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News & Events

Successful trade fair appearance at the Australian Craft Brewers Conference 2016    25.07.2016

We are pleased with these nice photos Denise Jones, Weyermann® distiller sent us from Australia. There the American was on tour as Weyermann® ambassador at Australian Craft Brewers Conference 2016 (ACBC), where she gave two lectures “A BrewPub Br ... more

New member in the Weyermann® team!    22.07.2016

As of July 15th we are pleased with a new member in the Weyermann® Team: Georg Hönig. As manager Packaging Bags and Loading at the Weyermann® location in Hassfurt, Georg Hönig is looking forward to his new professional challenges. Georg Hönig is ... more

2. Berlin Beer Week - with Weyermann® Malts    21.07.2016

A nine-day, multi-venue celebration of craft beer culture and community with numerous events taking place throughout the capital is imminent : the 2. Berlin Beer Week from July 22nd - July 30th 2016. As a pioneer of craft beer scene is a pleasure ... more

Successful DIN ISO 9001 recertification at Weyermann® Malts!    18.07.2016

After an intensive, two-day audit by the SGS ICS auditors Thomas Weller and Torsten Engelhardt at the locations Bamberg and Hassfurt, Weyermann® was successfully recertified according to standard DIN ISO9001:2008. This ISO standard is a comprehen ... more

Australian Craft Brewers Conference 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    18.07.2016

Weyermann® distiller Denise Jones will give two lectures at this year’s Australian Craft Brewers Conference, the ACBC 2016. On July 21th at 11 am it’s about “A BrewPub Brewers’s Strategy for Growth” (Bintani Room) and at 12.30 pm it’s about the recip ... more

Our team continues to grow!     14.07.2016

Since July 11th 2016 we are happy about a new member in the Weyermann® team: Christian Müller. At the Naturstein Vetter GmbH in Eltmann the young man, who is 25 years old, learned the profession of a natural stone mechanic. As production employ ... more

Offspring in the Weyermann® employee family    12.07.2016

We are pleased with great news, we happily like to share: We warmly congratulate Kamil Pietron and his wife Julia Pietro to the birth of their son Erik! Kamil Pietron, who was born in Poland, works in the Weyermann® shipping department, just lik ... more

Malt workshop and customer visits in Brazil 2016    08.07.2016

Weyermann® on tour: Recently Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster, was on tour through Brazil as Weyermann® ambassador. At the malt workshop of our distribution partner for Brazil, Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial, which he helped to organ ... more

Traditional managers meeting at the Weyermann® grain reception in Leesau    08.07.2016

Yesterday the Weyermann® grain purchase department around Aishagul Schleicher and the Weyermann® grain reception team in Leesau around Werner Lindner and Hans Wachtel invited the Weyermann® managers to the traditional managers meeting at the grain re ... more

16. Weyermann® Classic Car Event    07.07.2016

„I tune my car, therefore I am“ a visitor of this year´s Weyermann® Classic Car event brought the motto of the fully successful evening to the point: Over 300 enthusiastic owner of the beloved, historic cars came to the top-class annual fan meeting f ... more

St. Otto fair 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts     05.07.2016

Many thanks go to the Weyermann® management for yesterday’s invitation to the St. Otto fair, where the socially committed family business traditionally pays for all drinks, food and entertainment for its employees. Across all department borders - ... more

We welcome Yovcho Byalkov to the Weyermann® Team!     02.07.2016

Our team grows and grows! As of June 1st, we sincerely welcome Yovcho Byalkov to the Weyermann® team. The native Bulgarian visited a foreign language high school in Bulgaria, so that he has very good language skills in German, English and Russian. At ... more

Successful repeat audit at the Heinz Weyermann® roasted malt beer brewery     01.07.2016

We start off this weekend with great news from the Heinz Weyermann® roasted malt beer brewery: Without deviations we successfully passed yesterday’s repeat audit according to FCCS conducted from Brigitte Kellerer-Mikschl (SGS ICS) in the roasted m ... more

Successful brewing seminar with Sabeco Vietnam at Weyermann® Malts    30.06.2016

During the past few days another successful brewing seminar took place at Weyermann® - this time with the gentlemen Tran Hoang Nam, Chau Thanh Nhan, Duong Anh Hung, Vo Nam Thanh, Le Minh Can and Pham Minh Tuan of Vietnam´s leading brewery group Sabec ... more

The Weyermann® team continues to grow!     30.06.2016

As of July 1st 2016 we warmly welcome our new Weyermann® SAP-/ Application supervisor: Michaela Schulz. After successfully completing her business informatics studies she was already able to gain several years of experience in the fields of SAP ... more

We welcome a new member to the Weyermann® team!     21.06.2016

As of June 22th 2016 we welcome Nevin Aytas to the Weyermann® Team. The native Turk comes from Iskenderun, a city in southern Turkey in the province of Hatay, where both our employees Gülseren Paklaci and Zehra Devrim come from. Nevin Aytas previo ... more

Malt workshop in Brazil - with Weyermann® Malts 2016    20.06.2016

Off it goes to Brazil for a Weyermann® ambassador. The following days, Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster, will take part at the malt workshop of our distribution partner for Brazil, Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial. There he will give a l ... more

BevExpo 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    20.06.2016

Recently Weyermann® team leader customer consultant and beer sommelier Ulrich Ferstl was on tour in Manchester for Weyermann® Malts. There, together with John Middleton, Weyermann® UK Representative, he took part at the two-day BevExpo 2016 at the ... more

Big Craft Beer Day Festival in Moscow with Weyermann® Malts    17.06.2016

Recently the Big Craft Beer Festival in Moscow, Russia, took place for the second time and Weyermann® was of course of the party, represented from our exclusive Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia, Braumeister GmbH. Over 100 breweries took ... more

Weyermann® customer awarded "Best Artisanal Brewery of Latin America"!     14.06.2016

Congratulations to our Weyermann® customer, the Bierbaum brewery in Santa Catarina, Brazil, who was awarded “Best Artisanal Brewery of Latin America” at the ”South Beer Cup, Copa Libertadores de Cerveja” – one of the most important competitions in th ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the BevExpo 2016    13.06.2016

Off it goes to Manchester today for Weyermann® team leader customer consultant and beer sommelier Ulrich Ferstl. There he will participate at the two-day BevExpo 2016 at the Manchester Central together with John Middleton, Weyermann® UK Representativ ... more

And our team continues to grow!     13.06.2016

Today we warmly welcome Dominik Zink to the Weyermann® Team. He completed his training as an IT specialist focusing on system integration, at the Astrum IT GmbH in Erlangen. Due to his good results and reliable operation he was taken on in per ... more

New employee at the Weyermann® logistics center!     11.06.2016

Since June 7th, 2016 we are happy about a new member of the Weyermann® logistics team,Michael Hollfelder. He is pleased about the challenges, which his new job as a temporary worker in our logistics center presents him with daily. He could already ... more

The Weyermann® team grows and grows!    10.06.2016

Since June 1st, 2016 we welcome Monika Schmitt to our internal sales team. The young woman studied cultural studies at the University of Passau with the main focus on the areas of customer management, production and logistics as well as Interdisc ... more

Number of trainee instructors at Weyermann® Malts grows!    09.06.2016

Five exciting training occupations can be learned at Weyermann® Malts: Industrial clerk, specialists for food technology, brewer and maltster, metal worker and electrician. Thereby a trained and experienced team of trainee instructors supervise ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Craft Brewers Powwow 2016 in South Africa    07.06.2016

Recently Larissa Diesendorf, Weyermann® Export Coordinator and Key Account Assistant, was on tour in South Africa. There she took part at the first edition of the Craft Brewers Powwow – a fair all about beer – as Weyermann® ambassador. The event ... more

Successful organic control at Weyermann® Malts     06.06.2016

We start off this week with great news from our Weyermann® quality management department: We have successfully passed our this years’ organic control, which was carried out from auditor Bernhard Böhm from the KIWA BCS Ökogarantie Nürnberg. In ... more

QS - spot audit successfully passed at Weyermann® in Bamberg and Leesau!     25.05.2016

We are happy about great news from the Weyermann® QM department: Weyermann® Malts has successfully passed the QS-spot audit at its locations in Bamberg and Leesau! The SGS ICS auditor Thorsten Engelhardt was impressed with the highest standard ... more

12. Weyermann® Brew-Technical Seminar with Italian brewers 2016    24.05.2016

During the last two days we had a group of Italian brewers at Weyermann® Malts, who attended the 12th Weyermann® Brew-Technical Seminar with Italian brewers 2016. This time the focus was on the Weyermann® Malts which are especially suitable for Al ... more

AIBA 2016 - Two bronze medals for Weyermann® beers!    23.05.2016

Weyermann® won two bronze medals at the Australian International Beer Awards: with the smoked beer classics from the Weyermann® pilot brewery, the Schlotfegerla®, and with a very unusual beer creation, the Weyermann® Tonka Bean Stout! We are very ... more

Weyermann® on customer visits through the USA!    20.05.2016

Following the biggest trade fair for the brewing industry, the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), and the Olympics of the brewers, the World Beer CupSM, our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, and ... more

Weyermann® sponsors malt for brewing technical internship at Osnabrück University of Applied Science    19.05.2016

As part of their training the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences always does a brewing technical internship which Weyermann® generously sponsors with malt. We are pleased that we can thus support the new generation, as we already traditional ... more

Weyermann® at the CIBUS 2016 in Italy!    18.05.2016

Our distribution partner for Italy, Uberti Srl, has duly represented us at the CIBUS 2016, a big Italian food fair. More: www.cibus.it Many thanks go to Uberti and our customers, who visited our red and yell ... more

Weyermann® at the Homebrew Experience Days 2016 in Beverlo    11.05.2016

The Homebrew Experience days 2016 offer an unique event for all home brewers, from beginners to experts on the Pentecost weekend. The event takes place at Brouwland in Beverlo, our Weyermann® distribution partner for Belgium, and is completely dev ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Craft Brewers Conference 2016    09.05.2016

The biggest trade fair for the brewing industry, the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), toke place from May 3th –May 6th 2016 in Philadelphia, USA, and of course Weyermann® Malts was – already since 1996 – always of the party! This year Sabine Weyer ... more

AIBA 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts!    09.05.2016

It’s time again: the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) are about to take place and of course Weyermann® Malts is of the party. The AIBA – organized from The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) – is the biggest annual competiti ... more

2. Craft Bier Festival Regensburg - with Weyermann® Malts    09.05.2016

Last week Weyermann® Malts & Craft Beer ambassador Gregor Alic attended the second “Craft Bier Festival Regensburg”. There he enjoyed tasty craft beer creations from over twenty regional, national and international breweries and good talks. Amo ... more

Weyermann® at the second Craft Beer Festival Regensburg    03.05.2016

From May 4th – 6th, Weyermann® Malts & Craft Beer ambassador Gregor Alic will attend the second “Craft Bier Festival Regensburg” in the capital of the district Upper Palatinate, where he looks forward to tasty craft beer creations from over twenty re ... more

1. Russian Brew Conference 2016 with Weyermann® Malz    02.05.2016

Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck went to St. Petersburg last week where he took part at the first Russian Brew Conference. There he gave a lecture on Weyermann® Malts and informed all interested parties about t ... more

Craft Brewers Conference 2016 - with Weyermann® Malts    29.04.2016

Soon it’s time again: the biggest trade fair for the brewing industry, the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), will take place from May 3th –May 6th 2016 in Philadelphia, USA, and of course Weyermann® Malts is – already since 1996 – always of the party! ... more

Our team continues to grow in May!    29.04.2016

We found him! A motivated and flexible machine operator, who woll work independently and conscientiously and who has the technical understanding in order to work at our highly modern packaging plant at Weyermann® Malts in Haßfurt: David Jordan. ... more

Heineken audit successfully passed!     29.04.2016

This week we welcomed the two auditors Krzysztof Wlaź and Leszek Skalski from Heineken from Poland to a customer audit. Heineken is one of the largest brewery groups in the world! Thanks to an exemplary preparation and monitoring of the au ... more

Our team continues to grow in June!    28.04.2016

As of June we welcome Matthias Käppner to our team. The young man completed his training as a brewer and maltster at the brewery Kraus in Hirschaid. Within inter-company training he was able to gain experience at malthouses. Now Matthias Käppner look ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Paris Beer Week 2016    27.04.2016

The Paris Beer Week – the first event in Ile-de France, which is totally comitted to Craft Beer – takes place from April 29th – May 8th this year. The week of events with tastings, workshops and brewery tours is organized from Bieres et Pappilles ... more

Anniversary brewmaster day of the Deutsche Brau- und Malzmeisterbund - 500 years purity law    27.04.2016

Last weekend Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, personally visited the anniversary brewmaster day of the Deutsche Brau- und Malzmeisterbund, DBMB, (German brewers and maltsters association) in Ingols ... more

We continue to grow in May!     26.04.2016

Our team continues to grow and we are happy to welcome a new maltster among our 190 employees! In May Joachim Hoffmann will start working at the malthouse. At the brewery in Baunach he learned the profession of a brewer and maltster. After his tr ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the 1. Russian Beer Conference 2016    25.04.2016

Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck heads to St. Petersburg today for the first Russian BrewConference, initiated by the Russian beer and brewing magazine Realbrew in cooperation with the VLB Berlin. During the four ... more

We continue to grow!     25.04.2016

As of May 1st, 2016 we warmly welcome Christina Kellner to the Weyermann® team. After her training in hotel management the Munich-born underwent several further educational trainings. Thus she has completed further educational training to become a p ... more

"Weyermen" lose 51kg body weight through Metabolic Balance®    22.04.2016

This year’s Weyermann® Metabolic Balance® group of 9 Weyermann® employees lost 51 kg body weight: what a proud achievement which we’ve directly simulated with malt bags (gallery picture). Very impressive! This means that on average every participant ... more

Weyermann® Malts conquer Indian bakery!    21.04.2016

End of 2015 Weyermann® Malts entered the Indian food sector for the first time, when our loyal Weyermann® customer, the pub brewery and restaurant “District 6” in Bangalore, India, brought food, prepared with Weyermann® Malts, onto their menu. Since ... more

"Weyermen" follow the tracks of German expressions!    20.04.2016

On Friday after work a group of Weyermann® employees, who wanted to further educate themselves, followed the tracks of German expressions on a guided tour through the special exhibition “Mein Name ist Hase!” (“I haven´t the faintest idea”) at the com ... more

Founder’s regulars’ tables of the beer sommeliers section Northern Bavaria established at Weyermann®    19.04.2016

The founder’s regulars’ tables of the beer sommeliers section Northern Bavaria will certainly go down in history, which took place at the Weyermann® visitors center on Thursday: 40 graduate beer sommeliers came together to establish the seventh Germa ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the "BHBT 6th craft brewery seminar" + customer visits in China    18.04.2016

During the last two weeks Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality management and assurance, was on tour in China as Weyermann® ambassador, where he took part at the “BHBT 6th craft brewery seminar” – there he held a lecture on Weyermann® Malts – ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the EuroGastro 2016 in Warsaw    18.04.2016

This year the 20th anniversary edition of the Euro Gastro took place in Warsaw from 6.4.2016 – 08.04.2016 and of course Weyermann® Malts was on-site, represented by Marian Lukaszczyk, our longtime Weyermann® distribution partner for Poland, and the B ... more

Weyermann® hands over legendary Weyermann® trade fair mug    17.04.2016

Follwing the SIBA Beer X festival in Sheffield, Weyermann® representative for the UK John Middleton (l.) handed over the legendary Weyermann® trade fair mug. Jason Hill (r.) owner and brewer of the Eden Brewery near Penrith in Cumbria, is the h ... more

Weyermann® enthuses Russian visitors    16.04.2016

We are pleased with this praising feedback from our Russian visitors in March! Many thanks for the visit - nice,that all felt comfortable and inspired! We look forward to many more visitors, with whom we can build bridges of friendship into the whole ... more

Weyermann® hands over check - limited edition to the anniversary 1000 years of St. Michael’s Abbey    15.04.2016

„We need this commitment!“ Wolfgang Metzner, the third mayor of Bamberg, praised Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, for the manufacture brew of the mixed herbal beverage „Cerevisia Michaelsbergensis“ ... more

1. Slowenian beer conference 2016 with Weyermann® Malz    14.04.2016

End of March the 1. Slovenian Beer Conference “Good business practice in the field of beer” took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and none other than the native Slovenian Gergor Alic, Weyermann® malts & craft beer ambassador, represented Weyermann® Malt ... more

Weyermann® sponsors Doemens Academy master brews    13.04.2016

As every year, Weyermann® Malts has traditionally supported the Doemens Academy for Brewing and Beverage Technology with malt donations for their master brews also in 2016. Weyermann® Malts is always happy about the great creativity of the Doemen ... more

Weyermann® Malts receives high score in preliminary evaluation of its visitors feedback    11.04.2016

We would like to thank all our Weyermann® visitors, who gave us a great feedback: In a preliminary evaluation we have achieved 4,6 from 5 points! Thank you so much for this great result! Every visitor at Weyermann® Malts can give us a feedback t ... more

Distribution partner for the Ukraine visits Weyermann® Malts    10.04.2016

For more than ten years Unitec Ltd. has been at our side as our Weyermann® distribution partner, who always successfully brings our extensive product portfolio of over 80 malts to our customers in the Ukraine. In order to celebrate the always go ... more

New Weyermann® customer in Bamberg-Gaustadt enthuses with video!    09.04.2016

Since March this year there is a further brew pub in Bamberg, the “Erlkönig”, another Weyermann® customer, who relies on the red and yellow quality and competence. The Weyermann® team has already visited the former restaurant “Fischerhof in Bamberg ... more

25 years Manfred Schrenker at Weyermann® Malts    08.04.2016

„You are simply always there, when we need you - for 25 years!”, Sabine Weyermann , Weyermann® management fourth generation, praised the commitment of the longtime employee of the maintenance team Manfred Schrenker on Tuesday. Together with Thoma ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the "12th Trends in Brewing" symposium 2016    07.04.2016

We are pleased about these great photos from the International Malting and Brewing Symposium, the “12th Trends in Brewing”, in which our two Weyermann® customer consultants and beer sommeliers Karl-Ludwig Rieck and Gabriele Kaltner took part during t ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the     06.04.2016

On Friday, April 8th, Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality management and assurance takes off to Harbin, China, where he will take part at the “BHBT 6th craft brewery seminar” the following day. The Barth-Haas Trade Co., Ltd., Weyermann® d ... more

Weyermann® Malts passes spot audit in Haßfurt    06.04.2016

On Friday Torsten Engelhardt from the SGS-ICS conducted a so-called spot audit (unannounced audit) in accordance with the QA feed standard at our plant in Haßfurt. This audit is announced up to three days max. prior to the conduct and is mandatory. W ... more

Weyermann® Malts says goodbye to Christoph Matheis     05.04.2016

We say goodbye to Christoph Matheis, production manager at the Weyermann® plant in Haßfurt. The trained brewer, who had his training followed by a master course at the Doemens Academy, has worked for the world market leader regarding specialty malts ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the EuroGastro 2016    04.04.2016

From 06.04.2016 – 08.04.2016 the 20th anniversary edition of the Euro Gastro in Warsaw takes place and Weyermann® is on site represented by Marian Lukaszczky, our longtime Weyermann® distribution partner for Poland, and the Bamberg brewery manufactur ... more

Weyermann® employees introduces his home country Slovenia    03.04.2016

„What´s love got to do with it?“- that was the title of Gregor Alič’ lecture on Slovenia, which the Weyermann® Malt and Craft Beer ambassador recently held in the historical Weyermann® canteen as part of a Weyermann® academy event. Since Nove ... more

Israeli journalists visit Weyermann® Malts!    01.04.2016

This week we were pleased to welcome seven Israeli journalists in the red and yellow Weyermann® world, who got to know everything about the specialty malts of the Bamberg family business – from the seed to the harvest of the raw material malting barl ... more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes exchange brewer!     31.03.2016

From 04.04.2016 until 15.04.2016 we sincerely welcome Louis Waldmeir as part of our exchange program for brewers in the red and yellow Weyermann® world. Louis Waldmeir is one of the brewers at the Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville, Illinois. Acco ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the 1. Slovenian Beer Conference 2016    30.03.2016

Tomorrow, the 1.Slovenian Beer Conference „Good business practice in the field of beer” takes place at the Jable castle in Ljubljana /Laibach, Slovenia, and of course Weyermann® Malts is of the party. During the past five years the craft beer sce ... more

Weyermann® Malts says goodbye to Bodo Wille    30.03.2016

To the end of the month Bodo Wille, head of the Weyermann® IT department, leaves the red and yellow Weyermann® world after almost two years. At Weyermann® Malts he especially appreciated the interesting work environment and the various activities ... more

5. Weyermann® Easter barbecue    29.03.2016

At the invitation of the Weyermann® locksmith´s shop and the Weyermann® management, the employees of the Bamberg family business came together at the Weyermann® locksmith´s shop for the 5. Weyermann® Easter barbecue last Thursday. According to old We ... more

Contest winner visits Weyermann® Malts!    28.03.2016

Because he always drives past the Weyermann® site in Hassfurt, Guenther Birkel participated in the contest of “tag & nacht” magazine of Hassfurts municipal utility in late 2015 - the main price was a guided tour through the Weyermann® world in Bamber ... more

Membership of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand has been extended for one year!     26.03.2016

Our membership of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand has been extended for one year! Every year the Brewers Guild of New Zealand hosts the “Brewer´s Guild NZ International Beer Awards”, a renowned beer competition, where excellent beers are awarded i ... more

Weyermann® customer brews wedding brew at Weyermann® brew manufacture    25.03.2016

A wedding is always a reason to celebrate – of course the perfect wedding brew may not be missing! Thus we welcomed Sigmund Brockard, brew master and owner of the brewery Greifenklau, a longtime and loyal Weyermann® customer, at the Bamberg specialty ... more

Weyermann® ambassadors receive a stylish second life in Italy!    24.03.2016

You can encounter our Weyermann® malt bags – also called Weyermann® ambassadors – in all countries of the world. And the best thing is: they often already have two lives. First as perfect protection for our malts, then as material for creative minds, ... more

Successful First Craft Beer trade fair of Schweinfurt    23.03.2016

Last Friday, March 18th, the first Craft Beer trade fair of Schweinfurt took place in Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, and Weyermann® Malts was on site! The “Einfach KuK” has made it its personal concern to establish the complex and exciting topic Craft ... more

Weyermann® successful at the SIBA Beer X 2016    22.03.2016

The SIBA BEER X took place from March 16th -19th in Sheffield, UK, very successfully and John Middleton, our Weyermann® UK representative, held up the red and yellow Weyermann® flags on site! On this platform of independent brewers from the entire Un ... more

Bamberg - Blumenau - Buenos Aires: Beer tastings in Argentina     21.03.2016

After visiting the „Brazilian Beer Festival” in Blumenau our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management 4th generation, visited Argentina, Argentinian customers and Gabriel Airoli, Managing director at Cordillera Brewer ... more

Bamberg fasting beer with Weyermann® malt    21.03.2016

The traditional company Weyermann® contributed some malt kernels to the 3rd Bamberg fasting sermon, taking place in the brick stone ballroom of the Welcome Kongress Hotel. The freshly brewed, strong and delicious fasting beer from Ambräusianum brewe ... more

Enthusiastic customers in Chile    21.03.2016

From Brazil via Argentina to Chile – this is how the current travel schedule of our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann looks like. We are very happy about these pictures from Chile from visits of enthusiastic customers, who were very ... more

Currently published findings on Glyphosat in different beers    20.03.2016

Weyermann® Statement Concerning the current published findings on Glyphosat in different beers we would like to inform hereby our ... more

Weyermann® employees further educates herself!     20.03.2016

In order to always be best Weyermann® ambassadors, our 180 “Weyermen” regularly further educate themselves – whether through further education, participating at Weyermann® academy events or seminars. Recently our Weyermann® customer consultant and ... more

Weyermann® Malts in the new release „Lebensart genießen – Spezialitäten in Franken“    18.03.2016

Only a few other regions in Germany are as rich on specialties as Franconia. While the most statements on this topic devote to the Franconian classics – such as “Sauerbraten”, bratwurst and gingerbread - this book – magazine “Lebensart genießen” look ... more

Weyermann® at the Craft Beer trade fair of Schweinfurt     17.03.2016

This Friday, March 18th, the first Craft Beer trade fair of Schweinfurt takes place in Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, and Weyermann® Malts is on site! The “Einfach KuK” has made it its personal concern to establish the complex and exciting topic Craft ... more

Weyermen pay respects to other nations    17.03.2016

Martin Kessel, a German author once said: The one who learns a foreign language, pays respects to another nation. The Weyermann® employees have the opportunity to do exactly this, thanks to the Weyermann® management around Sabine Weyermann and Thomas ... more

"Weyermen" hear lecture on dairy products    16.03.2016

Are dairy products really as unhealthy as claimed? The experienced alternative practitioner, physiognomist and author Winfried Ducke informed a group of Weyermann® employees about this controversial topic of dairy products within a Weyermann® academ ... more

New working students at Weyermann® Malts!    16.03.2016

The number of Weyermann® working students is currently at a record high. Since March 1st 2016 and until May 31st, 2016 Leonhard Habermann is a member of our team in order to write his thesis for his bachelor´s degree in beverage technology at the Un ... more

1. Bock Beer Meets Craft Beer Day with Weyermann® Malts    16.03.2016

Six brewers, two world champions, a star chef and a queen celebrated their love of beer! The Craft Beer pub Liebesbier in Bayreuth invited to the „1. Bock Beer Meets Craft Beer Day“ and Weyermann® was on-site represented byWeyermann® customer consult ... more

Weyermann® customers win at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2016    15.03.2016

