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Weyermann® Malts takes first place at education award BAzubi 2018

We are happy to announce that Weyermann® Malts has taken the first place at the education award BAzubi.

The BAzubi prize, initiated by Bamberg´s Mayor Andreas Starke, is awarded to companies in Bamberg, which are particularly committed to the educational training of youths.

Educational training is a matter close to our heart. Offering young people a sound professional training with a future is important to us. Meanwhile, we offer apprenticeships in nine different training occupations and currently train 20 apprentices.

We guarantee the quality of our educational training through our team of competent instructors. Due to the constant presence of a contact person we guarantee an optimal development of professional expertise.

In addition to the professional development, we also focus on the personal development of our apprentices. Social, methodical and personal competences skills are promoted through seminars and workshops on topics such as working and learning methods, presentation techniques or apprentices etiquette.

It is important for us to offer our apprentices permanent employment subsequent to finishing their training. This is reflected in our takeover quota of 100 percent.

Our successful work regarding educational training is reflected in the fact that two of our team leaders and a large part of our specialists are former Weyermann® apprentices.

The award is a team result of many committed instructors. Thus a big thank you goes to all Weyermann® employees, who are involved in our educational training program.

Photo: Christina Kellner, Weyermann® Human Resources Representative, and Daniela Rudel, Human Resources Specialist,Training Coordinator & Instructor , proudly holding the BAzubi trophy and certificate in their hands.

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