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1. Bock Beer Meets Craft Beer Day with Weyermann® Malts

Six brewers, two world champions, a star chef and a queen celebrated their love of beer! The Craft Beer pub Liebesbier in Bayreuth invited to the „1. Bock Beer Meets Craft Beer Day“ and Weyermann® was on-site represented byWeyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck.

The big highlight of the event was the meeting of six traditional brewers and six Craft brewers from Germany, who presented their beer creations.
In addition, each brewer brought a bag of hops for a cooperation brew, which was brewed that day and stood as a symbol of the new culture of friends of the brewing scene.
Another highlight of the event was a discussion round on the purity law, which was attended by both supporters and revolutionaries. One of the discussants was Jeff Maisel of the Maisel brewery in Bayreuth.
The Maisel brewery, a Weyermann® customer, recently opened the Maisel´s brewing workshop which shall make Franconian brewing culture an experience, create a workshop for brewing experiments and show artisanal craft brewing live. A new 25hl Kaspar Schulz brew house from Bamberg was purchased especially for that. Thus nothing stands in the way of cheerfully brewing with Weyermann® Malts.

Another familiar face of the discussion was Oliver Wesseloh, World Champion Beer Sommelier 2013, and author of the book „Bier leben - Die neue Braukultur“ („Beer live - The new brewing culture“). In his book the passionate brewers takes his readers on a journey through the world of beer – from the way to good beer to a guide for home brewing to exciting interviews with creative minds of the German and international beer scene. One interviewee is Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation.

As a culinary highlight celebrity chef Tim Mälzer was presente who gave the participants a tasty treat with his delicacies. A particularly beautiful feast for the eyes the Bavarian beer queen Marlene Speck was present. For Weyermann® ambassador Karl-Ludwig Rieck the event was an ideal opportunity to taste good beer and to build new bridges of friendship!


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