Through the cooperation with our distribution partner for Spain, Portugal, Madeira and the Canary Islands, Ricardo Molina, Weyermann® is gaining relevance in the Spanish brewing market day by day. Also the results of the Barcelona Beer Challenge whic ... more

New Weyermann® customer in Bamberg-Gaustadt    15.03.2016

In the former restaurant “Fischerhof” in Bamberg-Gaustadt (Gaustadter Hauptstraße 109) the brewery pub „Erlkönig“ is about to be opened. The brewing plant is from Kaspar Schulz, the malts from Weyermann®. Located on the road the object also has a ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Natural Products Expo West and customer visits USA    15.03.2016

What can be better than visiting satisfied Weyermann® customers everywhere in the world and at the same time getting inspired at trade fairs revolving around the brewing industry? Last week Franziska Weyermann, Weyermann® fifth generation, and Ul ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau 2016    14.03.2016

On the occasion of the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau, which took place from March 9th - 12th, our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management and fourth generation, resided in Brazil. We have received great phot ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the SIBA BEER X     14.03.2016

It’s time again: the SIBA BEER X, takes place from March 16th -19th in Sheffield, UK, this year and John Middleton, our Weyermann® UK representative, will hold up the red and yellow Weyermann® flags on site! On this platform of independent brewer ... more

The Weyermann® Malts team continues to grow!    13.03.2016

As from April 4th, 2016 we welcome a familiar face back to the Weyermann® team: Stefan Gottschall. In 2007 Stefan Gottschall completed training to become a specialist in food technology at Weyermann® Malts. To undergo further training as brewer ... more

New journeymen at Weyermann® Malts!    12.03.2016

Every year, Weyermann® offers young people the opportunity to complete profound training at our company. We support and encourage our trainees (currently 13 apprentices!) on their way into professional life. We are especially pleased when we can ... more

Asia Pacific Convention 2016 with Weyermann® Malts    11.03.2016

From March 14th – 18th the 34th Asia Pacific Convention, hosted from the Asia Pacific Section of The Institute of Brewing and Distilling, takes place in Sydney, Australia. Of course Weyermann® Malts is of the party, represented from Weyermann® Key Ac ... more

Weyermann® in the salt barn in Marbach    09.03.2016

Today we are pleased about this release in the Marbach newspaper, which shows Dieter Baader in the salt barn, as he lovingly and mindfully brews beer from Weyermann® Malts in real handcrafts - and that for 16 years! We enjoy the pictures of our Weyer ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Brazilian Beer Festival and customer visits in South America    08.03.2016

From March 9th – 12th the Brazilian Beer Festival takes place in Blumenau, Brazil, and Weyermann® Malts is of the party. Our bosses, Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, will personally be on site! ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Natural Products Expo West    08.03.2016

From March 9th – 11th the Natural Products Expo West, hosted from the New Hope Natural Media, takes place in the Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA, and of course Weyermann® Malts is on site! This worldwide biggest and leading trade fair revo ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Annual Congress of Spanish Craft Brewers 2016    08.03.2016

Last weekend the Annual Congress of Spanish Craft Brewers took place in Madrid, Spain, and of course Weyermann® Malts was of the party. As part of the event the participants, mainly homebrewers, could extend their knowledge on the subject of craft b ... more

Weyermann® team continues to grow!    07.03.2016

We are pleased to welcome Frank Jaekel to the Weyermann® team again. As from now on the 23-year-old student at the University of Trier (bachelor’s degree course food) will complete his practical semester as project work on creating basics for the in ... more

“Weyerwomen“ brew due to the International Women´s Day!    07.03.2016

Tomorrow it’s International Women’s Day: therefore now ten of our Weyermann® employees have brewed their own beer for a good cause! The world market leader regarding specialty malts will donate the proceeds from the unique “American wheat with lemon ... more

"Weyermen" hear lecture on the initiative "Brücken der Freundschaft"    06.03.2016

To build bridges of friendship all over the world is always on the agenda at Weyermann® Malts. To establish international contacts and business relations to customers on all continents – Weyermann® exports to 135 customer countries - is a matter of t ... more

Our team continues to grow!    05.03.2016

We are delighted to welcome a familiar face as a permanent member of the Weyermann® team. With immediate effect Johannes Michel, our former working student in the area of technics and logistics, will support our Weyermann® plant manager Jürgen Buhrma ... more

Weyermann® employees introduces her home country Denmark    04.03.2016

One sixth of the 180 Weyermann® Malts employees have routes in countries other than Germany. Ebony Rogers is one of them. The young woman, who is completing a trainee program in the marketing department parallel to her master studies in “Marketing Ma ... more

Malt production with best drinking water at Weyermann® Malts    04.03.2016

At Weyermann® Malts food safety has the highest priority. Therefore we produce our over 80 malts very mindful of best raw materials. Throughout the whole production of our specialty and quality malts only air and pure water gets to our raw material, ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Annual Congress of Spanish Craft Brewers     03.03.2016

From March 4th – 6th the Annual Congress of Spanish Craft Brewers takes place in Madrid, Spain, and of course Weyermann® is of the party. To this event mainly homebrewers are expected, who will extend their knowledge on the subject of craft beer thro ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Braukunst Live 2016    26.02.2016

This weekend is once again red and yellow – in Munich at the Braukunst Live. From today until Sonday evening the Weyermann® delegation will visit the event around the best beers of the world. From the production manager to the brew master of the br ... more

Samuel Adams Longshot Competition winners visit Weyermann® Malts    25.02.2016

On Wednesday we welcomed the three homebrewers Benzi Alexander, Gary Barak and Amiel Prager from Israel, accompanied by our Weyermann® distribution partner for Israel, Gadi Deviri, at the world market leader regarding specialty malts for a brew day a ... more

Weyermann® trainee receives certificate of recognition for excellent academic performance!    25.02.2016

Today our trainee Sebastian Lutz receives a certificate of recognition from the government of Lower Franconia for his excellent academic performance! Currently he is completing his fourth year of training as an electronics technician specializing ... more

Brass Castle Brewery receives Weyermann® enamel sign    24.02.2016

Last year the Brass Castle brewery from North Yorkshire won the golden medal for their smoked beer “Bournout” – brewed with 25 percent Weyermann® Beech Smoked Barley Malt - at the Festival SIBA Beer X in Sheffield. John Middleton, Weyermann® repr ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Beer Attraction in Rimini, Italy    22.02.2016

Many thanks for the many visitors and the exchange at our stand at the Beer Attraction in Rimini, Italy At the moment our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, are at the trade fair Beer Attract ... more

Weyermann® trainees learn about beer sommeliers    20.02.2016

„What is a beer sommelier and what are the responsibilities of a beer sommeliers?“, „How does the taste arise in the beer and how do you taste?“. These questions were answered by Annika Klee, manager Weyermann® visitors center and seminar programs, a ... more

A heart for people and animals at Weyermann® Malts    19.02.2016

At Weyermann® malts the focus lies on the individual, which has been and is steadily shown. What many people don’t know is, that Weyermann® Malts also has a big heart for animals – and thus the world market leader regarding specialty malts is happy ... more

"Weyermen" gain insights into the concept of Metabolic Balance®    19.02.2016

As part of a Weyermann® academy event alternative practitioner for psychotherapy Norbert Mikuta introduced the concept of Metabolic Balance® on Wednesday evening in the historical Weyermann® canteen to an interested group of Weyermann® employees. Th ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Beer Attraction 2016    18.02.2016

From 20.02.2016 – 23.02.2016 the second Beer Attraction takes place in the Rimini Exhibition Centre in Rimini, Italy, and Weyermann® Malts is of the party. Our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generatio ... more

Weyermann® beer specialties now available at different locations in Bamberg!    18.02.2016

The wide range of specialty beers of the Weyermann® brew manufacture enjoys great popularity – with the employees, who enjoy a special brew, exclusively brewed only for them every month, and even with the citizens of Bamberg and the many customers fr ... more

Weyermann® Malts checks trucks and containers     11.02.2016

Many trucks and container come to the historical part of the Weyermann® premises in Bamberg, in order to load our malts and transport them to our customers in over 135 customer countries. The quality of our malts is our highest priority, in productio ... more

Weyermann® Malts honors Indian brew master    11.02.2016

As pioneer of the brewing industry Weyermann® Malts has strongly influenced and constantly promoted the craft beer scene worldwide for decades. A strongly growing craft beer market is the Indian market, where great Weyermann® customers are already su ... more

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann celebrates double anniversary at DBMB    11.02.2016

This year Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, proudly and joyfully looks back at 20 years of membership of the “Deutsche Braumeister- und Malzmeisterbund” (DBMB), which is the German brewers and maltsters association. Bu ... more

New silos and modern logistics hall at Weyermann® Malts in Haßfurt    11.02.2016

Once again Weyermann® Malts, the world market leader regarding specialty malts, invests in its company plant in Haßfurt. For a couple of months several contruction works have been running here. Since a strom damaged the steel silos at the Haßfurt p ... more

"Weyermen" visit Bamberg food pantry    05.02.2016

Recently an interested group of „Weyermen“ visited the Bamberg food pantry as part of a Weyermann® academy event.The Bamberg food pantry is a voluntary association, under the direction of Willhelm Dorsch and his wife Michaela Revelant, which provides ... more

Weyermann® brewing barley producer award 2016    05.02.2016

With great pride and pleasure five farmers, who have been supplying Weyermann® Malts with grain of the highest quality for many years, received the Weyermann® brewing barley producer award 2016 at the Weyermann® visitors center. Thomas Kraus-Weyerm ... more

Weyermann® Malts sponsors homebrewers competition in Romania    04.02.2016

On January 30th 2016, the Romanian Homebrewing Association hosted the first competition for homebrewers in Bucharest, Romania, and Weyermann®Malts was a sponsor of the event. Laurentiu Lancu, purchasing manager of the company Brico Ideea SRL - a ... more

VeW members receive insight into Lingva Eterna® language concept at Weyermann® Malts    03.02.2016

The members of the Bamberg round of the association of former Weihenstephaner (VeW) learned about the language and communication concept Lingva Eterna® at their fourth gathering in 2015. Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf, head of the Lingva Eterna® in ... more

Weyermann® works meeting 2016    01.02.2016

On Wednesday evening 180 employees from 14 nations celebrated their works meeting at the invitation of Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation – for the first time at the restaurant Plückers of the Welcome ... more

Weyermann® Malts sponsors homebrewers competition in Romania    27.01.2016

On January 30th 2016, the Romanian Homebrewing Association is hosting the first competition for home brewers in Bucharest, the capital of and Weyermann®Malts is a sponsor of the party. Laurentiu Lancu, purchasing manager of the company Brico Ideea SR ... more

25th company anniversary of Thomas Kraus-Weyermann    27.01.2016

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management fourth generation, looked back to a “wonderful time with ideal preconditions for our continued upward trend” at the champagne reception to his 25th company anniversary in the circle of the Weyermann® exec ... more

Weyermann® Malts shines at the alumni reunion of the brewers vocational school Munich     26.01.2016

Recently the former students of the brewers vocational school Munich came together for an alumni reunion and Weyermann® Malts was from the party, represented from Weyermann® customer consultant and beer sommelier Karl-Ludwig Rieck and Diego Castill ... more

Weyermann® Malts visiting customers in Switzerland    20.01.2016

Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann are currently visiting customers in Switzerland. Together with Walter E. Koch, our Weyermann® distribution partner for Switzerland, they visited the huus-braui specialty brewery in Roggwill and tasted vario ... more

We welcome the Swakopmund Brewing Company among our customers    19.01.2016

End of November the Swakopmund Brewing Company in Namibia has opened. It is part of Namibia Breweries Limited and is located in the Brewer & Butcher restaurant in Swakopmund beach hotel. Managing Director of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) Wessie va ... more

Weyermann® brewing barley producer award 2016 – the winners have been chosen    19.01.2016

Now the Weyermann® team of experts has selected the winners of the Weyermann® brewing barley award for the harvest 2015. The five cultivators, who supply us with the best quality every year are: - Matthias Dauer from Weismain - Gerald Erlmann f ... more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes the new year 2016    18.01.2016

Whether Bavarian Party,bock beer tapping, or easter barbecue - Weyermann® is a company with many social traditions. This also includes the New Year´s drink at the beginning of each year, which is always organized from the Weyermann® Team in the logis ... more

Weyermann® Malts visits Bamberg Lebenshilfe Werkstatt RehaWe    15.01.2016

As part of a Weyermann® academy event an interested group of "Weyermen" visited the Bamberg Lebenshilfe Werkstatt RehaWe - an independent and charitable association for people with mental disabilities, their families, experts and friends. The world m ... more

Weyermann® Malts receives language quality seal    14.01.2016

Weyermann® Malts strongly supports an appreciative, clear and differentiated language both within and outside the company with great commitment. For this commitment, the Bamberg traditional company has now been awarded with the LINGVA ETERNA® quality ... more

