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Weyermann® Diastatic Wheat Malt

Made from the finest German quality wheat. It is characterized by its high enzyme potential. Especially suitable for beers with a targeted high degree of final attenuation or for beers with un-malted grain or high specialty malt-proportion to enhance overall enzyme content.

Sensory: malty-sweet.


  • Weissbier
  • Koelsch-style beer
  • Ale
  • IPA; Brut IPA, Session Brut IPA
  • Special Beers; (i.e. addition to adjunct beer, multigrain beer)
  • American light lager

Recommended addition: up to 50%

Enzyme activity: very high

3.0 – 5,0 EBC
1.6 – 2.3 Lovibond

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