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Samuel Adams Longshot Competition winners visit Weyermann® Malts

On Wednesday we welcomed the three homebrewers Benzi Alexander, Gary Barak and Amiel Prager from Israel, accompanied by our Weyermann® distribution partner for Israel, Gadi Deviri, at the world market leader regarding specialty malts for a brew day at the Weyermann® brew manufacture. At the last American homebrewer competition “Samuel Adams Longshot Competition” the three men were awarded for their pilsner beer – brewed with 100%percent Weyermann® malts!

To show our appreciation the three have been invited to a brew day at the Weyermann® brew manufacture, where they brewed a Bamberger Hofbräu® Lager together with Weyermann® brew master Dominik Maldoner and Weyermann® brewer and maltster Peter Haidacher. “It is awesome, we are happy to be here” all three men said enthusiastically. Impressed from Dominik Maldoners lecture on the malts, which are used in the Bamberger Hofbräu® Lager, the three homebrewers are now planning to brew their awarded pilsner beer once again – but this time using Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt respectively Barke® Munich Malt.

Moreover they were shown a trick, how to prevent that air stays in the bottles after bottling the beer. Now they want to apply this trick when bottling their own beers as well! At the Weyermann® visitors center they were inspired by Weyermann® distiller Denise Jones, whom they watched distilling.
Thrilled from this handcraft Benzi Alexander, Gary Barak and Amiel Prager now also plan to distill their own beer snaps – so much inspiration on one day!

As a highlight of the day Dominik Maldoner, Peter Haidacher and Denise Jones took the three homebrewers on a tour through the beer city Bamberg, where they eventually stopped off at the Keesmann brewery, a loyal Weyermann® customer, and celebrated a successful day – of course with a beer, brewed with the specialty malts of Weyermann® Malts!

We are delighted, that we could inspire Benzi Alexander, Gary Barak and Amiel Prager in many ways and wish them for their next brew in their 70l hobby brewery, which lies about 20 km outside of Tel Aviv, “happy brewing” with the specialty malts from Weyermann® Malts!


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