Weyermann® Malts enters the Indian food sector    12.01.2016

At the end of 2015 Weyermann® Malts entered the Indian food sector for the first time, when our loyal Weyermann® customer, the Pub brewery and restaurant “District 6” in Bangalore, India, brought food, prepared with Weyermann® Malts, onto the menu. ... more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes former FIFA world referee among their customers    08.01.2016

We welcome the former FIFA world referee Dr. Markus Merk among the Weyermann® customers. In Otterberg near Kaiserslautern he brews 20 liters of beer - with Weyermann® Malts - in an old half-timbered house every week. We wish “always happy brewing” ... more

Weyermann® Malts promotes ”bridges of friendship”    08.01.2016

As an international company Weyermann® Malts does not only built up business relations, but also promotes the internationality in the own company. A sixth of all Weyermann® employees have roots in other countries than Germany, including Egypt, USA, T ... more

Weyermann® Malts says goodbye to Michelle Weber    03.01.2016

To the end of the year 2015 we said goodbye to Michelle Weber, who worked as an assistant at the Weyermann® export department where she was responsible for Brazil, Namibia, South Africa and Scandinavia. AS from now on Yasmin Diroll is responsible for ... more

Realigning Weyermann® Malts as a visionary    01.01.2016

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann celebrates his 25th anniversary For 25 years Weyermann® managing director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann has been managing the fortunes of the family business in the areas of sales and technology. His wife Sabine Weyermann, Weyerma ... more

Weyermann® Fan Shop launches Online Shop!    31.12.2015

“How can I get your Weyermann® products from home?” – many Weyermann® visitors and friends asked us this question. Now we can happily answer it by saying that our new Weyermann® Online Fan Shop is launching! From now on all fans of the red and yel ... more

Weyermann® Christmas Greetings 2015    23.12.2015

Dear friends of the red & yellow world of Weyermann®! The Weyermann family and the entire Weyermann® team wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year in 2016! By now, you have probably received the new Weyermann® desk pad and ... more

Weyermann® Malts donates for African school meals    23.12.2015

The whole Weyermann® team enjoys Christmas and the Christmas holidays surrounded by their loved ones. It is the time of contemplation, peace and happiness. Presents are unwrapped, delicious food is eaten and peaceful hours are spend with the family. ... more

Weyermann® Christmas ornaments adorn Christmas tree of our distribution partner in the USA    23.12.2015

We are delighted about this beautiful picture that Laura Hansen sent us, who works at our Weyermann® distribution partner for the USA, as VP of the Supply Chain Management department. On the BGS premises our longtime distribution partners decorated t ... more

Weyermann® hands over engraved malt shovel and trade fair mug to loyal customers    23.12.2015

Every year two happy loyal Weyermann® customers receive an individual trade fair mug and an extra engraved malt shovel on the occasion of the biggest international brewing trade fair, the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg.This way the world market leader reg ... more

Traditional chilli eating to ethe end of year at Weyermann® Malts    22.12.2015

Traditionally Weyermann® head of quality assurance and management Andreas Richter cooks an extra hot chili to end the year. Following the motto “If it is too hot, you´re too weak!”, the Weyermann® team has once again proven strength! For cooling of ... more

Weyermann® lets Christmas dreams come true    22.12.2015

Everywhere around the world Weyermann® Malts is extremely popular. Also in Greensvile, South Carolina. Caitlyn Snipes, who has lived in Bamberg for a while and thus became familiar with Weyermann® Malts, lives there. Now she wants so give her step mo ... more

Weyermann® Christmas Party 2015    21.12.2015

On Thursday at the invitation of Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management and fourth generation, 80 employees of the Bamberg family business celebrated a beery festive evening. The Christmas party was dedicated to the ta ... more

DBMB Christmas regular’s table with Weyermann®    17.12.2015

Last Thursday the general meeting with elections along with the festive regular’s table of the German brew master and malt master confederation (DBMB) of the national group Northern Bavaria took place at the brewery Greifenklau - a loyal Weyermann® c ... more

Business etiquette lecture at Weyermann® Malts     16.12.2015

As part of a Weyermann® academy event Yasmin Birk, speaker of the Chamber of Commerce of Upper Franconia (IHK), held a lecture in the historical Weyermann® canteen on "Business Etiquette - dealing with customers and colleagues in a conscious way" and ... more

Weyermann® Malts promotes intercultural exchange of employees    11.12.2015

Weyermann® Malts stands for quality at the highest level. To ensure this, our employees give their best every day. Whether in the production, shipping or in the office, the whole Weyermann® team contributes their part to let Weyermann® Malts always s ... more

Weyermann® Malts donates for the marching band of the Catholic parish of St. Otto    11.12.2015

In old tradition, Weyermann® Specialty Malts has once again supported the Christmas tombola of the Bamberg St Otto marching band. This year, the red-yellow world of Weyermann® is donating two histories of the traditional company, two beer bottle can ... more

Dr. Wolfgang Rogler and friends visit Weyermann® Malz    09.12.2015

On Friday afternoon we welcomed Dr. Wolfgang Rogler and friends at Weyermann® Malt. After having visited several breweries, the gentlemen were pleased to get more information about the production of the malty soul of beers. Clemens Kucharski and S ... more

Weyermann® donates for the VdK Christmas tombola    07.12.2015

Like in the past years, Weyermann® Malts is happy to donate once again for the Christmas tombola of the VdK. This year, the red-yellow world of Weyermann® is donating two histories of the traditional company, two beer bottle candles, scarfs and ha ... more

Max Carl KG from Coburg visits Weyermann Malts     06.12.2015

The Max Carl KG from Coburg belongs to the GC group, which is market leader in the field of automation. The management and sales representatives came to Bamberg to visit Weyermann®, a long-established family enterprise. On the tour our guests` eyes ... more

„District 6“ – with Weyermann® Malts    05.12.2015

We are pleased about the growing market in India - and our good Weyermann® customers and ambassadors , the Pub Brewery with restaurant "District 6" in Bangalore. Since its opening in 2014, the hip "District 6" brews craft beer with Weyermann® Malts ... more

IHK Oberfranken visiting Weyermann® Malts     03.12.2015

Shortly before the first of Advent we were pleased about the visit of the part-time class of industrial masters of the IHK Oberfranken. Accompanied by Clemens Kucharski and Sabine Vinograski our guests walked through the specialty malt production ... more

Bamberg beer culture book - with Weyermann® Malts     02.12.2015

In this book about the Bamberg beer culture the Bamberg authors Bastian Böttner and Markus Raupach present their hometown around the many breweries, brewery tours, beer cellar and leisure time tips in a varied way. Whether cycling, hiking or a cozy g ... more

6. home brewers festival in Moscow - with Weyermann® Malts     01.12.2015

On November 28th, the 6. home brewers festival took place in Moscow and Weyermann® Malts was part of it, represented from our Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia, the Braumeister GmbH. The festival was hosted by the Russian home brewers as ... more

8. Weyermann® bock beer tapping     01.12.2015

The fine tradition of its own bock beer as a thank you for the Weyermann® employees and their partners, suppliers and local friends Weyermann® has revived on Thursday for the eighth time. Drinkable Weyermann® Willy Wonka Bock, fresh Seng tents from t ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the 6. home brewers festival in Moscow    27.11.2015

Tomorrow the 6. Home brewers festival takes place in Moscow and Weyermann® Malts is part of it. Locally we can count on Braumeister GmbH, the Weyermann® distribution partner for Russia, who will duly represent the Weyermann® and will be waving the re ... more

Weyermann® shift maltster ties the knot!    27.11.2015

This autumn, Sebastian Stumpf – shift maltster at Weyermann® Malts – tied the knot with his wife Laura, born Then. As a joyful surprise a couple of Weyermann® maltsters came to the wedding in order to form a guard of honor with Weyermann® malt shovel ... more

„Living beer - the new brewing culture“ - with Weyermann® Malts    27.11.2015

„Living beer - the new brewing culture“ is the name of the lastest book by Oliver Wesseloh, graduate engineer for brewing and brewer of passion, and Weyermann® Malts is part of it! In his book the passionate beer brewer and beer sommelier world cham ... more

Frankenbund e.V. visits Weyermann® Malts     26.11.2015

On Thursday, November 19th, 2015, the Baunach local group of the association "Frankenbund" visited us in order to explore the Weyermann® world with 20 interested members. The “Frankenbund e.V.” is a parent organization for all interested citizens in ... more

Poznań Beer Festival - with Weyermann® Malz    25.11.2015

As part of the Poznań Beer Festival "Targi Poznańskie Piwne" in Poznań, Poland, a Craft Beer Competition took place from November 20 – 22, at which Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality assurance and management, participated as ... more

Weyermann® Brewing Seminar 2015    24.11.2015

During the last weeks, the Weyermann® calendar was fully packed: a successful trade fair week at the Brau Beviale, the Weyermann® Wholesaler training, the Weyermann® wholesaler evening with celebration of the 30-year company anniversary of Sabine Wey ... more

Weyermann® Malts in whisky report of the ORF    24.11.2015

For all, who didn´t see this interesting report about Whisky at the weekend, here the link to the ORF media library! Of course, Weyermann® Malts as popular supplier of raw materials for distillers is part of it! Have fun! more

100 European Beer Star awards for Weyermann® customers     24.11.2015

The customers of Weyermann® Malts can show an impressive medal table at the European Beer Star 2015: 32 gold medals, 34 silver and 34 bronze! We warmly congratulate all winners of the Weyermann® family and are delighted about the delicious and excell ... more

Weyermann® - a documentary     18.11.2015

See here a charming documentary about Weyermann® Malts, shot from BambergTV, a project from the open youth work in Bamberg. The team visited us together with the ninth grade of the Heidelsteigschule, of which Weyermann® Malts is a crafts partner. Tha ... more

Bavarian Party 2015: Cheers to Sabine Weyermann!    18.11.2015

At this year’s Weyermann® Bavarian Party at the world market leader regarding specialty malts in Bamberg certainly the most toasts were proposed to managing partner Sabine Weyermann: For 30 years she has successfully and mindfully been controlling th ... more

Weyermann® seminar for distribution partners     17.11.2015

After three successful trade fair days at the Brau Beviale 60 Weyermann® distribution partners from all over the world came together for a seminar at the Weyermann® guest center on the previous day of to the legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party. Here ... more

30 years Sabine Weyermann – distribution partners and employees congratulate    17.11.2015

The absolute highlight of the trade fair week at the Brau Beviale for the sixty Weyermann® distribution partners and the Weyermann® employees was a festive evening at the Weyermann® guest center due to the 30th company anniversary of Sabine Weyermann ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Poznań Beer Festival 2015    17.11.2015

As part of the Poznań Beer Festival "Poznańskie Targi Piwne" from November 20. – 22. 2015 a craft beer competition takes place and Andreas Richter, Weyermann® head of quality assurance and management will take part as a jury member. It is ... more

Weyermann® maltster gets married!    16.11.2015

This year in September, Alexander Schorr – maltster at Weyermann® Malts - married his wife Jessica, born Fischer. As a big surprise a couple of Weyermann® maltsters came to the wedding in order to form a guard of honor with Weyermann® malt shovels an ... more

Weyermann® Malts in the first county beer of Bamberg!    16.11.2015

The „36 Kreisla“ is a beer from and for the county of Bamberg, brewed with Weyermann® Specialty Malts. Together with county administrator Johann Kalb, the Weyermann® customers, brewery Kundmüller, Drei Kronen and Grasser, developed a Maerzen. The nam ... more

Homebrewer course visits Weyermann® Malts    16.11.2015

As part of a homebrewer course, which is offered by Hans Wächtler, close Weyermann® friend and manager at HW Brauerei-Service, and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Upper Franconia, an interested group of brewers visited the red and yellow Weye ... more

Weyermann® Malts shines at the European Beer Star with its customers    13.11.2015

We congratulate our Weyermann®, the Ayinger brewery to the gold medal at the Consumers`Favourite at the European Beer Star! The audience at the Brau Beviale has chosen the "Ayinger Bräuweisse" as their favourite beer after evaluating 6350 samples. Th ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the BrauBeviale 2015    11.11.2015

Thanks to all our visitors from 44 nations, who gave us their time at our booth in hall 1 #403 on the first day of the Brau Beviale. www.braubeviale.de Thanks to the Weyermann® team for their remarkable dedi ... more

Weyermann® customers win at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2015    10.11.2015

Congratulations to all Weyermann® customers who were successful in the Brussels Beer Challenge - above all Alexandre Bazzo from the Brazilian Cervejaria Bamberg near Sao Paulo, whose beers were awarded in the categories Altbier and black beer, each w ... more

Also in November our team continues to grow !    10.11.2015

We welcome Zehra Devrim (cover picture) to the Weyermann® Team. The native Turkish woman, who has completed training as a dental prosthesis technician, recently worked as a maid at the Hotel Villa Geyerswörth. At Weyermann® Malts she will support Eli ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the 4th European Microbrew Symposium 2015    10.11.2015

Yesterday the „4th European Microbrew Symposium 2015“ – sponsored by Weyermann® Malts – took place at the Convention Center in Nuremberg, hosted by the VLB (research and teaching institute for brewery in Berlin). The conference addressed brewers f ... more

