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Weyermann® Malts in the new release „Lebensart genießen – Spezialitäten in Franken“

Only a few other regions in Germany are as rich on specialties as Franconia. While the most statements on this topic devote to the Franconian classics – such as “Sauerbraten”, bratwurst and gingerbread - this book – magazine “Lebensart genießen” looks at this topic from a much wider perspective.
Here, beer and malt may not be missed in any case!
On over 200 pages this opulent volume presents specialty areas from all over Franconia, from the gourmet region of Upper Franconia to the organic metropolis Nuremberg and the Franconian wine country to Hohenlohe-Franconia.
One focus of the volume are the specialties with an unique selling point, including many varieties and breeds, which were recently rediscovered by lovers and gourmets.

The specialties - including the Weyermann® specialty malts- give Franconia´s culinary map a face. With them not only a unique taste, but in many cases also a cultivated landscape is connected, which is worth maintaining; best by eating and drinking the products. This is exactly what the volume
“Lebensart genießen”, which sees itself as a shopping guide, shall support. Meaningful cards to each specialty area, recipes and pleasure- tips round off the synopsis.
The authors who write about specialties, have been familiar with the topics of the publication for a long time, as there are the wine journalist Rudolf Knoll, beer scout Norbert Krines, Master of Wine Romana Echensperger, the viticultural technician Josef Engelhart (State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture, Veitshöchheim ) and Georg Lang, former head of the "Arche Kommission" from Slow Germany e.V.

In the book series “Lebensart genießen”, the publisher Dr. Oliver van Essenberg has among other things already presented Franconian specialties since 2009. So far, the regions Bamberg, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Bayreuth and the Fichtel Mountains were highlighted in single volumes, with a wide range of subjects, ranging from culinary to crafts to art and culture. “Lebensart genießen – Spezialitäten in Franken” is the first volume, which almost exclusively devotes to the topic of food and drinks, a fruit of several years of research and the kick-off to a new format in the popular series.

Editor: Oliver van Essenberg. With contributions from: Romana Echensperger, Josef Engelhardt, Uta Hengelhaupt, Rudolf Knoll, Norbert Krines, Georg Lang, Helge Weingärtner i.a. Price: 14,99 Euro. 218 pages. Publisher: selekt, Bamberg. Publication Date: March 21th, 2016. ISBN: 978-39813799-9-0

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