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2. Berlin Beer Week - with Weyermann® Malts    21.07.2016

A nine-day, multi-venue celebration of craft beer culture and community with numerous events taking place throughout the capital is imminent : the 2. Berlin Beer Week from July 22nd - July 30th 2016. more

Successful DIN ISO 9001 recertification at Weyermann® Malts!    18.07.2016

After an intensive, two-day audit by the SGS ICS auditors Thomas Weller and Torsten Engelhardt at the locations Bamberg and Hassfurt, Weyermann® was successfully recertified according to standard DIN more

Australian Craft Brewers Conference 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    18.07.2016

Weyermann® distiller Denise Jones will give two lectures at this year’s Australian Craft Brewers Conference, the ACBC 2016. On July 21th at 11 am it’s about “A BrewPub Brewers’s Strategy for Growth” ( more

Neue Bildmarke „Special W®“ in den USA!    15.07.2016

Die Anzahl an eingetragenen Warenzeichen bei Weyermann® Malz wächst und wächst. Weyermann® ist stolz darauf, das neueste Mitglied dieser stetig größer werdenden Familie vorstellen zu dürfen. Das berei more

Our team continues to grow!     14.07.2016

Since July 11th 2016 we are happy about a new member in the Weyermann® team: Christian Müller. At the Naturstein Vetter GmbH in Eltmann the young man, who is 25 years old, learned the profession o more

Offspring in the Weyermann® employee family    12.07.2016

We are pleased with great news, we happily like to share: We warmly congratulate Kamil Pietron and his wife Julia Pietro to the birth of their son Erik! Kamil Pietron, who was born in Poland, wor more

Malt workshop and customer visits in Brazil 2016    08.07.2016

Weyermann® on tour: Recently Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster, was on tour through Brazil as Weyermann® ambassador. At the malt workshop of our distribution partner for Brazil, Cooperativ more

Traditional managers meeting at the Weyermann® grain reception in Leesau    08.07.2016

Yesterday the Weyermann® grain purchase department around Aishagul Schleicher and the Weyermann® grain reception team in Leesau around Werner Lindner and Hans Wachtel invited the Weyermann® managers t more

16. Weyermann® Oldtimerveranstaltung    07.07.2016

„Ich schraube und schaue, also bin ich.“ So brachte ein Besucher der diesjährigen Weyermann® Oldtimerveranstaltung das Motto des vollauf gelungenen Abends auf den Punkt: Über 300 begeisterte Besitzer more

16. Weyermann® Classic Car Event    07.07.2016

„I tune my car, therefore I am“ a visitor of this year´s Weyermann® Classic Car event brought the motto of the fully successful evening to the point: Over 300 enthusiastic owner of the beloved, histor more

St. Otto fair 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts     05.07.2016

Many thanks go to the Weyermann® management for yesterday’s invitation to the St. Otto fair, where the socially committed family business traditionally pays for all drinks, food and entertainment for more

We welcome Yovcho Byalkov to the Weyermann® Team!     02.07.2016

Our team grows and grows! As of June 1st, we sincerely welcome Yovcho Byalkov to the Weyermann® team. The native Bulgarian visited a foreign language high school in Bulgaria, so that he has very good more

Successful repeat audit at the Heinz Weyermann® roasted malt beer brewery     01.07.2016

We start off this weekend with great news from the Heinz Weyermann® roasted malt beer brewery: Without deviations we successfully passed yesterday’s repeat audit according to FCCS conducted from Br more

The Weyermann® team continues to grow!     30.06.2016

As of July 1st 2016 we warmly welcome our new Weyermann® SAP-/ Application supervisor: Michaela Schulz. After successfully completing her business informatics studies she was already able to gain more

Erfolgreiches Brauseminar mit Sabeco Vietnam bei Weyermann® Malz    30.06.2016

Während der vergangenen Tagen hat bei Weyermann® Malz wieder ein erfolgreiches Brauseminar stattgefunden – dieses Mal mit den Herren Tran Hoang Nam, Chau Thanh Nhan, Duong Anh Hung, Vo Nam Thanh, Le M more

Successful brewing seminar with Sabeco Vietnam at Weyermann® Malts    30.06.2016

During the past few days another successful brewing seminar took place at Weyermann® - this time with the gentlemen Tran Hoang Nam, Chau Thanh Nhan, Duong Anh Hung, Vo Nam Thanh, Le Minh Can and Pham more

We welcome a new member to the Weyermann® team!     21.06.2016

As of June 22th 2016 we welcome Nevin Aytas to the Weyermann® Team. The native Turk comes from Iskenderun, a city in southern Turkey in the province of Hatay, where both our employees Gülseren Paklaci more

Malt workshop in Brazil - with Weyermann® Malts 2016    20.06.2016

Off it goes to Brazil for a Weyermann® ambassador. The following days, Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster, will take part at the malt workshop of our distribution partner for Brazil, Cooperativ more

BevExpo 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    20.06.2016

Recently Weyermann® team leader customer consultant and beer sommelier Ulrich Ferstl was on tour in Manchester for Weyermann® Malts. There, together with John Middleton, Weyermann® UK Representativ more

Big Craft Beer Day Festival in Moscow with Weyermann® Malts    17.06.2016

Recently the Big Craft Beer Festival in Moscow, Russia, took place for the second time and Weyermann® was of course of the party, represented from our exclusive Weyermann® distribution partner for Rus more

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