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Weyermann® sponsors Doemens Academy master brews

As every year, Weyermann® Malts has traditionally supported the Doemens Academy for Brewing and Beverage Technology with malt donations for their master brews also in 2016.

Weyermann® Malts is always happy about the great creativity of the Doemens students and always wishes “happy brewing” with Weyermann®! For many years Weyermann® Malts has gladly been sponsoring the brewmaster courses of the Doemens Academy for Brewing and Beverage Technology as well as the production manager courses with generous Weyermann® malt donations for their final brews, in order to contribute to the promotion of the juniors of the industry. By conviction Weyermann® Malts uses the offer of the Doemens Academy to train and educate its employees.
Even when recruiting new "Weyermen" a Doemens certificate is always considered positive since the experience with Doemens graduates and their practice-oriented know-how has always been good. With the opening of the new Weyermann® visitors center in 2014, the many years of successful and fruitful cooperation between Doemens and Weyermann® has also expanded. Now beer sommelier courses are held here. Moreover Weyermann® always keeps its doors open to students and graduates of the Doemens Academy. Every year the international courses of the educational institution in Gräfelfing visit the specialty malts manufacture in Bamberg. For Weyermann® Malts this offer including tasting is a matter of honor!

Weyermann® Malts also shows great commitment as a sponsor of the World Championships for Sommeliers for Beer. The Doemens Academy organizes this World Cup. Weyermann® is proud that a total of 16 Weyermann® internal beer sommeliers are active - including Dominik Maldoner the first German champion of beer sommeliers, more employees have already participated in the World Championships.

We look forward to continuing the close cooperation with Doemens!

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