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140 Years Weyermann® Malts – Anniversary Celebration

140 years ago, Johann Baptist Weyermann laid the foundation stone for the success story of Weyermann® Malts - today´s world market leader for specialty malts.

To celebrate this, the Weyermann® employees and shareholders came together to a festive evening in the Welcome Hotel in Bamberg at the invitation of the Weyermann® management.

Sabine Weyermann, managing partner fourth Weyermann® generation, opened the evening with a thoughtful speech, remebering the love stories and friendships that have shaped Weyermann® Malts.

She said: "The story of a boss and his company is always a love story, when the boss loves the company, puts his heart into it and the company gets a soul.
Today, with its variety of products, Weyermann® Malts has the honor of being the soul of approximately 60,000 beers in 135 countries around the world on every continent.

Love stories also always arise when employees give their best, show commitment and feel good and happy with what they do.

Accompanying my ancestors´ lifework into the next generation and taking it to a whole new level together with my husband Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, daughter Franziska Weyermann and the entire Weyermann® team makes me very proud."

Eventually, Sabine Weyermann thanked all employees for their dedication and their confidence in their work.

As a thank you present, each employee received a bottle of the specially brewed anniversary beer, an alcoholic malt beverage with fig and chicory, which is named JB Supreme in honor of the company founder.

In addition, everyone received a voucher for the new Bamberg Monopoly, in which Weyermann® Malts is represented with its own field. A beautiful 0.5l anniversary glass and the anniversary supplement in the newspaper Fränkischer Tag rounded off the gift package.

While the rich buffet invited to feast, the artist Kaa entertained the Weyermann® employees with his show.

The band "Berni and Konsorten" accompanied the evening musically and let the Weyermann® employees dance into the late evening hours.

Highlight of the evening was the presentation of a specially produced video of the employees, which reflects the Weyermann® Happy Circle: happy employees working together hand in hand and contributing to the success of Weyermann® Malts around the globe.

On the occasion of the anniversary the "Wünschewagen Franken" was chosen as donation project, which fulfills the last wishes of seriously ill people.

In the course of this, there was a particularly wonderful surprise for Sabine Weyermann. The staff had donated for the "Wünschewagen Franken" and thus made its contribution to the project close to Sabine Weyermann´s heart. Jürgen Buhrmann, Weyermann® plant manager, handed over a check on behalf of the Weyermann® team.

In addition, he presented Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann with a Weyermann® mug, which was produced on the occasion of the company´s 50th anniversary, and fortunately has found its way back into the Weyermann® world now.

A big thank you goes to the Weyermann® management for the invitation and to the organizing team for this wonderful and successful evening!
We look forward to many more years in which we will write the next chapters of Weyermann®´s success story.

More information on the project "Wünschewagen" at: https://wuenschewagen.de/

More photos on our facebook page: www.facebook.com

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