Weyermann® preparing for the BrauBeviale 2015    09.11.2015

Tomorrow the BrauBeviale 2015 starts - the preparations are running at full speed! Visit us at our new welcoming and generours nooth in brick optics and with the red and yellow spirit: hall 1 booth 403 & 405! Talk to the people that constitute Weyerm ... more

Germany and Weyermann® are and will remain colorful!    09.11.2015

180 employees work at the Bamberg based world market leader regarding specialty malts - one-sixth of the pesonnel has roots in countries other than Germany! They come from Egypt, Kazakhstan, USA, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Guatemala, ... The th ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the 4th European Microbrew Symposium 2015    09.11.2015

Today the „4th European Microbrew Symposium 2015“ – sponsored by Weyermann® Malts – takes place at the Convention Center in Nuremberg. The event is hosted from the VLB ( research and teaching institute for brewerie in Berlin) and is the highlight eve ... more

desta 2015 with Weyermann® Malts     09.11.2015

From November 6th – 8th the desta – exhibition of noble spirituous liquors” took place in Volkach and as a supplier of raw materials for many distillers Weyermann® Malts was part of it, represented by our Weyermann® customer consultants and beer somm ... more

Trainees lend a hand    06.11.2015

During the last trainee learning round, the trainees had the pleasure of installing a container inlet into a container. Stefan Groh, employee at the Weyermann® shipping department, explained the process to the curios youngsters and showed them the si ... more

Weyermann® Malts in film about craft beer in Bamberg    06.11.2015

Whatch the film „Creating something new out of tradition – beer city Bamberg” by the filmmakers Oliver Eberhardt from Berlin and Gerhard Hagen from Bamberg, who highlight the phenomenon craft beer in Bamberg. We are delighted, that we from Weyermann® ... more

„Weyermen“ hear a lecture on Gin    05.11.2015

As part of a Weyermann® academy event, Clemens Kucharski, working student in the marketing department at Weyermann® Malts since December 2014, gave a lecture on the “Renaissance of Gin” at the historical Weyermann® canteen. During his research wor ... more

Biggest beverage group of Russia visits Weyermann® Malts    05.11.2015

In October we welcomed an interested group from the Doemens academy, who traditionally maintain a close friendship. All participants were employees from Efes, the biggest beverage group of Russia. At the Doemens academy the group received an introd ... more

Junior brewers present jubilee beers     03.11.2015

The young upcoming brewers of the private breweries brew special beers for the jubilee year 2016 „500 years German Purity Law! – of course with the specialty malts from Weyermann® Specialty Malts! The young brewers are the fifth raw material, Weyerma ... more

SIMEI 2015 with Weyermann Malts®    03.11.2015

From November 3rd – 6th 2015, the SIMEI 2015 takes place in Milan, Italy and Weyermann® Malts is part of it, represented by our Weyermann® distribution partner for Italy, Uberti SRL. The SIMEI (International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibit ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the desta 2015    03.11.2015

This year, as a supplier of raw materials for many distillers in Germany and Europe, Weyermann® is taking part at the "desta – exhibition of noble spirituous liquors" in Volkach from November 6th – 8th. This year, 57 exhibitors of the distillery a ... more

Stone & Wood meets Weyermann®    02.11.2015

What began with a collaboration brew between Weyermann® malts and the Australian Stone & Wood Brewing Company from Bryon Bay in mid-August, is approaching its completion after ten weeks of storing, a super delicious Session IPA with Bamberg smoked ma ... more

Bwoling for beer enthusiasts    30.10.2015

"Good Luck!", was recently wished, when the Bamberg round of the association of former Weihenstephan members (Vew) gathered at the brewery - restaurant Göller in Zeil am Main to bowl. Nine specialists regarding beer tried to achieve as many strikes a ... more

Our team continues to grow!    30.10.2015

We warmly welcome Regina Hiller (above) as working student in the Weyermann® team. The young woman is studying sociology with a focus on labor market, human resources and organisation, adult and further education at the Otto-Friedrich University Bam ... more

Weyermann® Malz right at the Main    28.10.2015

A large group of “Weyermen”, including many new employees, visited the Weyermann® company location Haßfurt as part of a Weyermann® academy event. Since October 2001 the malting plant right at the river Main belongs to Weyermann® Malts and has since t ... more

Weyermann® employees extend their knowledge    27.10.2015

Further education and training is very important at Weyermann® Malts and in the course of this, the employees are offered many options to seize this. Among others, courses can be taken in different languages, lectures can be attended, or seminars can ... more

Weyermann® Beer with fresh hops    26.10.2015

Creative brewers need alternative raw materials. Why not brew with freshly picked hops? Weyermann® Specialty Malts leads the way: Two years ago, we decided to plant our own hops on the grounds of the malting plant. The finest Hallertauer Hercules! B ... more

Denise Jones is our new Weyermann® distiller    23.10.2015

Welcome Denise Jones – as Weyermann® distiller. The American-bron will fill our barrel room with whiskey and develop new recipes with the Weyermann® malt experts. For many years she had brewed beer and burnt whiskey at our Weyermann® customer Moylans ... more

Independent Manchester Beer Convention 2015 - with Weyermann® Malts    22.10.2015

Thanks go to John Middleton, Weyermann® Representative UK, for sending us this nice picture from the Independent Manchester Beer Convention in Manchester. It took place from the 8th – 10th of October 2015. This beer festival is a four-day event, ... more

50. Konvention of the FHRAI – with Weyermann® Malts    22.10.2015

The FHRAI (The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India) - world’s 3rd largest association of hospitality business owners - invited to its 50. Convention from September 25th – 27th and Weyermann® Malts was one of the party represent ... more

Weyermann® fleet has two new members    20.10.2015

Our Weyermann® fleet is constantly growing and thus we are delighted about a new Yale electric forklift, ERP20VT, and a new mobile loading ramp that will be used all around the red and yellow Weyermann® premises. With the new equipment our hard-wo ... more

Seeing, smelling and tasting herbs    19.10.2015

You can make delicious chips out of nettles, the yarrow in the tea has an easing impact and elderberry helps against colds. These and many more tips about herbs a group of Weyermann® employees learned during an interesting tour with herb expert and t ... more

Weyermann® Christmas presents are on their way    15.10.2015

This year is slowly coming to an end and thus the Christmas season is pretty much about to begin. Our distribution partners worldwide, who make our grains more known everywhere with tireless dedication everyday, are primarily responsible for the suc ... more

Weyermann® apprentice trip 2015 goes to Middle Franconia    13.10.2015

This years’ apprentice trip led the apprentices and their supervisors to Nuremberg. First stop of the trip was the CND Container Depot Nuremberg GmbH. There the group was welcomed by Thomas Cargnelli, overall plant manager and attorney, who first hel ... more

MBAA 2015 with Weyermann® Malts    12.10.2015

From the 8th – 10th of October, the big conference of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) took place in Jacksonville, Florida, and Franziska Weyermann®, fifth Weyermann generation, and Larissa Diesendorf, sales and export coordinato ... more

Greetings from overseas fill the Bavarian Weyermann® heart with joy    09.10.2015

These beautiful pictures were sent to us from Ontario, Canada, from the Oktoberfest of Beau´s All Natural Brewing Company, a loyal Weyermann® customer. The festival is sponsored by our distribution partner for Canada, BSG Canada. At this two-day eve ... more

Germany. A hiking fairy tale – at the Weyermann® guest center    07.10.2015

On Thursday, 02.10.2015, a large group of "Weyermen" welcomed degree poems spokeswoman Anna Magdalena Boessen in the guest center of the red and yellow Weyermann® world, where she reported on her trip through Germany by bicycle. In May 2014 Anna M ... more

Weyermann® at the MBAA 2015    06.10.2015

Franziska Weyermann, fifth Weyermann generation, and Larissa Diesendorf, Sales and Export Coordinator, look forward to participate at this years’ Conference of Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) from October 8th -10th 2015 in Jacksonvi ... more

„Weyermen“ become aware of their language and its effects    05.10.2015

Recently a large group of "Weyermen" listened to a lecture from Mechthild von Scheurl-Defersdorf, ead of the Lingva Eterna® Institute, from her lecture series "In the language lies the strength". At these lectures and seminars, the participants g ... more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes new distribution partner in Southeast Asia    03.10.2015

We are happy to add Oritag Pte Ltd to our big Weyermann® distribution network as distribution partner for Singapore and Malaysia. Locally Arthur Shu, Sales Director, and Siew Min, Customer relationship, will be available for all interested parties in ... more

Weyermann® customers win at the Great American Beer Festival 2015    02.10.2015

From 24th to the 27th of September this year the Great American Beer Festival took place in the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, USA. At this four-day event the visitors were offered a lot, such as lectures and presentations from big names of th ... more

The soul of Weyermann® Malts - Sabine Weyermann celebrates her 30th anniversary    01.10.2015

10,000 days in and for the Weyermann® world - that is the remarkable record of Sabine Weyermann, who celebrates her 30th anniversary at Weyermann® Malts today. On October 1st 1985, the managing director and shareholder of the world market leader for ... more

Dutch Weyermann® customer won two medals at Japanese „International Beer Cup“    30.09.2015

The annual “International Beer Cup” took place at Yokohama Harbor from 19th trhough 20th September. Weyermann® customer “Mommeriete” won two medals in futuristic setting of modern Yokohama Harbor. More than 750 beers had been tasted at the event that ... more

„Special W®“ now registered in the European Union and in the United States    29.09.2015

Weyermann® malt type Special W® is now registered in the European Union and the United States through the “International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization” (WIPO). We are very happy that another Weyermann® trademark has been regi ... more

Weyermann® customers win at the world beer awards 2015    29.09.2015

On September 24th 2015 the winners of the world beer awards were announced and Weyermann® Malts is delighted, that also loyal Weyermann® customers are among the many winners. At this annual event, the very best internationally recognised beer styl ... more

Weyermann® Malts welcomes junior brewers    25.09.2015

Many thanks go to the school center “am Rübenkamp” in Bremen, where also brewers and maltser are trained, for their visit to Weyermann® Malts. Promoting the juniors is a matter of heart for the world market leader regarding specialty malts. Therefore ... more

Beer tastings at Weyermann® Malts – from stalk to enjoyment    25.09.2015

In the series of the Weyermann® beer seminars, which are being held by one of our 16 experienced Weyermann® beer sommeliers, Daniel Demetrowitsch, production manager of the malt house, gave a lecture on the basics and sensory effects of malting. Befo ... more

Tegernsee run 2015 – a great success for the Weyermann® running team    25.09.2015

On 20.09.2015 one of the nicest running events in Germany, the Tegernsee run in Gmund, took place. Of course the Weyermann® running team, consisting of 14 runners, did not want to miss out on this event and participated in the half marathon respectiv ... more

Weyermann® promotes seminar subject on „the cultural artifact beer with all its facets and consequen    25.09.2015

A group of students of the high school "In der Wüste" in Osnabrück is currently enjoying a seminar subject on "the cultural artifact beer with all its facets and consequences". There, the students look at the historical, chemical, biological and math ... more

Successful start of the Weyermann® beer seminars    24.09.2015

Last week the Weyermann® beer seminars premiered in our beautiful guest center on Brennerroad 15. This evening the second event takes place. Sign up for the upcoming events, always on Thursdays at 18:30 o’clock! At the premier on “inspired by bee ... more

Project „Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit“ (Cycling to Work) was a huge success at Weyermann® - again!    22.09.2015

The Project “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” was initiated by German health insurance company AOK and German Cyclists Organization ADFC. It is dedicated to all employees who normally get to work by car or public transport. This year all employees had the cha ... more

Hop Harvest Open Day 2015 – with Weyermann® Malts    21.09.2015

On September 9th 2015, the Charles Faram & Co. LTD – a long-standing distribution partner of Weyermann® Malts – invited to the Hop Harvest Day and Hop Walk at the Stocks Farm in Suckley, Worcestershire and once again Weyermann® Malts took part. At ... more

Best Mexican Beer is brewed with Weyermann® Specialty Malts    18.09.2015

From 4th to 6th September the event “Copa Cerveza Mexiko” chose the best Mexican Beer in 2015. Our Weyermann® distribution partner MiCerveSa nicely represented the Bamberger family company at this year’s competition. In more than 20 categories more t ... more

Weyermann® employees listen to a lecture about tissue salts    18.09.2015

On Tuesday evening, as part of a Weyermann® academy event, Winfried Ducke, experienced medical practitioner, physiognomist and author, held a lecture about tissue salts in the historical Weyermann® canteen. At the beginning of his presentation Win ... more

City councilors taste anniversary brew with all senses    18.09.2015

“That’s licorice, of course we recognize that right away,” said a delighted delegation from the Bamberg city council, who visited Weyermann® Specialty Malts for the introduction of the Weyermann® herbal drink “Cerevisia Michaelsbergensis” on the occa ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the "Brewers Guild International Beer Awards 2015" as a sponsor    17.09.2015

