain in water. In the period of roughly two days, we perform the steeping twice, always utilizing fresh impeccable water for each single steeping. Thus we can completely exclude a microbiological contamination of the water and achieve the highest quality in the final product. Recycling from already used water – say out of financial reasons – is no option for us at all.
In our four steeping vessels with a capacity of 60 tons the grain evenly absorbs purest water within 18 to 48 hours. The grain begins to breathe, that means, air must be supplied through aeration devices. The resulting carbon dioxide is then sucked out of the steeping vessel. After the complete steeping time, the "water bath" of the barley, the grain has a water content of 38-41% and the germs start to emerge. Now the grain is pumped into the germination box, where it again is supplied water- at Weyermann® of course naturally pure, clear fresh water!

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