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25th jubilee of Jürgen Buhrmann

Professional and private life - this is part of someone who loves his work and lives with his family on the company premises. From 25 years of close collaboration, an extraordinary success story and inspiring plans for the future together, more than a purely business partnership emerges. Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann welcomed their plant manager, Juergen Buhrmann, to a champagne reception.

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® managing director in the fourth generation, handed over personal gifts, shared wonderful memories in photo books and photo albums and gave him an excellent whiskey. He showered Juergen Buhrmann with praise and honors and the best wishes for the future.
Sabine Weyermann, creative Weyermann® managing director and partner in the fourth generation, gave each individual letter of his name a noble character:

(This coinage works in German only.)
J 25 years of reliability
U for Ulrike, the woman by his side
E commitment
R steadfast routine
G serenity
E constant energy
N emergency Dad (for Franziska Weyermann)

B stability
U again Ulrike, also on his other side
H humor
R giant fun
M team
A from the very beginning
N always calm
N never ending sucess story

The time journey back to 1991 once again illustrated the way this great team has traveled together. Everything started gray in gray. The yard was graveled or plastered with cobblestone. The 50 and 75 kg bags were tied by hand. Our six employees in the office and in the technology spoke exclusively Franconian. A single new roasting drum was at work. The malt production resembled the Jack-Daniels advertising: Cozy and relaxed. At four o`clock in the evening the doors were shut and the factory belonged to us.

„Our vision was to let the company become such a beautiful place, that we forget that we were working here. It should be our living room. Our vision has been fulfilled. Today Weyermann® is a model company worldwide. We live our corporate culture out of honesty, trust and loyalty, to which each and every employee contributes in his place from the very beginning. The success is the sum of many individual performances. With Juergen Buhrmann today, I would like to thank him for his competence, inspiration and above all reliability. He is a blessing for today´s colorful Weyermann® world.“

With a sound applause, the management team joined the high esteem of their managing director for Buhrmann. Together, the colleagues looked back on the milestones of the company´s history, talked about cheerful barbecues, hiking at the historic holliday village of Duerrwies®, oldtimer, the legendary tapping of the Bock Beer and many more. The colleagues gladly signed and commented in the book.

For Juergen Buhrmann it was a very special honor. He sincerely thanked Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann for the great recognition and proudly accepted every single gift. To his wife Ulrike Buhrmann, always at his side, he also expressed his thanks. A happy day in the colourful red-yellow Weyermann® world.

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