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José Pinto UNICER BEBIDAS, SA 4466-955 S. Mamede de Infesta Codex, Portugal 14.04.2009 10:35:02
Dear Thomas, I hope you and Sabine were being well and your lovely company still continue to deliver emotions beyond the special malts. It was a really delighting experience the party in your malt plant last November. To retribute such hospitality and to give you an Easter keepsake, we finally have arranged 2 Port Wine Casks of 600L each that have been used to maturate Port Wine for long years that I suppose are the ones that you are looking for to produce the special beer that you have told us that you intend to produce. They are becoming more and more difficult to arrange because industries like whisky and other distilled beverage are looking for former port wine casks because they could improve the flavor of these beverages.

Antwort: Hello Jose, Happy Easter and thanks for the wonderful Easter surprise! We wish we could come and collect the barrels ourselves but the trip schedule is very busy for 2009 (USA, Austria, Thailand, NZ, USA and this is just till October 2009) The Douro Region is definitively on our travel list! We enjoeyed Portugal very much and of course your hospitality! We are more than happy that another Weyermann® dream will come true - thanks to your support and help! Hope you will have a chance to come back in 2010 for the Weyermann® Bavarian Party or maybe for July 25th - Weyermann® turns 130 years! Happy Easter! Sabine

Geoff Fischer, Western States Sales Representative CROSBY & BAKER, LTD. Salt Lake City, USA 14.04.2009 10:27:54
Thomas and Sabine, Well first I wanted to wish you very safe travels and a successful conference in Boston. I will not be able to make it to the conference this year since I have to be in Portland, Or for 2 weeks starting the 27th to open our new warehouse up there featuring Weyermann® malts. There is just too much to do and not enough time, but I know you can relate to that. Also I wanted to let you know that on Tuesday this week, myself and Bobby Jackson, the head brewer at Bohemian Brewery ( my old Brewery ) brewed with the Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt. We brewed the exact recipe that you supplied to David Sipes of Boston Beer Co. for the 1842 Classic Pilsner. I wanted to give you some feed back on this malt´s performance. Now we did a true Triple Decoction for this beer, so our results may not be typical but the malt performed wonderfully. The wort coming out of the lauter tun was very, very clear. Much more clear than Bohemian usually gets with the Gambrinus malt it currently uses as a base malt. The wort ran clear from beginning to end of the lauter. Judy also reported to me that Berkshire Brewing had similar results using an infusion mash schedule. Also our extract levels were very high compared to the Gambrinus pilsner malt. We used only 373lbs total malt, compared to 435lbs normally used for a batch at Bohemian, and after collecting 11 bbls and filling the kettle we were still getting about 5 degree Plato wort out of the lauter tun. Due to the kettle being full we were forced to send the rest of the wort to drain. Normally they run off their Pilsner Beer to about 2.5 degrees Plato to fill the kettle. So as you can see the extract far exceeded that of the Gambrinus Pilsner malt they currently use. The wort also had a much cleaner malt flavor and aroma than the Gambrinus, which always tastes and smells a bit grassy. We did observe a little more hot break and trub in the whirlpool than normal, which is good, also there was very little cold break formed within 24hrs. Fermentation is going well, I am going back over today to check gravity and sample. I am looking forward to trying the final beer, once it has lagered for about 6 weeks. I am very hopeful the final flavor of the beer will be excellent. I really just wanted to share with you my experience using this malt. I hope you have an excellent trip and I am very sorry that I will miss you at the conference this year. Very warm regards Geoff

Antwort: Geoff, thanks for the feed back! Sounds like a new Weyermann® legend is born!

Eric Plowman Cally´s Brewing Co. Harrisonburg Va, USA 08.04.2009 15:41:52
Greetings, My name is Eric Plowman, with Cally´s Brewing Co.in Harrisonburg Va, USA. I´ve been using Weyermann® Caramunich®, Weyermann® Pilsner Malt, and the Bamberg Smoked Malt which we have incorporated into our Smokin Scottish (2004 GABF Gold, and current Virginia Beer Cup Winner) Anyways, I´m going to be about 20 kilometers from Bamberg May 15-19 and wondering if I could come see your operations and learn more about your phenominal malts. Cheers, Eric Plowman

Antwort: The Weyermann® doors are always open! We will be more than happy to show you around and introduce you to the Weyermann® philosophy of first class medal winning malts!

Helen Knowles (Weyermann® Wholesaler Canada) Gilbertson & Page (Canada) Inc. Fergus, ON N1M 2W8, Canada 08.04.2009 15:37:30
Good news from Canada! We just wanted to let our friends at Weyermann® know that we take ownership on a newer warehouse on May 8th and it is VERY exciting for me. We currently have been dealing with less then 7,000 sq feet in Ontario and we are simply out of room. Our new warehouse is over 17,000 sq feet with over 2,500 sq feet of office. Trust me this is Weyermann® approved and Thomas will love it I know!!! We were able to find this warehouse and it is right down the road from where we are so it is not a major move for us. It is very clean, temperature controlled and is double insulated and with out heat on you can wear a t-shirt inside the warehouse all year long! Lots of lighting and it is fantastic and I can not wait to send you more photo’s. We are hoping to have a party as well but not until we think next year to celebrate. It was our 30th Bday in business in 2008 so we may be different and Celebrate our 32nd Bday in 2010 but I will keep you well informed!

Antwort: WOW! Exciting! Can´t wait to come and admire the new home for all the Weyermann® malt bags! See you in Boston! Sabine

Monika Sieghart Birreria Pedavena Trento, Italien 03.04.2009 11:07:05
Ihr könnt stolz sein, den besten Malzfahrer der Welt zu haben. Tausend Dank an den Manni!!

Antwort: Danke Monika für das Kompliment! Nicht nur bester LKW Fahrer, sondern auch bestes Malz der Welt! Und du weisst ja - Qualität un Service sollen sich fast gegenseitig übertreffen! Manni, unser Mann am Steuer an einem von 8 Weyermann® LKW´s wird sich freuen - bin mir sicher, er bekommt auch first class traetment in Pedavena! Danke, dass du in Trento so tolles Bier mit unserem Malz braust! Du weisst ja - Weyermann® turning costumers into friends!

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