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16. Weyermann® Classic Car Event

„I tune my car, therefore I am“ a visitor of this year´s Weyermann® Classic Car event brought the motto of the fully successful evening to the point: Over 300 enthusiastic owner of the beloved, historic cars came to the top-class annual fan meeting from Bamberg, the district, the surrounding area as well as from regions further away.

A Volvo P121, built in 1964, which specially came from Bremen to Weyermann®, had the longest arrival. For Christoph Frei from Bad Schußenried with his BMW E21 320-6, built in 1981, the legendary classic event was wort a way of 321 kilometers - as a valuable information platform, contact platform and joyful event!

So many precious luxury cars like nowhere else
The owners of the noble vehicles and the countless visitors agreed that every year on the first Tuesday in July even the longest arrival to Weyermann® Malts in Bamberg East was worthwhile: „Here you see so many precious luxury cars and so many Porsches like nowhere else - and the whole ambience is great“, Alfred Schunk, owner of an Austin-Healey, built in 1960, rejoiced over the atmosphere in the cozy beer garden of the listed malting company.

Followed the scent of beer and bread
With his historic VW from 1973 Wolfgang Then from Nuremberg followed the smell of beer and bread. „I´ve been here last year and now I have brought friends to the super event with the beautiful buildings“. And the advertising continues: Equipped with six beer – black breads from the Weyermann® bakery the trio heads back to the large family and to a private tasting. „We will be back again for your beer seminars at the visitors center“ Wolfgang Then is sure. „Then we will taste „bread and beer“ or „cheese and beer“ under professional guidance. This is a great idea for a birthday.“

No longer a secret among classic car enthusiasts
For the first time at the Weyermann® Classic Car event the Fan Shop was opened with a tasting of beer specialties from the Weyermann® brew manufacture. Weyermann® Craft Beer ambassador Gregor Alic and customer consultant Stefan Gottschall presented the Bamberger Hofbräu® line with Pils, Export, Smoke and Exquisator. „Very tasty,“ Roland Schreiber and Margit Stickel, Bamberg vacationers from Ulm said, to whom the classic car event on the beautiful premises was recommended to.

Beer, chrome and passion
„After the historic cars the best part here is the beer!“, Robert Königer and Herbert Mösbauer from Schwabach and Nuremberg along with their friends from the 107 SL Club agreed, wo had gotten themselves the smoky oily Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® at one of the three taps. With their Mercedes 108, built in 1970, they were the first ones this year, to enter the Weyermann® premises.
In total more than 100 employees from the Weyermann® team opened the gates so that all cars could be placed well.

Super performances for a great event
Thus the employees of the world market leader regarding specialty malts around Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management fourth generation, once again demonstrated a great team performance at the 16th classic car event, which can keep up with the oldest vehicle. The Opel 4/16, built in 1927 came all the way from Königsberg, a second Opel 4/16 - built only one year later - came from Erlangen, a Ford A built in 1929 from Michelau.

Special thanks to…
...Mayor Andreas Starke and his team, without whose help the road closure and thus the beautiful classic car atmosphere would not have been possible.
...all neighbors and residents who generously provided their parking places.
...the ladies from Inner Wheel, who sold cake for a good cause.
...the butcher´s shop Böhnlein and the team of Fischer Unterhaltungsbetriebe für Feste und Veranstaltungen.
...the company Sicherheit & Service Gerd Spindler from Weißenbrunn.
...our photographers Dirk Peter and Jörg Hofbauer from Bamberg TV1.
...the Lebenshilfe Bamberg, who roasted coffee freshly and presented their anniversary coffee 1000 years monastery of St. Michael.
...and to all energetic employees from the red and yellow Weyermann® world who have made the classic car event possible in the first place and have stuck together.

Photos: Bamberg TV1


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