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Weyermann® Inside News: Company outing to Zeil am Main and Haßfurth

The entire Weyermann® family was on tour: The management Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann invited all employees for a company outing. The goal (besser: destination) was the Weyermann® plant in Haßfurt, where the malt production began 50 years ago. The inauguration of the new bagging facility was celebrated as well. The employees of all four Weyermann® plants were invited to this teambonding event with an extensive supporting program.

In the bright sunshine, two buses with the Weyermann® employees started at the plant Bamberg. The first goal/destination was Zeil am Main. In the beautiful Franconian town, there were two visits to choose from: a vineyard tour of the winery Martin or a guided tour in Zeil.

After a cheerful wine tasting and a lot of new knowledge about the wine and the cultivation area, they went by bus to Zeil to the Weyermann® customer Brauereigasthof Göller. There, the "wine group" met the "city group", who had learned a lot about the history of the town after the tour in Zeil.

After a delicious lunch in the cozy beergarden, the Weyermann® family split into two groups: one group went by bus to Haßfurt to have a guided tour. Group two went hiking from Zeil to Hassfurt.

After the one-and a-half-hour hike and/or the guided tour of the town, the whole Weyermann® family met at the Weyermann® plant in Haßfurt. Here, one could get an overview of malt processing during a guided tour through the plant located at the river Main.

The cozy part of the evening started with the improvisational theatre "Ernst von Leben", who performed "Brauer sucht Frau" (brewer looking for a wife) in two acts. Meanwhile, the large swing grill was lit. The catering butcher Stürmer pampered the hungry Weyermann® employees with delicious Franconian treats. Anyone who still wanted a dessert, used the nostalgic ice car.

With delicious Schlotfegerla®, many talks and jazzy entertainment, the company outing 2017 ended.
Production manager of the Haßfurt plant, Yovcho Byalkov, thanked all involved employees for the perfectly organised day – managing director Sabine Weyermann, Ulrike Buhrmann who did the wonderful decoration, and Tanja Kopsch who organised the whole day. -> hier werden zwar die Blumen nicht erwähnt, finde ich aber nicht so schlimm

Special thanks to all the organizers at Weyermann® in Haßfurt with the production manager Yovcho Byalkov, to the maintenance electrician Roland Schuler as well as the entire team Haßfurt.

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