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Weyermann® Intern: Let’s Dance    04.07.2019

With a wide range of offers the Weyermann® management promotes the physical and psychological health of its employees. Massages and foot care at the workplace, Feldenkrais training, various stress more

Weyermann® Go for Gold: World Beer Awards 2019    26.06.2019

Today the time has come again - the World Beer Awards 2019 will take place in Hamburg. The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognized beer styles. Th more

Weyermann® on tour: Brewmaster Camp 2019    25.06.2019

Last week the opportunity to brew together with some of the world`s best brewmasters and other stars of the international brewing scene was offered to our three Weyermann® ambassadors Axel Jany, Inter more

Weyermann® academy: 8th city triathlon in Forchheim    25.06.2019

Congrats to our Weyermann® running team to the successful participation in the 8th City Triathlon in Forchheim! Last weekend our team participated very successfully in the triathlon and our employe more

Weyermann® on tour: 666 Years City of Clingen     24.06.2019

On the occasion of the 666th jubilee of the City of Clingen, an extensive and varied festival took part there. Weyermann® participated as well. On site we were represented by Oliver Matheis (r.) an more

Weyermann® on tour: 41st Homebrew Convention 2019    23.06.2019

Our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann have set off together with Franziska Weyermann to Providence, USA. There they will be taking part in the 41st Homebrew Conference and represent W more

Great success for Weyermann® at this year´s Meininger’s International Craft Beer Awards    18.06.2019

Wonderful news to kick off this Tuesday: four Weyermann® beers have been awarded at this year´s Meininger´s International Craft Beer Awards! Our Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® and Weyermann® Barley Win more

Weyermann® on tour: Brewmaster Camp 2019    18.06.2019

The opportunity to brew together with some of the world´s best brewmasters and other stars of the international brewing scene is offered to our three Weyermann® ambassadors Axel Jany, International Cu more

Association of Diploma Beer Sommeliers – News from the section Northern Bavaria     17.06.2019

After three committed years as head of the section North Bavaria within the Association of Diploma Beer Sommeliers, Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, passed on her volunteer w more

Weyermann® inside news - Employees succeed in further training    14.06.2019

Today we congratulate Christina Kellner on successfully completing her further training as a personnel business economist! Our Human Resources Representative continued her training at the IHK Akad more

Weyermann® is award for its occupational safety measures     12.06.2019

As already in 2017, we have once again successfully participated in the awards process of the trade association food and industry for the year 2018. The implementation of the preventive measures as more

Weyermann® on Tour: Brewing Conference Bangkok 2019    12.06.2019

Our boss Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Axel Jany, International Customer Consultant will soon make their way home from Bangkok, Thailand. They took part in this year’s Brewing Conference from 9th to 11th more

Weyermann® Go for Gold: 4th B&R Beer Contest    12.06.2019

The Swiss craft beer scene has experienced an almost incomparable boom in recent years. But since not only quantity, but also quality counts, quality control with constructive feedback is needed. more

Weyermann® on tour: Brewing Conference Bangkok 2019    05.06.2019

Our boss Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Axel Jany, International Customer Consultant, are currently on their way to Bangkok, Thailand. There the Bangkok Brewing Conference will take place for the fifth ti more

Weyermann® academy: Goodbye Germany – Hello Great Britain    04.06.2019

At the end of April, three of our industrial clerk trainees had a wonderful opportunity to further their personal and professional development - participating in a project abroad in London. Of course, more

SAVE THE DATE: Weyermann® Single Barrel Rye Whisky Release on June 6th    03.06.2019

This Thursday, June 6th 2019, we are releasing our Weyermann® Single Barrel Rye Whisky. Our Weyermann® Single Barrel Rye Whisky is a characteristic rye whisky with nuances of nougat, vanilla and a more

Weyermann® on tour: Meeting of the Bavarian Baker’s Association     22.05.2019

This year the annual meeting of the Bavarian Baker’s Association took place in Bamberg, our beautiful home city. And of course our Weyermann® craft baker Friedrich Rauh attended this event too. more

Weyermann® Go for Gold: Australian International Beer Awards 2019     21.05.2019

Congratulations to all winners, especially our Weyermann® customers, who were able to take home one ore more awards at this year’s Australian International Beer Awards 2019! Amongst the lucky Weye more

Weyermann® on tour: Craft Brewers Powwow 2019    20.05.2019

Thanks go to Axel Jany, our Weyermann® customer consultant international, for representing the world market leader for specialty malts at the Craft Brewers Powwow in Cape Town, South Africa. The C more

Weyermann® on tour: Craft Beer China 2019    19.05.2019

Last week our export specialist Monika Schmitt was in Shanghai, China, where she represented Weyermann® Malts at the Craft Beer China 2019. The Craft Beer China Conference & Exhibition 2019 is co- more

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