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We celebrate the 60th birthday of Sabine Weyermann

According to the motto "The focus is on the individual", the Weyermann® employees came together in the beautiful ambience of the festively decorated Weyermann® garden to celebrate Sabine Weyermann´s 60th birthday.

Weyermann® managing director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann, and works council chairman Klaus Bayer opened the convivial afternoon with three touching speeches.
They honored Sabine Weyermann - the soul of Weyermann® - for her unlimited commitment in and for the Weyermann® world, her attentive and appreciative leadership as well as her professionalism, creativity, strength and her open and warm manner.

Before the festivities carried on, Sabine Weyermann received two very special gifts.

Weyermann® brewmaster Constantin Förtner and his team conjured a very special beer specialty for Sabine Weyermann in the Weyermann® brew manufacture: Sabine´s Coconut Porter!

The exotic, mahogany-colored porter is brewed with 11 Weyermann® malts and convinces with delicate coconut flavors paired with caramel, chocolate and light licorice notes. As a fan of this beer style, Sabine Weyermann was of course very happy about this attentive and appreciative gesture.

The second present was a lime tree, which Jürgen Buhrmann presented Sabine Weyermann with symbolically. The lime tree stands for a joyful, peaceful and laid-back being, which provides security and comfort and promotes creativity - qualities that wonderfully match Sabine Weyermann. Each employee was allowed to write wishes on small cards and attach them to the tree.

The employees then celebrated their boss with tasty beer specialties from the Weyermann® brew manufacture and all sorts of delicacies of the barbecue buffet.

With classics from the swing, jazz, ragtime and blues genre, the Pub Hoppers Jazz Band entertained the party guests during the whole afternoon and evening and provided a joyful atmosphere.

Many thanks to our boss Sabine Weyermann for the invitation to this wonderful party!

A big thank you also goes to the organizing team, the catering team and the Pub Hoppers Jazz Band.

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Photos: Bamberg TV1

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