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We welcome Emilian Ruß to the team     03.09.2020

On September 1st 2020, Emilian Ruß had his first day as an apprentice in the red and yellow world. Emilian Ruß will train to become a metal worker at our production site in Hassfurt. This summ more

Weyermann® sponsors malt for festival beer in Berlin    03.09.2020

Since the Berlin Beer Week can’t take place as usual due to the current Covid-19 situation, the organizers have come up with a nice alternative: the Beer & Street Food Days. The Beer & Street Food more

We welcome Marlon Stephan to the team     02.09.2020

Yesterday, Marlon Stephan started his professional career at Weyermann® Malts. At our production site in Hassfurt he will learn the profession of an electrician. This summer Marlon Stephan succe more

We welcome our new apprentices    01.09.2020

In view of the challenging times, it is a particularly great pleasure for us this year to offer young people a perspective and to enable them to receive a sound training in our company. With today more

We are using 100% green energy from our local supplier - also in Thuringia    28.08.2020

When the lights are turned on in our historic villa and the roasting drums warm up next door, the electricity comes from the Bamberg public utility company. Also at our location in Clingen in Thur more

We welcome Laurenz Schorner in our team     24.08.2020

It is a great pleasure for us to kick off our new training occupation „distiller“ with our new apprentice Laurenz Schorner. Our distillery manager and instructor Philipp Schwarz will provide Laure more

The “Wünschewagen” at Weyermann®    21.08.2020

Yesterday we had a visit from the Franconian ASB “Wünschewagen”. Sabine Weyermann was interviewed as a sponsor of the project. Social commitment is deeply rooted in our family business. Therefor more

Weyermann® Time To Say Goodbye: Philipp Welles    21.08.2020

We say goodbye to our employee Philipp Welles, who is taking on a new challenge. He will expand his knowledge in all aspects of brewing and become a brewing and beverage technologist at the renown more

Apprentices successfully complete training    07.08.2020

Our three apprentices Tatjana Arnold (l.), Julian Bauer (m.) and Jure Trautner (r.) have successfully passed their final exams! Congratulations from the entire Weyermann® team! Tatjana is now a more

Weyermann® on tour: KIBEX 2020, Seoul, South Korea     04.08.2020

We’ve received these lovely photos from the team of Bision Corporation, Weyermann® distribution partner for Korea, who represented us at the Korean International Beer Expo (KIBEX) in Seoul, South Kore more

Weyermann® employees ride their bikes for the good cause!    03.08.2020

Once again the „Team Weyermann®“ successfully participated in the Europe-wide campaign STADTRADELN. STADTRADELN is a campaign of the Climate Alliance to protect the world´s climate. The aim is t more

Weyermann® Time To Say Goodbye: Daniel Hau    30.07.2020

At the end of the month we say goodbye to our employee Daniel Hau, who will take on a new professional challenge outside of the malt and brewing industry. The mechanical engineer and certified pro more

Employees undergo further educational training    14.07.2020

We congratulate our Weyermann® employees Ulrich Ferstl and Friedrich Rauh on their successful further education! Weyermann® now has two internationally accredited sensory experts for the evaluation more

Employees undergo further educational training    08.07.2020

Congratulations to our employee Torsten Schüler for receiving his licence to be a trainee instructor! Therewith, our pool of engaged and competent trainers and trainee instructors grows to an impre more

QA audits successfully passed in Bamberg and Hassfurt    06.07.2020

We kick off the week with wonderful news from our quality assurance department: Torsten Engelhardt (SGS-ICS) examined the QS requirements at our headquarters in Bamberg with an on-site appointment more

Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® convinces at DLG quality test     04.07.2020

Our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® was awarded with the „Goldener Preis“ by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) The DLG Food Test Center checks the quality of more

Re-certification audit according to FSSC 5.0 successfully passed     02.07.2020

This week Christiane Müller (SGS-ICS) carried out the second re-certification audit at the Heinz Weyermann® Roasted Malt Beer Brewery since the initial certification in July 2014. Re-certification more

We say goodbye to Herbert Aust    01.07.2020

After nine loyal and faithful years at the world market leader for specialty malts, we say goodbye to Herbert Aust (far right) today, who will start his well-deserved retirement today. Since 2011, more

Welcome to the team, Uta Freiberg!    18.06.2020

Uta Freiberg complements our team as office assistant at the Clingen location since 01.06.2020. Ms. Freiberg is responsible for the support in the areas of invoice processing, time sheets, allocati more

Weyermann® is awarded for its occupational safety measures     09.06.2020

As in 2018, we have again successfully participated in the awards process of the trade association food and industry for the year 2019. Preventive measures including those in the areas of occupatio more

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