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"Weyermen" hear lecture on the initiative "Brücken der Freundschaft"

To build bridges of friendship all over the world is always on the agenda at Weyermann® Malts. To establish international contacts and business relations to customers on all continents – Weyermann® exports to 135 customer countries - is a matter of the heart for the world market leader regarding specialty malts. Weyermann® Malts builds these bridges both on the business level and the social level.

Thus as a main sponsor Weyermann® Malts has been promoting the initiative “Brücken der Freundschaft e.V.”, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. On the occasion of this anniversary we recently welcomed Arsen Zaloew, the founder of the initiative, as part of a Weyermann® academy event at Weyermann® Malts, who wanted to thank Weyermann® Malts with a lecture on the work of his initiative. Because according to his own words, his work wouldn`t be realizable without the support of Weyermann® Malts.

Aim of the initiative is to promote the German language and partnerships between schools in Germany and the CIS countries. Not least because there is no other place in the world, where there are as many German learners as in the CIS countries. In order to realize this, German teachers in those countries are provided with information and teaching materials. The peculiarity of the initiative “Brücken der Freundschaft” is that all persons and institutions can be part of the initiative and benefit from the cooperation regardless of the place. The world market leader regarding specialty malts gladly supports this project in order to continue to promote these bridges of friendship between Germany and Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Many thanks go to Arsen Zaloew for this interesting lecture on his initiative and every success for the implementation of the project!

Read here the nice feedbacks from the German teachers Svetlana Pastukhowa from Chernigov, Ukraine and Julia Eroschenko, from Volgograd, Russia:

Good day, Mrs. Sabine Weyermann!
My name is Svetlana Pastukhowa, German teacher at school 2 with extended language teaching (English and German) from Chernigov from Ukraine. In 1975 I graduated from the University majoring in German studies and in the course of 40 years I have been teaching German at school and in the Lyceum for gifted children. My headmistress Kassatkina Tamara was always together with me. Meanwhile many years have passed, since I wrote a letter to Germany; I am very grateful for Mr. Arsen Zaloew and your help. “Brücken der Freundschaft” - quite fantastic! I think our motto should be: “all for one, one for all”. Our school has received many magazines, newspapers, books for young children and postcards.
Thank you for your help!

We hope for better times and wish you success!

Best regards,
Headmistress Kassatkina Tamara,
German teacher Pastukhowa Svetlana

Dear Mrs. Sabine Weyermann!
We are school 38 from the city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia. Since November 2012, we are members of “Brücken der Freundschaft”. And we would like to thank you for your support of the initiative. That´s very nice that there is such an initiative. Thanks to your help, we regularly receive various textbooks, newspapers and magazines that help us a lot in learning German from the chairman of the association "Brücken der Freundsachft" Arsen Zaloew.

Thank you and good day!

With best regards from Russia Julia Eroschenko, the German teacher and coordinator of the association in Volgograd.

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