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Successful brewing seminar with Sabeco Vietnam at Weyermann® Malts

During the past few days another successful brewing seminar took place at Weyermann® - this time with the gentlemen Tran Hoang Nam, Chau Thanh Nhan, Duong Anh Hung, Vo Nam Thanh, Le Minh Can and Pham Minh Tuan of Vietnam´s leading brewery group Sabeco.
They were accompanied by Mr. Nghiem Ming Phuong and Mr. Vu Quang Van THAI TAN Co., Ltd, our Weyermann® distribution partner for Vietnam.

Our guests got to know the red and yellow Weyermann® world of specialty malts through a perfect interplay of theory and practice.

Together with our skilled Weyermann® brewers Victor Kunz and Peter Haidacher they brewed beers in the Weyermann® brewmanufacture and thus deepened their knowledge on brewing highly-concentrated beers and wheat beers.

Our Weyermann® customer consultants and beer sommeliers Stefan Gottschall and Karl-Ludwig Rieck and our Weyermann® head of quality assurance and management Andreas Richter gave our interested guests an understanding of the different beer styles through presentations and associated beer tasting.

The group received further insights on the Bamberg traditional company through a Weyermann® Company Highlight Tour, various lectures and a visit to the Weyermann® distillery.

For the physical well-being they enjoyed meals at our Weyermann® visitors center and at Weyermann® customers, such as the brewery Erlkönig in Bamberg-Gaustadt and the brewery Wagner in Merkendorf.

A guided tour of the beer city Bamberg with our Weyermann® tour guide Sabine Vinograski and a visit to the Franconian Brewery Museum demonstrated our deep connection that we maintain and cherish with the Bamberg beer culture.

Before our guests leave to Vietnam, they lwill get to know our befriended brewery plant manufacturer Kaspar Schulz in Bamberg, who has also perfectly equipped the Weyermann® brewmanufacture.

We say thank you for an awesome seminar and wish our guests a pleasant stay in thhe beer city Bamberg and a safe journey home.


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