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Weyermann® Academy: International employees introduce their country of origin - Today: Brazil

For hundreds of years Brazil has symbolized a kind of prehistoric, tropical paradise and like no other South American country it inspires people´s imagination. From the endless enthusiasm of its inhabitants for the carnival to the huge, mysterious forests of the Amazon region - Brazil is a country full of myths and Brazilians a nation full of energy, fantasy and exuberant joie de vivre.

Exactly this country was introduced to us by our colleague Gustavo Stenztler during a presentation. Gustavo, who was born in Brazil, has been working in our Weyermann® laboratory since May.

After providing introductory information on the geography and population of his home country, Gustavo Stentzler focused on the legendary nature and culture of Brazil.

He told about the beautiful landscapes and sights in Brazil and showed impressive pictures of the famous Iguazú waterfalls and the mighty the Amazon River. The extremely rich wildlife of Brazil was also presented.

Afterwards Gustavo Stenztler talked about the Brazilian culture, and of course also the carnival was mentioned. In order to bring the Brazilian spirit even closer to the audience, Samba music was played during the presentation.

But also the culinary culture made its way into the presentation. Thus Gustavo presented some dishes of the Brazilian kitchen, like Pinhão (seeds of the araucaria) or Feijoada (stew from beans, pork and numerous other ingredients.

Of course, Gustavo also thought of his audience and invited them to taste Brigadeiros (a kind of Brazilian truffle praline) at the end of his presentation. Together with his wife, he had prepared this Brazilian speciality himself the day before.

Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation about Brazil!

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