From today until September 19th 2015, the "Brewers Guild NZ International Beer Awards 2015" are taking place at Aukland´s CitySky, New Zealand, and Weyermann® Malts is involved as a sponsor also in this year. Locally we can count on Cryermalt, the W ... more

Great American Beer Festival with Andreas Richter as „Beer Judge“    16.09.2015

Every year the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) represents the largest beer selection at Colorados capital Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. This year the event takes place from September 24 to September 27. The event is parted into a ... more

Porsche 356 club lets Weyermann® Malts shine    15.09.2015

Today we say thank you to our 300 guests with their 150 Porsche classic cars, who have visited us on Friday for the welcome evening of the 40th anniversary - annual meeting of the Porsche 356 club Germany. This “rolling Porsche museum” on the histori ... more

15th International Belgian Brewing Conference with Weyermann® Malts    14.09.2015

From September 6th to September 8th the “15th International Belgian Brewing Conference” took place in the historical Belgian city Leuven and Weyermann® Malts took part for the first time. During this three-day event the visitors were offered a ful ... more

Beer tastings at Weyermann® Malts - stouts and smoked beer    11.09.2015

This week two beer tastings in the series of the Weyermann® beer seminars took places, which are being held by one of our 16 experienced Weyermann® beer sommeliers. On Tuesday Jürgen Buhrmann, Weyermann® Plant Manager Bamberg, presented the beer s ... more

Weyermann® congratulates apprentices to passing final exams    10.09.2015

Six apprentices passed their final exams and Weyermann® is delighted. Every year Weyermann® accompanies young people with their career start in different vocations. It fills the whole Weyermann® team, especially the management with pride, when their ... more

Weyermann® executives on discovery tour through the Geisfelder Forest    10.09.2015

As part of Weyermann® academy event, Weyermann® executives went on a discovery tour through the Geisfelder forest. The tour gave them several insights into the settlement history of the upper Franconian cultural landscape. Start was on the “Schlossbe ... more

We welcome all new Weyermann® employees to the team    09.09.2015

On Monday evening 28 new employees were warmly welcomed to the red and yellow Weyermann® world – meanwhile with a total of 180 employees - at the annual meet and greet event in the Weyermann® guest center. After a short welcome speech from Sabine ... more

Vibrant automotive history at Weyermann® Specialty Malts: 150 classic Porsches to be hosted    09.09.2015

Weyermann® Specialty Malts is expecting 150 classic Porsches and 300 guests this weekend from all over Germany and neighboring countries to the heritage-listed Weyermann® company grounds on Brennerstrasse in Bamberg. The 40th annual meeting of the Po ... more

Weyermann® is happy about picture mark registration of Malt Aroma Wheel® in Italy    08.09.2015

Good news for Weyermann® these days: In Italy our Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® is now also a registered picture mark! We are very happy that our innovative yet easy scheme – the Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® - is also now also registered in beautiful ... more

Special W® now registered in in the European Union    08.09.2015

Weyermann® malt type Special W® is now registered in the European Union through the “International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization” (WIPO). We are very happy that another Weyermann® trademark has been registered internationally ... more

Hop Harvest Open Day 2015 – also with Weyermann® this year    07.09.2015

On September 9th 2015, the Charles Faram & Co. LTD – a long-standing distribution partner of Weyermann® Malts – invites to the Hop Harvest Day and Hop Walk at the Stocks Farm in Suckley, Worcestershire! For 200 years hops are grown and harvested ... more

Weyermann® employee extends his knowledge    07.09.2015

At Weyermann® further training and education is very important and in the course of this, the employees are offered many options to seize this. Among others, courses can be taken in different languages, lectures can be attended, or seminars can be pa ... more

Weyermann® customers win at the Copa Cervezas de América 2015    04.09.2015

Today we send a big thank you to our distribution partners in South and Central America, who represented Weyermann® Malts as the main sponsor and co-organizer of the "Copa Cervezas de América 2015" in Santiago, especially to our distribution partner ... more

The best beer in Mexico is being crowned    04.09.2015

Today the 6th Copa Cerveza Mexico starts at the WTC in Mexico City, the most important event of the craft beer industry in Mexico - with Weyermann® as a sponsor! Our distribution partner for Mexico, Malta es Insumo Cerveceros SA de CV, short MiCerveS ... more

Neighborhood Beer new on the market – with Weyermann®Malts    04.09.2015

Yesterday, the Neighborhood Beer Company opened in Exeter, New Hampshire and the whole Weyermann® team is proud that their specialty malts are being used in another brewery 100 percent. The founders Joseph Berwanger (Chairman), Tim Diaz (Chief Ope ... more

15th International Belgian Brewing Conference with Weyermann® and a world premiere    02.09.2015

From September 6th to 8th the “15th International Belgian Brewing Conference” is going to take place in historical Belgian town of Leuven and Weyermann® is looking forward to attend for the first time! The Belgian trade show will be hosted for the ... more

Weyermann® welcomes new apprentices    01.09.2015

Every year we are happy to offer young people an apprenticeship at Weyermann®. Also in this year five apprentices will begin their apprenticeship in the red and yellow world of Weyermann®. We warmly welcome them on their first day and wish them an ex ... more

Weyermann® Academy – Seminars about stress and conflict management    28.08.2015

Yesterday psycho therapist Ingrid Hoinkis and her daughter hosted two seminars: The first was about stress management and took place at Weyermann® Yoga flat from 9 am to 5 pm. The attendants learned how to deal with stress correctly, how to acknowle ... more

Brewing Course Thai Tan at Weyermann®    27.08.2015

On August 19 we welcomed our distribution partner Thai Tan from Veitnam. Ms. Le Thi Hang, brew master, and her colleague Mr. Vu Quang Van, head of Craft Brewing Division, who are working closely together with Weyermann®. Since 2013 Thai Tan is an e ... more

Recurring feeling of happiness at Weyermann®    26.08.2015

On the first two Fridays of every month, every Weyermann® heart beats a bit faster. Because on these two days, everyone is allowed to pick up the Weyermann® company drink – 9 x 0,5 lt. swing top bottles in a wooden box – at the logistics center from ... more

Weyermann® is main sponsor at 2015 Copa Cervezas de América in Santiago de Chile    22.08.2015

From August 22 to 29 Weyermann® malt will be main sponsor and co-organizer to the "Copa Cerveza de América 2015" which will take place in Santiago de Chile. In partnership with our Weyermann® distribution partner for South and Central America Weyerma ... more

Final excursion leads young brewmasters to Weyermann® Specialty Malts in Bamberg    19.08.2015

Another group of brewmasters who just have finished their education as brewmasters at Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing, visited Weyermann® Specialty Malts in Bamberg - the world leader of Specialty Malts - as their final excursion. It as traditional ... more

Weyermann® colleague tells about his country of origin Karelia     18.08.2015

Today’s Weyermann® Academy keynote from Victor Kunz was about his country of origin Karelia. Karelia is located in north-eastern Europe between the Baltic Sea and the White Sea. The historical area of Karelia is separated into two parts: the Russi ... more

Copa Cervezas de América honors best South American beers    15.08.2015

From August 22 to 29 Weyermann® malt will be main sponsor and co-organizer to the "Copa Cerveza de América 2015" which will take place in Santiago de Chile. In partnership with our Weyermann® distribution partner for South and Central America Weyerma ... more

New Weyermann® picture mark     11.08.2015

Our Weyermann® registered trademarks are increasing day by day! Weyermann® is extremely proud to present the newest member to the Weyermann® trademark family! The already registered trademark for the malt type “Special W” is now also a registered sym ... more

Theresianer wins bronze at International Beer Challenge    11.08.2015

We congratulate our customer Theresianer on their bronze medal which they received at the prestigious International Beer Challenge in London, UK, for their Vienna Beer - brewed with Weyeramnn® Malts. Since 19 years, the International Beer Challenge i ... more

Junior brewers visit Weyerman® Malts    03.08.2015

Junior brewers visit Weyerman® Malts Many thanks to the vocational school in Munich and the Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis school in Ulm – where also brewers and maltmen are trained - for their visit to Weyermann® Malts. It is a great matter of the hear ... more

Welcome to the Weyermann® Team, Alexander Kraemer!    01.08.2015

The trained roofer will support the Weyermann® team as a production helper. Alexander Kraemer looks back on a moving worklife. He was working as driver, storage helper and salesman. Now he is excited to face newchallenges at Weyermann®. We welcome hi ... more

World’s best beer sommelier hails from Italy    01.08.2015

Simonmattia Riva clinches Beer Sommelier World Championship in Brazil Gräfelfing, 20 July 2015 – The elite of the beer sommelier world gathered last Saturday to find a champion. 48 beer sommeliers from ten countries lined up at Brasil Brau and De ... more

New Weyermann® employee in August 2015    24.07.2015

Welcome Kristina Schneiderbanger who will be team assistant to the export and marketing department at Weyermann®. From August 1st she will support our Weyermann® team. After studying business administration, specializing on industry, she worked in se ... more

Weyermann® covering "Beer Bible" of 2015    24.07.2015

The new Franconian Beer Bible published by Markus Raupach and Bastian Boettner presents Weyermann® very popular on the front page. Weyermann® Brew Master and German Beer Sommelier Master from 2013 Dominik Maldoner (left) and Weyermann® Brewer Peter H ... more

New apprentices at Weyermann® in 2015    24.07.2015

We are happy to realize apprenticeships for several young people. 2014/2015 Weyermann® educated 15 trainees and 90ß% of them were taken over by the company afterwards. From September 1st on two apprentices will take on their training to become metal ... more

Beer Tastings at Weyermann® Malt – Porter    24.07.2015

Before we start into our public beer tasting seminars in our Weyermann® guest center in Septemeber we are trying out various beer styles with our internal expert team with our Weyermann® beer sommeliers. All of these amazing taste experiences will be ... more

Beer seminars at Weyermann®    23.07.2015

We are so happy to finally announce our newest highlight at Weyermann®: Weekly public beer seminars in our freshly opened guest center at Brennerstrasse 15. From September 2015 on we will offer public beer seminars every Thursday! All Weyermann® fan ... more

Precise Analytics at Weyermann®    22.07.2015

Weyermann® always wants to keep its Quality Standard high. This is why the German Calibration Department conducts yearly certifications of Weyermann® scales. We want our customers to trust in us and in our technology and are happy that we can say tha ... more

Hello, Liam! - Offspring at Weyermann®    22.07.2015

We are happy to announce beautfiul news: We want to congratulate Florian Huebner, Weyermann® Processing and his domestic partner Alexandra Nagengast to the birth of their son Liam. The little boy was fast and born a little earlier than planned on Apr ... more

St. Otto Festival with Weyermann® Malt    17.07.2015

First of all we are thankful for having such a caring management that payed for food and drinks at this years’ St. Otto Festival. The whole Weyermann® team enjoyed the festival with loads of sausages and beer. In 1914 the house of St. Otto has been i ... more

Weyermann® leaders in Leesau – Optimism for 2015 harvest    17.07.2015

Weyermann® leading colleagues visited the fields around grain collection site in Leesau near Thurnau. The team from Leesau and Aishagul Schleicher, head of grain purchase department, explained the grains conditions and concluded by saying: The grain ... more

Weyermann® Malt visiting loyal customers in Chicago, IL    16.07.2015

Franziska Weyermann, fifth Weyermann generation, and Ulrich Ferstl, team leader customer consultant and responsible for food industry are visiting loyal Weyermann® customers in beautiful Chicago, IL. They are enjoying American hospitality and are ... more

Weyermann® at IFT15    13.07.2015

Franziska Weyermann, fifth Weyermann generation, and Ulrich Ferstl who is teamleader costumer consultants and responsible for food industry, are visiting the leading trade show IFT 2015 (Institute of Food Technologists) im McCormick Place South in Ch ... more

15th Weyermann® Antique Car Event    08.07.2015

Yesterday the Weyermann® Specialty Malts Manufacture transformed into some sort of „Mecca“ for all antique car lovers. More than 350 antique cars and motorcycles made their way to Brennerstraße as temperatures around 30 degrees made shade the place t ... more

Fascinated by caves – A Weyermann® colleague presents his special hobby    07.07.2015

The silence, the pure feeling of untouched nature and the patterns, the colors of unseen places of earth – that is what Weyermann® colleague Stephan Buettel loves about caves. He is into cave research for more than 25 years now. Most of the time h ... more

High-end barley for Weyermann® Malto Eraclea Tipo Pilsner     01.07.2015

The first shipments of high-end barley from exclusive region named Eraclea, Italy have reached the Weyermann® grain collection site in Leesau. The newly developed malt called Weyermann® Malto Eraclea Tipo Pilsner – “invented” in 2014 - will be produc ... more

Cararye® Brasilien registered trademark    01.07.2015

The Weyermann® specialty malt Cararye® is now a regesitered trademark in Brasil as well. Now Weyermann® can present its more than 140 trademarks. It is a great part of the Weyermann® philosophy to take good care of protecting its branding and its tr ... more

