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Brewing training with GEM International LLC from Mongolia

Zorigoo Badrakh (brewer) and Gantsatsral Erdenebal (technologist) from GEM International LLC in Mongolia travelled over 6000km to Bamberg in order to take part in a brewing training at Weyermann® Mats this week. GEM International LLC is a national producer of alcoholic drinks with its own spirituous factory "Terguun" and brewery "Gem Draft".

Together with our Weyermann® brewmaster Dominik Maldoner, the participants brewed different beer specialties in the Weyermann® brew manufacture. The Bamberg Hofbräu® Rauch, which was awarded with a bronze medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2016, our smoked beer classic, the Schlotfegerla®, as well as our Weyermann® IPA. At the same time the learned more about the specialty malts, which unfold their flavors in those beers.

A tasting session with our Weyermann® malt experts Karl-Ludwig Rieck, Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier as well as @Stefan Gottschall, Weyermann® customer consultant and diploma brewmaster, and @Leonhard Habermann, Weyermann® controller and beverage technician, our guests were able to train their sense of taste and smell with our Weyermann® beer specialties.

Stefan Gottschall gave our guests an overview of the malt production, the most important parameters of a malt analysis as well as the success factors for successful brewing with the malts of Weyermann® Malts. In the Weyermann® central laboratory, they were able to gain insights into the quality management of the family-run traditional company and were delighted to be able to develop recipes for planned beers directly on the spot.A guided tour through our plants in Bamberg and Hassfurt gave the participants a nice overview of our red and yellow Weyermann® world.

A brilliant end to their stay in the beer city of Bamberg was the 9th Weyermann® Bock Beer Tapping, which traditionally takes place on the last Thursday in November at Weyermann® malt. At the invitation of the Weyermann® management team around Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, our guests were able to finish their last evening with our Weyermann® Willy Wonka Bock, fresh Bavarian dough specialties from the oven and ham from Italy.

We sincerely thank them for the pleasant visit and the opportunity to strengthen our bridge of friendship toMongolia in this way. We wish "happy brewing" with the specialty malt of Weyermann® Malts and a good and safe journey home!


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