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Thomas Kraus-Weyermann celebrates double anniversary at DBMB

This year Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, proudly and joyfully looks back at 20 years of membership of the “Deutsche Braumeister- und Malzmeisterbund” (DBMB), which is the German brewers and maltsters association.
But Thomas Kraus-Weyermann not only enriched the technical-scientific association, based in Dortmund, as a regular member at this time, but up until today is involved in the DBMB management body: For ten years the Weyermann® managing director in the areas of technology and sales has been the first chairman of the country group Northern Bavaria!

Honorary president Dieter Gewalt honored and congratulated Thomas Kraus-Weyermann to his great double anniversary at the first executive and advisory board meeting of the DBMB country group Northern Bavaria in January 2016.
In this period he had always acted with prudence, vision and heart. Symbolically for this great heartfelt dedication Dieter Gewalt handed over a huge gingerbread heart as a token of gratitude and appreciation to the double jubilarian. Deeply moved, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann thanked for this congratulation: “That was a good time, which brought me a lot of joy!”

Just last year, the commitment of Thomas Kraus Weyermann as first chairman of the DBMB country group Northern Bavarian became more than clear. In June the brew master day, where always all the members of all regional groups come together, was held in Bamberg on the initiative of Thomas Kraus-Weyermann.

The welcome evening with over 500 guests took place at the specialty malts manufacture on Brennerstrasse. Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and his team successfully turned the brew master day 2015 with annual general meeting, a ceremony and a comprehensive program into an unforgettable experience and made the welcome evening a friendly, communicative, informative and cozy Franconian get-together on the lovingly tended and listed Weyermann® plant, which was very well received from the visitors – according to the motto "building bridges".

These bridges to and for the DBMB, which Thomas Kraus-Weyermann has built and strengthened during his 25 years of Weyermann® managing activities, may continue to grow steadily! Many thanks to our boss for this extraordinary commitment!




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