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“Weyerwomen“ brew due to the International Women´s Day!

Tomorrow it’s International Women’s Day: therefore now ten of our Weyermann® employees have brewed their own beer for a good cause! The world market leader regarding specialty malts will donate the proceeds from the unique “American wheat with lemon zests“ to the Bamberg women’s shelter.

Denise Jones, brewer for 22 years, and Weyermann® distiller since November 2015, inducted the interested „Weyerwomen“ into all the secrets of brewing, starting with the crushing to the mashing up to the lautering and separating. From the logistics assistant to the accounting assistant to the Weyermann® grain purchaser - the participants of the women brew day were from every department. Even Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, on whose invitation the “fun day“ could take place in the first place, joined the group and passed on her expertise.

How do you open a Weyermann® malt bag? Why must the malt be crushed? Why does the beer need hops and yeast? All these questions were answered by the US-American Denise Jones in a competent and entertaining way. She demonstrated that with her many years of experience - in the 1990s, she was the first brewer at the US West Coast, who brewed with Weyermann® Malts! – she was exactly the right person for it. No wonder that Denise Jones is among the founding member of the Pink Boots Society, the famous American brewer’s network, which, on the occasion of the International Women´s Day, organizes an international brew day of women each year.
Peter Haidacher, brewer at the Weyermann® brew manufacture, assisted Denise Jones during the Weyermann® International Women´s Collaboration Brew Day and also the participants themselves lent a helping hand: they opened malt bags, smelled the malt flour, peeled zests of organic lemons, weighed hops and much more - just as many generations of women in the history of beer production traditionally have done.

Grateful for the opportunity of this brew day and the status of women in the 21st century the Weyermann® employees now already look forward to the first tasting of „their“ beer, „which will surely taste very good“. The beer was brewed after Denise Jones’ own recipe with floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt, floor-malted wheat malt, a little Carawheat® and very little acidulated malt, a fine hops selection, exquisite Fermentis® Safale yeast and of course lemon zests.

Before tasting the beer, the women, of whom some have roots in other countries (for example, Romania, Kazakhstan, Portugal and Russia), will first of all celebrate the International Women´s Day tomorrow - with a festive dinner, flowers and maybe even gifts. Thus they will certainly not forget those women who are not as fortunate in the year 2016 as the Weyermann® women power competence team.

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