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AIBA 2016 - Two bronze medals for Weyermann® beers!

Weyermann® won two bronze medals at the Australian International Beer Awards: with the smoked beer classics from the Weyermann® pilot brewery, the Schlotfegerla®, and with a very unusual beer creation, the Weyermann® Tonka Bean Stout!

We are very proud that we succeeded in the biggest annual competition for international breweries in terms of packaged beer and draft beer as specialty malts manufacture and world market leader for specialty malts with our beers in the specialty beer categories, namely the smoke beers and beers with herbs and spices and were able to show that our expertise lies just here!

The Weyermann® Schlotfegerla® is our full-bodied, dark smoked beer with fine beechwood-smoke notes. It is the first beer, which we have already brewed on the occasion of the establishment of the Weyermann® pilot brewery in 2003 - and it is still our classic that perfectly expresses the smoked beer tradition of Bamberg.
The harmonious, characterful beer with a pronounced malt flavor is available all year round at the Weyermann® Fan Shop and carries of course the no. 1 among the total of 15 always available Weyermann® beers.
Weyermann® brewmaster Dominik Maldoner is particularly pleased that recent recipe adjustments (now 35% Weyermann® Beech Smoked Barley Malt!) have been well received by the jury in the Melbourne Showgrounds. The jury specifically praised the slight sweet finish of the Schlotfegerla®.

Notes of cinnamon, vanilla and cloves make the Weyermann® Tonka Bean Stout a very special beer. The basic recipe of this Weyermann® creation - combined with Tonka beans - is the Weyermann® Oatmeal Stout, a mahogany-colored beer with a characteristic caramel and roasted flavor and a smooth hop and roast malt bitterness. By using oatmeal this beer gets a firm flavor, as well as a smooth, creamy texture. "The tonka beans perfectly harmonize with this slim, chocolate body" Weyermann® brewmaster Dominik Maldoner says about the special beer with a Christmas touch. Our thanks go to our capable brewers, who brewed these special beers!

The first ones congratulating Weyermann® Malts for both AIBA bronze medals were of course our distribution partners (for Australia and New Zealand) from Cryermalt, who had duly represented us at the event!

Our congratulations also go to all successful, loyal Weyermann® customers who submitted winning beers, brewed with Weyermann® Malts to the competition this year: Sydney Brewery, Stone & Wood Brewing Company, Modus Operandi Brewing Company, Gage Roads Brewing Company und Pirate Life Brewing. Well done!

As in previous years Weyermann® Malts once again was a sponsor of the AIBA this year - organized by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) - and sponsored the category "Best Porter".


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