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Weyermann® Malts donates for new team bus of the volunteer fire brigade Bamberg

When a fire occurred out in a closed production area of our malthouse in August this year, firefighters were immediately on site to supervise the operation competently and attentively.

We appreciate the fact that we can always rely on the fire brigade, whenever we need them, especially in situations like these.

As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their commitment, Weyermann® Malts gladly contributes to the project "Die Jugendfeuerwehr nimmt fahrt auf" ( = “the youth fire brigade picks up speed” ) with a generous donation.

The aim of the project is the acquisition of a new team bus for the youth fire brigade Bamberg. Just like the active members of the fire brigade, youths are already getting involved at an early age, in order to join the volunteer fire brigade after completing training.

The new team bus will have an expansion for modular training in order to guarantee the basic training of the youth fire brigade.

With our contribution, we ensure that our security and that of the citizens of the city of Bamberg as well as the preservation of cultural-historical and heritage-protected sites - such as our red, historic brick buildings - is guaranteed in the future.

Would you like to make a contribution, too?
This is the homepage of the project: www.tinyurl.com/Jugend112

You can also make transfers to the donation account of the fire brigade Bamberg
IBAN: DE96 7705 0000 0302 7660 92
Purpose: Die Jugend nimmt Fahrt auf

Photo f.l.: Thomas Kraus-Weyermann (Weyermann® management), Alexander Ohme (deputy manager youth fire brigade), Ewald Pfänder (municipal fire inspector), Sabine Weyermann (Weyermann® management), Matthias Moyano (municipal fire fighter council) Alexander Wilhelm (manager youth fire brigade) and Jürgen Buhrmann (Weyermann® plant manager)

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