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Welcome to the Weyermann® team, Leonhard Habermann!     30.09.2016

As of October 1st 2016, Leonhard Habermann will start his job as a controller at Weyermann® Malts. Most of the “Weyermen” already know him. For Leon Habermann has already written his Bachelor’s Th more

Copa Cervezas de América 2016 - with Weyermann® Malz    29.09.2016

We are pleased with these great photos which reached us from Santiago de Chile, where Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck is at the moment. There the Copa Cervezas d more

MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 - mit Weyermann® Malz    26.09.2016

Kürzlich war Sebastian Meyer (Foto) von der Firma Dematech Pty Ltd., unserem Weyermann® Vertriebspartner für Süd-, West- und Ostafrika zu Gast beim MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 (MBSS) in Joh more

MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 - mit Weyermann® Malz    26.09.2016

Kürzlich war Sebastian Meyer (Foto) von der Firma Dematech Pty Ltd., unserem Weyermann® Vertriebspartner für Süd-, West- und Ostafrika zu Gast beim MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 (MBSS) in Joh more

MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    26.09.2016

Recently Sebastian Meyer (photo) from Dematech Pty Ltd, our Weyermann® distribution partner for South, West and East Africa, held a lecture entitled „Weyermann® Specialty Malts - Creating individual c more

Ukrainian partners brewed dark caramel wheat    26.09.2016

Last week began with a creative collaboration brew with brewmaster Tatiana Yevtiukhina and customer consultant Sergej Nazarenko from Unitec our distribution partner in the Ukraine. In the Weyermann® b more

Real Brew: A russian magazin reports    26.09.2016

We are pleased with this detailed report about Weyermann® Malts in the Russian magazine Real Brew (Page 22 to 27)! Thus all brewers in Russia, who are supplied by our longtime distribution partner Bra more

Beer contest and exibition Santiago de Chile    25.09.2016

All Latin American brewers in one place. Copa Cervezas de América was founded in 2011 and is nowadays the most important beer contest in Latin America. The call to the Copa Cervezas de America contest more

Weyermann® at the Hop Walk in Ashperton 2016    24.09.2016

Recently Charles Faram ® Co. LTD – a longtime distribution partner of Weyermann® Malts – invited to the Hop Harvest Day and Hop Walk across the Pridewood Farm in Ashperton! Karl-Ludwig Rieck, Weyer more

Caldic Brew Seminar 2016 in Helsinki a great success!     23.09.2016

„It was an awesome seminar!“, Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® team leader customer consultants and food department, said about the Caldi Brew Seminar 2016 in Helsinki, which he attended on Thursday. Host more

Seminar - Beer Symposium in Vietnam with Weyermann® Malts     22.09.2016

On the occasion of their 15th anniversary THAI THAN CO., Ltd., our Weyermann® distribution partner for Vietnam, invites to a seminar – beer symposium in Vietnam. Weyermann® Malts is of course of the p more

Weyermann® on tour in Scandinavia - Caldic Brew Seminar 2016    21.09.2016

Our Weyermann® team leader customer consultants and food department Ulrich Ferstl is off to Scandinavia today. There he will participate at the Caldic Brew Seminar 2016 in Helsinki tomorrow. Host more

The marketing team grows: Welcome Dorothea Wächtler    20.09.2016

As of October 1st, we welcome a new member to the marketing team with 10 members: Dorothea Wächtler, 23 years young. She completed a three-month internship at Weyermann® Specialty Malts at the end of more

Axel Jany: Consultant for customers worldwide     19.09.2016

On October 1, 2016, we welcome our new Weyermann® international customer consultant Axel Jany. He is 47 years old and married to Carola Thäsler, also working at Weyermann® Specialty Malt as a press of more

We continue to grow together with Alfred Weimann    19.09.2016

Today we warmly welcome Alfred Weimann (50 years) to the Weyermann® team. With immediate effect he will support our team in Hassfurt as brewer and maltster. The trained brewer and maltster has wor more

Congratulations to our trainees, who are now stepping into working life    08.09.2016

„Today we focus on six young people, who are stepping into working life. Our former trainees are now the ones who coach the newcomers and share their experiences with next generations”. With these wor more

“get-to-know"-evening for 22 new employees     08.09.2016

At the beginning of September, 22 new Weyermann® employees followed an invitation of the managing directors to a welcome evening together with their partners or parents. Sabine Weyermann, fourth gener more

Welcome, Carola Thaesler!    31.08.2016

As of September 1st 2016 she will replace Beate Ferstl, Weyermann® press officer, who will go on maternity leave in October. After finishing her studies to become a communications specialist at the N more

We welcome Marika Englert to the Weyermann® team!    31.08.2016

As of September 1st, we warmly welcome Marika Englert at Weyermann® Malts. Marika is 21 years old and was already able to demonstrate her strength "stress resistance" during a voluntary social yea more

Our team continues to grow - we welcome Maximilian Ludwig!     30.08.2016

Maximilian Ludwig will join the circle of Weyermann® apprentices starting September 1st 2016. He is 17 years old and is from Hassfurt. This year, Max successfully received his secondary education more

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