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Living the Brewers Dream - An article about Weyermann® Exchange Brewer Adam Brown

Some people, well actually most, might find the thought of waking-up to the smell of roasted barley every morning as something of a turn-off. But for one Melbourne guy this is now his life and very much his interpretation of “Living the Brewer’s Dream”.

For the past year Adam Brown has enjoyed the role as guest brewer at Weyermann® Specialty Malts Bamberg, Germany, working as brewer in the onsite Weyermann ® Pilot Brewery.

Having completed the Graduate Certificate of Brewing at the University of Ballarat Adam then worked as a brewer at Buckley’s Brewery in Healesville, Victoria for 3 years. During this time at Buckley’s he was able to further develop his brewing techniques by putting into practice the theory gained from his studies at Ballarat. While working at Buckley’s Adam was fortunate to meet Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, owners of the world renowned Weyermann® Malt Manufacturing plant in Bamberg. Sabine and Thomas travel extensively promoting the world class Weyermann malt and of course the expertise and heritage of German brewing. During their brief meeting in Australia they extended an invitation to Adam to visit them and their organisation during his intended visit to Germany 2 months later.

Adam did visit and experience the world of Weyermann® for 3 days in 2011 and on arriving back to Australia in July of that year he immediately began making plans to return to Germany with the offer of a full time roll as guest brewer at Weyermann®. With this generous invitation Adam immediately packed up his belongings and in November 2011 headed to Bamberg, and the world of Red and Yellow – Weyermann® Specialty Malts.

Living and working in Bamberg has allowed Adam to be a part of what many consider the “Beer Mecca” of if not the world then most definitely Germany with 10 breweries in Bamberg alone (including the Weyermann® Pilot Brewery). Undoubtedly the life and culture of Bamberg is beer. Travel a little further afield and the breweries number in excess of 300 in the region known as Franconia. As this is the case Bamberg is perfectly located in this region to ensure that travel in any direction will guarantee a local village offering one if not two breweries producing traditional and very fresh beers.

At the Weyermann® pilot brewery Adam works alongside the Weyermann® Brewmaster, Dominik Maldoner, producing an array of traditional style German beers (adhering to the “Reinheitsgebot” – German beer purity law), ancient style beers, and best of all experimenting with numerous innovative and out-there recipes. In the year 2012 to date the Weyermann® pilot brewery has brewed in excess of 40 different styles of beer ranging from Pilsner’s to Porter’s; Imperial Stout’s to Weizen’s; IPA’s to Bock’s; Lager’s to Kellerbier’s and then of course the crisp refreshing German Helles’ and the world famous Bamberg Rauch Bier (smoked beer) - and these have only been the main-stream (normal) beers. The more experimental or inventive beers have included a Blueberry/Raspberry Porter, Süßholz Ales (Liquorice), Wheat Wine, Barrel Aged Whiskey Ale, Roggen Beer (Rye), Dinkle Beer (Spelt), Grätzer Beer (Polish oaked smoked wheat beer) and Milk Coffee Mocha Stout.

Currently in the lager tank is a beer developed by Adam and inspired by the ANZAC tradition utilising only Australian and New Zealand hops. It is described as a very big Red Imperial Pilsner coming in at over 7% ABV with 70 IBU and then given that ANCAZ kick with a massive dose of dry hops to give the beer that tropical fruit aroma.

Working in the Weyermann® pilot brewery, on the 2.5 hectolitre Kaspar Schulz brew house, has allowed Adam the opportunity to trial and experiment with different, more traditional brewing techniques, maybe not so familiar with current Australian breweries. Within the Weyermann® pilot brewery similar beer recipes are occasionally brewed utilising different brewing techniques / styles which are then evaluated using laboratory testing. These brewing techniques have included the simple single infusion, step infusion, single decoction up to triple decoctions brewing, and even double mashing – all in what Adam describes as an experimental brewers day!!! In addition to the day to day life at Weyermann® in the pilot brewery Adam has also worked in the Weyermann® Brennerei (distillery) where among other things beer brand schnaps and an assortment of fruit schnapps have been produced.

The world of Weyermann® is a Mecca for brewers from all over the world and this offers Adam and the Weyermann® team the opportunity to meet, greet and share all that is brewing on a regular basis with the world’s best brewer’s and beer lovers from around the globe.

For now Adam is living his dream and will continue to do so as he further develops, experiments and learns the brewing techniques of not only the old traditional German way but also the new world brewing styles. Eventually Adam plans on making a life for himself back in Australia and opening his own microbrewery “Brown’s Craft Brewing Company” with a focus on local produce and ingredients. So for beer lovers who love traditional style beers but also fancy some out there and adventurous beers, be sure to remember the name “Brown’s Craft Brewing Company”. If Adam’s experience in Germany is anything to go by, beer lovers in Australia are in for a treat.

As Adam’s current address is the guest apartment situated on the Weyermann Malz Manufacture plant and he continues to wake each morning and take a deep breathe of that roasting barley and appreciate that he is in the world of Red and Yellow he really does believe he is “Living the Brewer’s Dream”.

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