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Weyermann® on tour: BMI Bayerische Milchindustrie EG in Zapfendorf

At the vocational training fair in Forchheim we got to know the team of BMI Bayerische Milchindustrie EG. BMI uses modern dairy technology to produce high-quality dry, fresh and cheese products.

After we had invited the apprentices of BMI – dairy technologists and dairy technicians - to a tour through our company in Bamberg, we were glad to receive an invitation to visit BMI.

Thus on Monday, five of our apprentices and their instructors made their way to the BMI location in Zapfendorf, where dry and fresh products are produced.
Our apprentices Alexander Kestel and Antonina Yurkevych report:

"On site, we were warmly welcomed by plant manager Bernhardt Dummert. First, he informed us about the company and its products through a very interesting presentation.

Afterwards the tour of the company began, starting with a visit to the dry production. Thereby we passed huge steam engines, which produce the hot air to dry the milk. Then we saw the many tanks which store the fresh milk.

After a short stop at the loading point, we continued to the area where the fresh products are made. There we were able to see the large control center, from where the production is directed. We were also allowed to take a look into the warehouse and the laboratory.

The whole production process itself, the cleanliness throughout the entire company and how everything is very well structured was very impressive. For the grand finale we were allowed to taste a selection of products – delicious."

Thanks to the team at BMI Bayerische Milchindustrie EG in Zapfendorf for the invitation and the wonderful day!


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