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Weyermann® employees introduces his home country Slovenia

„What´s love got to do with it?“- that was the title of Gregor Alič’ lecture on Slovenia, which the Weyermann® Malt and Craft Beer ambassador recently held in the historical Weyermann® canteen as part of a Weyermann® academy event.

Since November last year Gregor Alič is now already part of the 180-strong Weyermann® team and works in the visitors center and Fan Shop and as Weyermann® Malts and Craft Beer ambassador.

Meanwhile it has become a good tradition at the world market leader regarding specialty malts that employees hold a lecture on their country of origin or their hobby in front of their supervisors and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, in order to make the red and yellow Weyermann® world even more colorful and to get involved both personally and individually.

At first the Slovenian-born explained that Slovenia was the only state worldwide, which carries the word “love” in its name. After a few short facts about the country itself – population, religion, area, etc. – Gregor Alič told the interested “Weyermen“ what the word "love" stands for in Slovenia.

This includes the diversity of nature, which the Slovenes highly appreciate. The Adriatic coast, the Alps and the Lower Styria invite to hike and relax. The Slovenes also associate their capital city Ljubljana with love, which with its 300.000 inhabitants is cultural, scientific and economic center of Slovenia. They also love Slovenia´s oldest town, Ptuj. The Slovenes also love and value their diverse traditions, such as the lunch on Sundays, and their culture around local art, music, food, drinks and sports. Finally, the Slovenes worship their many vineyards, which always give them tasty wines.

However, the craft beer scene has developed rapidly in the country in the last five years and so Slovenia proudly looks at 40 breweries, which is quite remarkable for a relatively small country like Slovenia. Just last Thursday Gregor Alič took part at the 1st Slovenian Beer Conference in Ljubljana, where he as a Weyermann® ambassador held a lecture on Weyermann®, exchanged views with industry experts and gave advise to interested participants of the conference.

All "Weyermen" were thrilled and impressed by the new findings to the small country in Central Europe and were directly encouraged to pay Slovenia a visit!

Thanks go to Gregor Alic for the interesting insight in his home country of Slovenia and the Weyermann® management that always enriches the Weyermann® cornucopia of knowledge with contributions like these within the Weyermann® academy.

The Weyermann® Academy provides an appropriate frame for the whole Weyermann® team to support and challenge each other. Lectures, readings, tours, excursions are part of the Weyermann® academy and make an immense contribution to the unmistakable pleasant working atmosphere throughout the Weyermann® world.


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