Weyermann® donating to african school meals    30.06.2015

Father Athanas Meixner who is with the abbey of Muensterschwarzach which is supported by Weyermann® Malt presented an interim balance about their Tanzanian donations program: There is a lot to do. Still! Why is it that Tanzania is drowning in povert ... more

New Weyermann® employee in July 2015    29.06.2015

Viktor Kunz will be a part of the Weyermann® Team from July 1st 2015. He will be working in at the brewing manufacture and marketing department. The 45-year-old man is Segesha, a town in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. As an intern at VLB he alrea ... more

Weyermann® looking forward to great harvest    26.06.2015

As we took a tour through the fields of our more than 500 Weyermann® farmers all sorts of grain (barley, wheat, rye and spelt) were in great shape! We are glad to see that our grains are doing well and we are hoping for nothing more than another good ... more

Weyermann® welcomes VLB course of Certified Brewmasters    25.06.2015

Weyermann® says “Thank You” to our friends from the Berliner Experimental and Educational Brewery! The Certified Brewmaster Course visited us on Monday and it makes us proud and happy to host the excursion of the school. Weyermann® as malt world mark ... more

Weyermann® team keeps growing in July 2015    25.06.2015

From July 1st on André Haefner will be working at the Weyermann® logistics and shipping department. The educated 18-year-old man concluded his apprenticeship in machine operations at company Mailler GHP in Bamberg. He now is looking forward to his ne ... more

Weyermann® again with great results at organic audit    25.06.2015

Again Weyermann® proofed his standing regarding quality management. After the audit (ISO 9001:2008, QS and FSSC, as well as customer audit by Coca Cola – we now concluded our yearly control to proof that our products are organic, conducted by Bernhar ... more

Exclusive Weyermann® drink to monastery anniversary    24.06.2015

“A feins Stöffla” (engl.: “A nice piece”) – that is how Bamberger Mayor Andreas Starke called the herbal drink “Cerevisia Michaelbergensis” brewed by our brew manufacture. It was produced especially for the 1000th birthday of the monastery Michaelsbe ... more

Weyermann® flawless at Coca Cola Audit    19.06.2015

Fabienne McNeely (Coca Cola, CPS Supplier Auditor & Developer) from Ballina, Ireland made this week’s audit at Weyermann®. It was another success for Weyermann®. We provide Coca Cola facilities in Egypt and Swaziland with our Sinamar®. That is why Fa ... more

Andreas Richter presenting the world of specialty malts to the Doemens Academy    19.06.2015

Today we wish Andreas Richter, head of qualitiy management, a successful day at Doemens academy. There he will be holding a keynote presentation about specialty malts in front of varios international courses. We hope the audience is as curious as e ... more

Weyermann® - great auditioning!    17.06.2015

Last week Thomas Engelhardt (SGS-ICS, Hamburg) led this year’s audition, called QS-Spot-Audition. It is unannounced and spontaneous. We are happy to say, that mastered it with success. The combination of announced system auditions and unannounced sp ... more

Tsingtao Brewery and Weyermann® - united since one century    17.06.2015

15 emloyess of Tsingtao Brewery China just visited Weyermann® Malts in Bamberg to enlarge their knowledge about malt and specialty malts. From January to June the Chinese guests have been hosted by Doemens Academy in Gräfeling where they took courses ... more

Weyermann® sponsoring brewing class in Dortmund    17.06.2015

We are happy to see how much joy the young brewers have using our Weyermann® malt. We donated specialty malts to a school in Dortmund and we wish the up and coming brewers all the best! Happy brewing with Weyermann® specialty malts More at: more

Weyermann® colleague presents climbing sport    17.06.2015

At Weyermann® academy colleagues of the specialty manufacture present their hobbies or country of origin. Last time Andrea Hahn who is with the quality management department held a presentation about climbing and bouldering. The keynote fascinated th ... more

Offspring at Weyermann®    16.06.2015

Today our congratulations go out to our colleague in the Weyermann® shipping department, Markus Geissler. The colleague and friend just became father. He and his wife Sonja are happily welcoming their second child Johanna. Johanna is 48 cm tall and w ... more

Weyermann® on drinks menu cover    09.06.2015

The ‪private‬ ‪‎brewery‬ Rollberg GmbH in Berlin covered their ‪‎menu‬ in ‪historical‬ Weyermann® ‪bags‬. We are fascinated by this ‪creative‬ idea. The covers are ma ... more

Great news from England    09.06.2015

Today we received a nice picture from the heart of England. Weyermann® customer Towcester Mill Brewery is growing and getting more and more famous! Their top beer named Mill Race is a bright hop beer with 100% Weyermann® pilsner malt. Weyermann® Cara ... more

DBMB Brew master day - Joyful get-together at Weyermann®    08.06.2015

A huge „Thank You!“ to all (503) guests who enjoyed our nice get-together at the beginning oft he DBMB (German Brew master day) 2015 in Bamberg. We had a great evening with delicious food, great beer and nice conversations – obviously a fulfilling ev ... more

World Championship of beer sommeliers - with Weyermann®    07.06.2015

Karl Ludwig-Rieck (second from right) one of our Weyermann® customer consultants will be participating at the world championship of beer sommeliers in Sao Paolo on July 18. He qualified for the tournament being one of the ten best beer sommeliers in ... more

Weyermann® at Expo 2015    05.06.2015

From now ond till Sunday Weyermann® distribution partner for Italy Uberti is presenting the wide spectrum of products of Weyermann® in Marghera and Venice. The exhibition named "Aquae Venice 2015" is all around water and nutrition. The 2015 expo in ... more

Weyermann® seminar – How to perform on the phone professionally     04.06.2015

The Weyermann® seminar "The Telephone - the business card of your company" was a great experience for all participants - they indeed learned a lot they said. The lecturer Ms Becker-Balling made very clear how much more there is behind just "talking" ... more

Artist painting Weyermann® with Sinamar®    04.06.2015

Our roast malt extract Sinamar® brings color and aroma into various beers – but it is also usable for painting, showed artist Birgit Helber from Fulda. After her lovely painting of the old Bamberg town hall she did a painting of the Weyermann® campu ... more

Weyermann® is looking forward to 500 brewers and maltsters from all over Germany    03.06.2015

The preparations for the brew master day of the regional group of northern Bavaria in the German brew master and maltster union on the first weekend of June at Weyermann® are going well! The Weyermann® team around Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® g ... more

New Weyermann® employee in June 2015    02.06.2015

On June 1st we are happy to welcome a new colleague to the Weyermann® team - Max Reifschneider from Kazakhstan. He came to Germany when he was a child, now he lives in Hassfurt. He is a trained commercial driver and he will be driving Weyermann® truc ... more

Open House Days at Brouwland – with Weyermann®    01.06.2015

The team Weyermann® brew manufacture team brought loads of color, know-how and great beer to the Open House Days at Brouwland, Weyermann® distribution partner for the international shipping market. Weyermann® brew master Dominik Maldoner and Weyer ... more

TUM Pentecost excursion at Weyermann® Malts    01.06.2015

Last week the Technical University of Munich (TUM) which is located in Freising/Weihenstephan visited the Weyermann® world. Two groups with a total of 35 brewing technology students were hosted by Weyermann® throughout their Pentecost excursion. It ... more

Norwegian craft brewing is growing fast – with Weyermann® Malts    31.05.2015

Just in time: Our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann –4th generation Weyermann® general management have returned from Porto, Portugal to again take off heading north: Norway is next! There they will visit Weyermann® customers, try the ... more

Best Weyermann® networking at the EBC congress in Porto    29.05.2015

From May 24th to 28th Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management 4th generation, have attended the 35th EBC (European Brewery Convention) congress in Porto, Portugal, where they have met Weyermann® customers from all over the ... more

Weyermann® Antique Car Event 2015    28.05.2015

Dear Antique Car fans and friends, we are happy to announce our yearly Antique and Classic Car Event at Weyermann®. It will take place Tuesday, July 7th 2015 starting 05:00 pm. We are expecting more than 300 classic cars from various tim ... more

Weyermann® congratulates all AIBA 2015 winners!    26.05.2015

On May 21st, the winners of the Australian International Beer Awards, the largest annual competition when it comes to packaged and draught beer, were announced. Once again, Weyermann® Specialty Malts sponsored the ‘Belgian & French Ale’ category. ... more

Wheat Beer Competition is back    26.05.2015

With the help of Weyermann® Specialty Malts, the Foreign Weihenstephaners Club have breathed new life into the Wheat Beer Competition, which was extremely popular in the 1970s and 1980s among the brewing students at Weihenstephan. Recently, the stude ... more

Informative and bridge-building seminar with Italian brewers    22.05.2015

We want to say thank you for your visit in the red-yellow Weyermann® world to the 21 participants of the 11th brew-technical seminar with Italian brewers. We were delighted about the interest and the friendly socializing. It has become a competitio ... more

Wild Wolf Brewery wins United States Beer Tasting Championship (USBTC) with Weyermann®    21.05.2015

The young brewery called “Wild Wolf” is operating in Virginia since late 2011. Their craft beers stand for local ingredients, high-end quality procedures and pure passion for beer and brewing. This is maybe the main reason why Wild Wolf made it to th ... more

11th brew-technical seminar for Italian brewers    19.05.2015

We are looking forward to welcoming a group of Italian brewers on May 19th and 20th , who will participate on our 11th Weyermann® brew-technical seminar. This time our Weyermann® terroir malts (bohemian floor malted, Barke®…) are focused. Especially ... more

Weyermann® passes important quality audit    19.05.2015

Once again Weyermann® proves its work as a pioneer when it comes to quality. Last week the specialty malting company passed a combined audit with big success! SGS-ICS auditors Thomas Weller and Thorsten Engelhardt held the yearly ISO 9001:2008 aud ... more

Beer culture in Belgium – fully equipped with Weyermann® Malts    19.05.2015

At Weyermann® the Pentecost weekend is all about malt and beer – of course! The Weyermann® brewing manufacture team will be participating at the Open House Days at Brouwland, the Weyermann® distribution partner in Belgium. Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann ... more

„Cycling to work“ – Weyermann® takes part with large team    19.05.2015

This year – june to august – one thing is for sure: All spots where you can lock your bicycle will be taken! Because this summer Weyermann® again takes part in the project “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” (engl.: “Cycling to work”) which was initiated by the ... more

EBC congress in Porto    15.05.2015

Today we want to wish our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® management 4th generation, a good journey to Portugal! From May 24th to 28th they will be attending the 35th EBC (European Brewery Convention) congress in Porto ... more

Australian International Beer Awards 2015 - Weyermann® as sponsor    13.05.2015

The Australian International Beer Awards is the biggest competition of the year when it comes to packed beer or kegs. Of course Weyermann® is always there as well. From May 13th till 15th the AIBA takes place at Melbourne Showgrounds. In these three ... more

Food Ingredients Istanbul – with Weyermann® Specialty Malts    12.05.2015

We are happy to always be a part of various trade shows all over the globe. This time Xavier Galobart (r.), key account manager Food Ingredients and Ulrich Ferstl (l.), team leader customer consultant and bakery- and food technologies Europe will be ... more

Weyermann® Malts for Berlin vocational school    12.05.2015

We are pleased with how the Weyermann® malt sponsorship for the Emil-Fischer Vocational School for Food and Food Technology in Berlin has borne fruit. The trainees of the first and second academic years will brew a delicious festival beer (100 l) the ... more

May 2015 - The Weyermann® keeps growing!    12.05.2015

We welcome Sean Hoskins. He was born in Layton, Utah, USA. From 2002 to 2008 he was working for the US Army. Afterwards he gained experiences as a specialist for underground engineering. Lately he worked as a stablehand for the horse stud Fenn in Elt ... more

Beer tasting at Weyermann®    12.05.2015

Before starting the official beer tastings in September in the new Weyermann® guest center, the cicerones do several tastings about different beer styles, which they would love to share with you soon! The short excursion about “Beer and Chocolate” ... more

Herbal mixed drink for monastery anniversary    11.05.2015

1000 years monastery Michaelsberg in Bamberg – the anniversary of St. Michael inspired Weyermann® Malt to create an unique beverage, the “Cerevisia Michaelsbergensis”. Several herbs and especially selected malt varieties make this unique and extraor ... more

Happy Birthday Agrária in Brazil!    06.05.2015

Today we congratulate Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial, our Weyermann® wholesaler in Brazil, to their 64th birthday! After the second worldwar 1951, danube-swabians settled in Entre Rios. The 500 families, all in all 2500 people found a new home i ... more

Weyermann® at German League of Brew Masters and Maltster Masters in upper Bavaria    05.05.2015

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, beer sommelier and fourth generation Weyermann general management and Ulrich Ferstl, team leader customer cosnultants visited the German league of brew masters and maltster masters in upper Bavaria. Both of them enjoyed the ... more

Weyermann® at Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA    05.05.2015

This April Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation Weyermann® general management visited the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA. Even Franzsika Weyermann, fifh Weyermann® generation and Dominik Maldoner - Weyer ... more

Modern container terminal at Weyermann® Specialty Malts further optimized    05.05.2015

