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Weyermann® on tour: Brewery Resource Roadshow in Manchester, GB    19.02.2018

Many thanks to Axel Jany (left), our Weyermann® International Customer Consultant, and John S. Middleton (right), our Weyermann® Representative UK, who represented us at the Brewery Resource Roadshow more

Weyermann® in the media: Ambassdors of Bamberg - Sabine Weyermann     18.02.2018

Our boss Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, is an ambassador of Bamberg and a member of the "Botschafter Bamberg" initiative. With this initiative, the city and district of more

Weyermann® on tour: BIOFACH trade fair, Nuremberg    15.02.2018

Graduate agricultural engineer Aishagul Schleicher, Weyermann® grain purchase, visited the BIOFACH trade fair in Nuremberg yesterday. BIOFACH is an important trade fair for us, since we at Weyerman more

Weyermann® on tour: Beer Attraction, Rimini,Italy    15.02.2018

It’s February which means it’s time for the Beer Attraction in Rimini! Weyermann® Malts will of course be on-site! Monika Schmitt from our export department will represent us together with the tea more

Weyermann® on tour: Brewery Resource Roadshow, Manchester, GB    15.02.2018

Now our Weyermann® International Customer Consultant Axel Jany is off to Manchester in Great Britain. Tomorrow he will participate in the Brewery Resource Roadshow, to which our Weyermann® distributio more

Weyermann® Academy: International employees introduce their country of origin    09.02.2018

Many thanks go to our international Weyermann® employee Akina Goto-Byalkov for the interesting insight into her country of origin Japan. As part of a Weyermann® Academy event she introduced Japan to u more

Weyermann® Brewing Barley Producer Award 2018    07.02.2018

Manfred Kolb, Rainer Schwarz, Rudolf Eberlein, Hans Lauer Werner Hopfenmüller were the happy farmers, who received the Weyermann® Brewing Barley Producer Award 2018 yesterday! With the award, laun more

Weyermann® on tour: Braukunst Live! Munich 2018    06.02.2018

On the weekend our Weyermann® employees Yovcho Byalkov, Gregor Alic, Denise Jones, Tom Bohn and Akina Goto-Byalkov built red and yellow bridges at the Braukunst Live! in Munich. The internationally more

Weyermann® on tour: Braukunst Live! Munich 2018    02.02.2018

This weekend a number of Weyermann® employees are off to Munich in order to attend the Braukunst Live! The Braukunst Live! in Munich is an international festival of fine beers and takes place for more

Weyermann® Employee Party 2018    02.02.2018

“And the world will be a little more red and yellow, if we stick together!" - was the wonderful chorus of the song, which our new Weyermann® employees sang at our annual employee party. Almost all more

Weyermann® on Tour: Doemens Impulse 2018 with Weyermann® as Co-Sponsor    01.02.2018

Today, Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® team leader customer service and Weyermann® customer service representative Germany Karl-Ludwig Rieck, are heading to the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing, where they wi more

Weyeramann® customer is Italian´s "Brewer of the Year"     31.01.2018

Congratulations to our Weyermann® customers, who have won an award at the BIRRAIO DELL´ANNO! Huge compliments go to our customers Josif Vezzoli (pictured on the photo) from the microbrewery Birra E more

Weyermann® on tour: 14th Brewer’s Ski-Cup 2018 in Rettenberg with Weyermann® as co-sponsor    28.01.2018

Last weekend our Weyermann® employees Constantin Förtner, Jan Völkl, Tom Bohn and Christian Wilke, hit the slopes at the 14th Brewer’s-Ski-Cup in the brewery village Rettenberg. In addition to spo more

Weyermann® employees lose 42,5kg body weight through Metabolic Balance®    27.01.2018

Together the Weyermann® employees, who participated in the Metabolic Balance® course 2017/2018, lost a total of 42,5 kg! Congratulations to this awesome achievement! "I felt fitter, had more e more

Weyermann® employees expand their language skills!     23.01.2018

We congratulate our Weyermann® employees Julia Kaiser (Export Baltic States, CIS-State, Mongolia), Nadine Kustos (Export USA), Jan Völkl (Export USA, Canada), Jessica Faria (Assistant Logistics German more

Successful finish of the Doemens beer sommelier course at Weyermann®    22.01.2018

Done! Congratulations to all participants for successfully completing this year’s Doemens beer sommelier course! The course took place at our Weyermann® Visitors Center in Bamberg for the entire d more

Weyermann® Representative UK John S. Middleton visits cutsomter in Leeds     18.01.2018

Recently John Middleton, our Weyermann® Representative UK, visited our Weyermann® customer, the Leeds Brewery, and sent us this photo from his visit. He is pictured together with brewer Rob Warrine more

Welcome to the team, Johanna Wagner!    14.01.2018

Starting on January 15th Johanna Wagner will assist Dr. Jonas Wiese, Weyermann® Project Manager Logistics, as student trainee. Ms .Wagner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration speci more

We welcome Friedrich Rauh in the Weyermann® team!     13.01.2018

Next Monday Friedrich Rauh will start as Craft Baker in our trial bakery. With him we win an experienced master baker, who has already worked for various bakeries as a journeyman and later as a bak more

Welcome Kiry Kosal!     13.01.2018

As of January 15th Kiry Kosal will start his work as maltster in our trial malthouse. Kiry Kosal is orignially from Cambodia, where he studied agricultural engineering at the Royal University of more

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