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Weyermann® academy: Goodbye Germany – Hello Great Britain

At the end of April, three of our industrial clerk trainees had a wonderful opportunity to further their personal and professional development - participating in a project abroad in London. Of course, the young women wanted to share this unique experience with us Weyermann® employees and informed us about their experiences through a presentation.

For a total of three weeks, our trainees moved to rainy London and embarked on a small adventure. During the first week they took part in intensive language lessons before they were able to prove their language skills during an internship in the following two weeks. Throughout their residence there, our students stayed with a friendly host family, who provided them with everything they needed.

In the course of the presentation, various aspects of their stay were discussed. They talked about the partly rainy weather, but also about the wonderful city of London itself with its unique sights.

Of course, the young women also reported about their daily work during the two-week internship, which was completed in a real estate agency for example, and the ADC College, which they attended to improve their language skills.

This was organized by the vocational school in Bamberg, where our commercial trainees complete their training in the dual system.

Weyermann® was pleased to take over the financing of the stay abroad in order to enable the young women to gain this important experience and to support them in improving their foreign language skills.

We thank you very much for this wonderful presentation and look forward to the next exciting reports we will hear.

Phot(left to rigth): trainee instructor Daniela Rudel, Sabine Weyermann, Rebecca Müller, Tatjana Arnold

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