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Weyermann® employees introduces her home country Denmark

One sixth of the 180 Weyermann® Malts employees have routes in countries other than Germany. Ebony Rogers is one of them. The young woman, who is completing a trainee program in the marketing department parallel to her master studies in “Marketing Management”, has Scandinavian and American roots. Her mother is a native Dane and her father is a native American. To introduce her country of origin to the Weyermann® employees, Ebony Rogers held a lecture on Denmark as part of a Weyermann® academy event in the historical Weyermann® canteen.

After some short facts about the country itself – Denmark is one of the oldest states in Europe – as well as an overview of the key historical events, Ebony Rogers explained the Danish economy. Thus the employees learned that Denmark is among the ten richest countries in the world (measured in terms of GDP) and pioneer of the energy revolution. Afterwards she gave an insight into the Danish culture and the traditions as well as the mentality of the Danish, who belong to the happiest people in the world, according to several studies.

Then she took the interested “Weyermen” on a sightseeing tour to the most popular sights in and around Denmark. The capital city Copenhagen turned out to be particularly worth seeing. Thus you can visit the landmark of Copenhagen, the little mermaid, one of the oldest leisure parks of the world (Tivoli) and explore the Freetown Christiania, a government-tolerated autonomous community marked by hippie culture and the alternative scene.

Among the hot spots outside of Copenhagen is e.g. Roskilde. There you find the first gothic cathedral of Scandinavia made of bricks, the Roskilde Cathedral, which has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage. Moreover original Viking ships from the past can be found in the Vikings museum there. Finally Ebony Rogers showed some impressive pictures from the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which convinced with their panoramic landscape.

She ended her lecture with a few words about Denmark and its beer culture. Thus the employees learned that Denmark is among the most important beer countries in the world and that in no other country of the world you find an extensive range of quality beer, converted into the size of the country and the habitants. No matter where you resided in Denmark, the nearest brewery was never further away than 30 kilometers. In addition, Ebony Rogers introduced some of the roughly 50 Weyermann® customers in Denmark, including Carlsberg A/S, the fourth biggest brewery group of the world.

Thrilled from the lecture some employees were promptly inspired to visit our neighboring country in Northern Europe. Many thanks go to Ebony Rogers for the interesting insight into her “second home country” and the Weyermann® management, which steadily enhances the Weyermann® horn of plenty with knowledge through contributions like this within the Weyermann® academy.

The Weyermann® academy provides an appropriate platform for the whole Weyermann® team to encourage each other and to support each other. Lectures, readings, tours, excursions are part of the Weyermann® academy and make an immense contribution to the unmistakable pleasant working atmosphere throughout the Weyermann® world.

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