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Israeli journalists visit Weyermann® Malts!

This week we were pleased to welcome seven Israeli journalists in the red and yellow Weyermann® world, who got to know everything about the specialty malts of the Bamberg family business – from the seed to the harvest of the raw material malting barley, the production of malt and the diverse application range of the quality malts.

On Wednesday evening, Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, gave the team of reporters a warm welcome with a delicious dinner and good beer in the brewery Greifenklau, a loyal Weyermann® customer. The reporter team consisted of Rinat Rotkovsky and Tal Katz Lifshitz from Tuborg in Israel, Meirav Sarig, reporter for the Israeli magazine TimeOut, Tiki Golan, reporter for Israel´s largest news website Ynet.co.il, Maya Darin, reporter for Israel´s second largest daily newspaper Israel Hayom, Roni Shefi, reporter at Maveze.co.il and Ronit Avidan, reporter for Walla.co.il. They were accompanied by Gadi Deviri, our Weyermann® distribution partner for Israel and owner of Beer-D Brewing Supply.

After a short welcome through Karl-Ludwig Rieck, Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier, and Julia Kaiser, export department Baltic States, CIS-State and Mongolia, the reporter team went on a tour through the red and yellow Weyermann® world.

Highlight of the tour was the visit of the pilot brewery. There Weyermann® brew master Dominik Maldoner brews delicious beer specialties! Afterwards they visited the pilot bakery where the team of the central laboratory bakes various breads with Weyermann® malts.
Next stop was the Weyermann® visitors center. There the team awaited a beer tasting and a gin tasting with the Weyermann® experts customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck and distiller Denise Jones. Next to the Bamberg Hofbräu® Lager, an IPA and a porter beer also two Tuborg beers – brewed with Weyermann® floor-malted malts and Caraaroma® - were tasted, which Rinat Rotkovsky presented. The reporters, who all are food and culinary reporters, were clearly impressed and astonished by the variety of flavors that the Weyermann® specialty malts bring both into beer and food.

At the brewery inn Hartmann in Würgau, also a loyal Weyermann® customer, the group, accompanied by Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, and Aishagul Schleicher, Weyermann® grain purchase, stopped for lunch and to strengthen up for the next highlight of the day - the visit of the Weyermann® grain reception in Leesau.
Locally Aishagul Schleicher explained all the important points of the storage of grains and showed the high density of controls at Weyermann® Malts. The positive impression of the Bamberg-based traditional company, which the Israeli correspondents could win during the visit of the Weyermann® plant in Bamberg, was once again confirmed during their visit in Lessau.

With a short stop in Dobřany and Prague the group, accompanied by Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Dagmar Hrneckova, Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier, continued their trip to Benesov, where they visited the Benesov floor malting house.

The trip to Weyermann® in Bamberg, a tour of the grain detection in Leesau and visiting the floor malting house in Benesov was a very special experience for the team of reporters, which they will positively keep in mind for a long time.

Now we are looking forward to the publications in Israel and are pleased to have made new, intimate contacts according to the Weyermann® motto “come as a stranger, leave as a friend”


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