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A Spanish blogger inspires brewers, restaurateurs and chefs with malt flavours

The book author and blogger Luis Garcia Balcells from Madrid is going on a beer trip every year. This time Luis and his wife Maria Luz Gragera came to Bamberg to experience the German beer culture. He wants to share his newly acquired German beer knowledge with spanish gastronoms and convince them: beer is more than just a cold and refreshing drink.

For 25 years, Balcell studies the variety of beers, especially since 15 years ago the craft beer trend came from Catalonia all over Spain. He shares his passion (Beer tasting and understanding) with beer lovers on his blog: CultureBeer.com. "We are sending positive messages, celebrating friendship and share our feelings of happiness as an inspiration for others. The beer world is social and connects people. Because beer brings up a smile on everyone´s face."

Luis wants to show the Spanish brewers, restaurateurs and chefs how to use the raw materials hops and malts. How beer can refine food and reduce sauces as well as helping them find the perfect food pairings for the beers. The Weyermann® maltdisplay is a great support to make clear the aroma variety of our 85 Weyermann® Specialty Malts, and delights his audiences. There are more opportunities to create flavors in addition to hop, is his credo. Exactly. Weyermann® Speciality Malts brings aroma and color into beer all over the world.

On an guided tour our Spanish guests could convince themselves with Weyermann® customer consultant Stefan Gottschall and Biersommelière Dorothea Wächtler ̶ in the laboratory, at the malt buffet and the beer tasting of course. Luis and Maria Luz were fascinated by the modern technology in the historic buildings and the familiar atmosphere. The corporate colours red and yellow are even in the smallest details. "All good things are red and yellow, like the Spanish flag."

We wish Luis and Luz a pleasant journey through the upper Franconian beer landscape and we are looking forward reading the travel report on their blog: http://www.culturebeer.com

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