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Successful finish of the Doemens beer sommelier course at Weyermann®

Done! Congratulations to all participants for successfully completing this year’s Doemens beer sommelier course!

The course took place at our Weyermann® Visitors Center in Bamberg for the entire duration of two weeks. During the two-week intensive course, the new beer experts were trained on the subject of beer in various theory and practice phases.

All graduates received a certificate and a pin with the logo "Diplom-Biersommelier" as a visible recognition feature of their qualification and are this entitled to join the Association of Diploma Beer Sommeliers.

It fills us with pride, that with Larissa Diesendorf, Weyermann® Export Coordinator, Constantin Förtner, Weyermann® brewmaster, and our two Weyermann® Customer Service Representatives Germany Tom Bohn and Christian Wilke, we now have 19 certified beer sommeliers in our own ranks, who can consult our customers around the world with their profound knowledge!

Also some of our international Weyermann® distribution partners are certified beer sommeliers: Alexander Weckl, technical assistant in sales at Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial (Weyermann® distribution partner for Brazil), Fedor Nikolashkin, owner of Braumeister GmbH (Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia), as well as Gad and Galit Deviri from Beer-D Brewing Supply (Weyermann® distribution partner for Israel)!

So much expertise regarding beer – just awesome!


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