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Weyermann® on tour: 14th Brewer’s Ski-Cup 2018 in Rettenberg with Weyermann® as co-sponsor

Last weekend our Weyermann® employees Constantin Förtner, Jan Völkl, Tom Bohn and Christian Wilke, hit the slopes at the 14th Brewer’s-Ski-Cup in the brewery village Rettenberg.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Weyermann® also participated with a team at the 14th Brewery Ski Cup 2018 for the first time. In total, nearly 200 participants from 48 teams participated in the race. Our skiers and snowboarders received moral support from our two logistics assistants Laura Dauer and Jessica Faria.

In the late afternoon, the teams gathered in the restaurant Mohrenwirt in Kranzegg, where besides eating and drinking delicious beer, the Brewer’s Olympics, the 2nd part of the cup, took place. Here the teams had to complete skill games in a short period of time.

Every year since 2004, brewers come together for the legendary Brewer’s Cup in the brewery village Rettenberg. Excited teams from the brewing industry come along from all over Germany and Switzerland and hope to be the fastest team in the Giant Slalom and at the Brewer’s Olympics!

Our red-yellow crew had a great weekend which enabled them to bond and strengthen the team spirit cross-departmental!


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