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Join us for an interesting & exciting tour of the Weyermann® world and learn more about our philosophy of a perfect world and life balance!

The Weyermann® family and their enthusiastic maltster team

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Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2016


Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2015


Weyermann® Vintage Car Event 2015


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Weyermann® Wholesaler Evening Altenburg 2014


Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2014


Sabine Weyermann - World´s Top


Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2011


Anniversary Celebration 130 years Weyermannn® Specialty Malts 2009


Opening a Weyermann® Malt Bag Is No Magic Trick!


Unlike in days of yore, when malt was delivered in clumsy burlap bags, opening a modern Weyermann® bag is child’s play and can be done without mess or fuss. We have prepared a short, funny movie that shows a simple trick for getting our Weyermann® "ambassadors" to release their precious content without the need for scissors, chainsaws, or other severe implements. Simply make a single incision with the small, practical Weyermann® custom bag opener. Cut the thread at the right place and pull, and your quality Weyermann® Malt will be ready for you to use in no time! Enjoy the short film … and brew, distill, and bake with Weyermann® — the malt that’s always one step ahead!

Weyermann® MalzfabrikBrennerstraße 17 - 1996052 Bamberg Telefon + 49 (0) 951 93 220-0Fax + 49 (0) 951 93 220-970eMail info@weyermann.de