Once again, we have achieved optimal conditions in our plant in east Bamberg at Weyermann® Specialty Malts! The loading lanes for the loading of malt and malt sprouts were rebuilt in April and fortified with special concrete slabs. Every day, an av ... more

Hans-Wilsdorf-School visiting Weyermann® Specialty Malts    05.05.2015

Today we want to thank the Hans-Wilsdorf-School Kulmbach for their visit at Weyermann®. The professional school is educating brewers and maltsters. Weyermann® loves to invite schools, universities and other institutions to the red and yellow Weyerman ... more

Weyermann® employees learn to deal with stress    05.05.2015

Two groups of Weyermann® employees recently attended a seminar on ‘Stress and Stress Management.’ Especially for this event, Weyermann® management commendably invited psychotherapist Ingrid Hoinkis together with her daughter Ann-Kathrin Hoinkis to th ... more

Weyermann® says goodbye to exchange brewer Adam Brown    04.05.2015

Our cheery exchange brewer Adam Brown from Australia says goodbye to Bamberg and the red and yellow Weyermann® world! Three and a half years ago, Adam Brown came to Bamberg to work as a Weyermann® brewer. He first met Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® ma ... more

Our Weyermann® team is growing in May!    04.05.2015

Today we welcome Jürgen Schickentanz. From now on he will support the Weyermann® production team. He used to work at the garden and landscape construction company Luster, where he gained lots of different experiences he will use to keep the Weyermann ... more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts at the Warsaw Beer Festival in Poland    04.05.2015

The great Warsaw Beer Festival took place April 24th – 28th in Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, and naturally, Weyermann® Specialty Malts was involved. Our distribution partner for Poland, Ziemowit Falat, fittingly represented Weyermann® Specialty ... more

Weyermann® is running through Bamberg    03.05.2015

A little rain can never be wrong - not for malt and not for running. All participants at this years world heritage run in Bamberg had a great time. And the Weyermann® team - as large as never before - enjoyed the run accompanied by more thgan 12000 r ... more

Go Weyermann®! World heritage run with the biggest staff team ever    01.05.2015

The Weyermann® team for the world heritage run on May, 3rd consists of 17 employees! A new record! (2009:8, 2011:15, 2013:9) Keep your fingers crossed for the ambitious specialty malting manufacture team! Everybody is taking part – from trainee to ... more

New Weyermann® master of electrical engineering    01.05.2015

We are proud to share more good news from the Weyermann® team. Thomas Braun, Weyermann® staff member since more than 10 years, made an extra-occupational advanced training. He graduated successfully and is now master‬ of electrical engineering ... more

A special combination at Weyermann®: Bach flowers and #beer    27.04.2015

The last VEW regulars’ table took place in the new Weyermann® Guest Center. Subject of the evening: Bach flowers –production, utiliziation and effect. Bach flower consultant and healer Iris Schmitt from Weigelshofen, introduced the excited guests to ... more

New palletizer for Weyermann® Malt: Weyermann® malt bags are figure head!    27.04.2015

In the last few years Weyermann® Malt highly improved its technologies in the packaging department. The new palletizer completes the modernization. In April Jürgen Buhrmann (2nd from left), Weyermann® plant manager, Klaus Bayer (2nd from right), M ... more

Weyermann® congratulates Maxbrauerei to 5th anniversary    27.04.2015

Today we send our congratulations to Altenstadt in upper Bavaria. Max Sedlmeier, one of the first craft brewers in Germany and his team create extraordinary beers. Handcrafted and traditionally brewed – with Weyermann® malts! From the very beginning ... more

Weyermann® at institute for experimental and educational brewing    27.04.2015

The next two days the institute for experimental and educational brewing(VLB Berlin) is giving an advanced training in ‪‎brewing‬ technology in Minsk, Belarus. As partner and support Weyermann® will of course be there as well. Tomo ... more

Doemens International Course visits Weyermann®     24.04.2015

In old tradition we welcomed another group of the Doemens international course to the red and yellow world of Weyermann® Specialty ‪Malts‬. During the professional education the participants from all over the world have the possibility t ... more

To the German Beer Day    23.04.2015

Today is a very special day – not only for Weyermann® in Bamberg but for all German beer lovers, beer enthusiasts, malt professionals and every other fan of the German beer culture – because today is the “German Beer Day”! Since 1994 the union of Ge ... more

New Weyermann® distillery now running    23.04.2015

Another highlight in the Weyermann® Guest center is the new distillery in the northern wing. Dominik Maldoner, brewmaster of the Weyermann® brewmanufacture and german champion of beer sommeliers 2013 and educated distiller at Hohenheim university, i ... more

Weyermann® colleagues are doing great    23.04.2015

Annika Klee, who takes good care of the Weyermann® guest center since 2014 and organizes seminars took several extra training courses to improve her knowledge and skills. At the University of Hohenheim the institute for food science and bio techno ... more

120 years Doemens – Weyermann® warmly congratulates     21.04.2015

Today we want to send out our kindest congratulations to the 120th anniversary of Doemens - again. Saturday night Ulrich Ferstll, our Weyermann® team leader customer consultant represented Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® 4th generation general manageme ... more

New instructor at Weyermann® Specialty Malts    21.04.2015

The whole Weyermann® team congratulates Rainer Mueller to his official entry in the chamber of crafts for northern Franconia as instructor for metal construction. Training is a huge topic for Weyermann® and plays an essential role in the company’s p ... more

New palletizer for Weyermann® Malt    20.04.2015

In the last few years Weyermann® Malt highly improved it’s technologies in the packaging department. The new palletizer completes the modernization. In April Jürgen Buhrmann (2nd from left) Weyermann® plant manager, Klaus Bayer (2nd from right) M ... more

27th release of „Malzkörnchen“ now available!    17.04.2015

A new edition of our employees magazine “Malzkörnchen” was published in April. A great review of the year 2014, which ended very successful with the Brau Beviale, Weyermann® Bavarian Party and Wholesaler evening. Our beer “Bamberg Rogg’t” won an a ... more

Weyermann® at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®    14.04.2015

Since today Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann are at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America® in Portland, Oregon. They are visiting customers and looking forward talking to our partners face-to-face. The conference and trade show ... more

Weyermann‬® managing board touring through the ‪US‬    14.04.2015

It is not Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermanns only mission to hold high our red and yellow Weyermann® flags while they are at the Craft Brewers Conference and the ‪‎BrewExpo‬ America® in Portland, Oregon. Since last week al ... more

Beer Fairies brew with Weyermann® malts    14.04.2015

We would like to invite you to check out this very interesting and worthwhile article about the ‘Beer Fairies.’ True to the motto: ‘If it doesn’t turn out, then we drink it ourselves!’ four ladies in Franconia brew creative beers and have found all ... more

Language seminar for the Weyermann® marketing team    01.04.2015

Last week the Weyermann® marketing team composed of our colleagues Ramona Koch, Annika Klee, Sabine Vinograski, Jessica Faria and Lan Zou had the chance to take a seminar offered by the Weyermann® academy which was held by Mechthild von Scheurl-Defer ... more

Weyermann® at EuroGastro in Warsaw    31.03.2015

The EuroGastro in Warsaw, Poland ist a professional trade show for any services around food indsutry and a very important one for the hotel business and gastronomy. From March 25th to 27th Warsaw hosted the trade show for the 19th time. This time ... more

Weyermann® supports brewing courses at Doemens Academy    24.03.2015

It is a Weyermann® tradition to support the brewing courses of the Doemens Academy in Graefeling with Weyermann® specialty malts. Our next shipping to Graefeling is already on the way: Weyermann® Pilsner, Weyermann® Munich Malt, Weyermann® Pale Ale m ... more

Weyermann® at SIBA Beer X in Sheffield    24.03.2015

The festival SIBA Beer X in Sheffield was a huge success - not only for Weyermann® Specialty Malts. At the last weekends platfform for independent brewers from United Kingdom 250 beers and nearly every brewing style could be tasted at bar of 30 meter ... more

Sowing of the Weyermann® summer brewing barley     24.03.2015

Great weather for sowing! Because of very good climate conditions the many cultivators started sowing their summer brewing barley! Weyermann® is looking forward to the result of the harvest. Maybe the record year of 2014 will be followed by a even be ... more

Technology and Know-how for the highest Weyermann® quality    24.03.2015

In the Weyermann® central laboratory there is now a new, cutting-edge piece of equipment, a FOSS Infratec ™ 1241. This near-infrared measuring instrument plays an important role in the quality control of our raw materials and intermediary products. ... more

Weyermann® on tour – this time at the “5th Chinese Brewery Seminar” in Shanghai    18.03.2015

On Saturday, March 21st 2015 Andreas Richter, head of quality management, will take off to China To hold up high the Weyermann® banners in the Far East. Tis years occasion is the Chinese Brewery Seminar in Shanghai, that is held for the fifth time. ... more

Weyermann® staff visits exhibition about the end of World War II in 1945 in Bamberg.    17.03.2015

On February 22nd 2015 the bombardment of Bamberg had its 70-year-anniversary. 216 people died. World War II had horrible consequences for the people in Bamberg. A group of Weyermann® colleagues visited the exhibition “Spared by war? – The end of Worl ... more

Guided tour with "Bayern Trips" with Scott Stevens    16.03.2015

Today we welcomed another group of Bayern Trips by Scott Stephens. On their way through Bavaria the friends of malt and beer from all over the U.S., made a stop in Bamberg. Here they had the possibility to learn more about the product, that makes a ... more

Weyermann® training company in 2015    16.03.2015

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in northern Franconia in Bayreuth thanks Weyermann® for its dedication towards its trainees. This is why the chamber again handed over the certificate of training company in 2015 to Weyermann®. Our specialt ... more

Braufactum at Weyermann®    16.03.2015

The brew master and general manager Marc Rauschmann and the entire team of Braufactum held their yearly meeting at Weyermann®. In the past years the Braufactum staff took seminars around hop or meat. This time it was all about malt. Presentations, sp ... more

Weyermann® crew keeps expanding    16.03.2015

We are happy that Rosa Ritter will be joining the Weyermann® team from the 1st of April. She will help keeping the Weyermann® world clean and tidy. We also warmly welcome Oliver Holschuh, a 40-year-old married man of two from Memmelsdorf. He is lo ... more

Weyermann® posters now available in Portuguese     15.03.2015

Well timed: While our Weyermann® executive ambassadors Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation Weyermann® executive manager, are at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau together with our Brazilian distribution partner Agrari ... more

Weyermann® team keeps expanding    11.03.2015

Sabine Vinograski has been agreat tour guide over the last two years. Now we are happy to announce that her contract has been extended to a permanent position at Weyermann®. She will continue her work as a tour guide and she will be working at the de ... more

Weyermann® supporting educational brewing program in Switzerland    10.03.2015

In October 2014 Weyermann® contributed to a educational brewing project from brewery Feldschloesschen in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. Weyermann® gave away 85kg Ale malt and 60kg Carared®. The trainees of Feldschloesschen AG made several beers out of it. ... more

Seminar I – The taste of wine    09.03.2015

A very interesting and informative evening has passed. On our journey through wine regions of Germany, France, Italy and Australia we were introduced to several typical varieties and their characteristics. Not matter if Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sy ... more

Weyermann® on tour – this time: Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau    09.03.2015

Saturday our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation of Weyermann® management, left to Brazil. The yearly Brazilian Beer Festival takes place in Blumenau over the weekend. It is a pleasure to our managing board to attend ... more

New working student is researching with Weyermann®    09.03.2015

Please welcome Michael Féchir, 24, student of food economics at the technological university of Trier. He is writing his master thesis in cooperation with Weyermann®. In his work he will compare sensorial results with gas chromatographic results of t ... more

Weyermann® staff keeps studying – language courses at the Weyermann® academy    05.03.2015

The entire Weyermann® Team has the chance to participate to in several courses, workshops, keynote presentations and exhibitions. All on weekly basis and it is not only about malt and beer but also about language improvement, health and rhetorical sk ... more

Weyermann® grows - new working student in the department of logistics and technology    05.03.2015

Johannes Michel is 24 years old, lives in Hallstadt and will be supporting the Weyermann® Team in the technics and logistics departement as a working student until the 30th September 2015. The young man is studying automobile technology and manage ... more

Weyermann® at the Finest Spirits    03.03.2015

Last weekend our Weyermann® customer consultants Gabriele Kaltner and Karl-Ludwig Rieck made their way to the trade show called Finest Spirits in Munich, Germany. At Finest Spirits it is all about whiskey and - "finest spirits" - and of course many o ... more

Indian Experts ans Studentse are brewing with Weyermann malt®    03.03.2015

We send out our kindest regards to the common Vasantdada Sugar Institute - Pune (Maharashtra) in India. The institute offers courses in brewing technology because in the experimental brewery the experts are brewing with Weyermann® malt. Thanks to our ... more

Vamos do Brasil!    26.02.2015

Radio Bamberg reports on Weyermann® customer consultant Karl-Ludwig Rieck, one of the ten best German Beer Sommeliers! We are proud to announce, that he will participate in the final round of the 2015 World Championship of beer sommeliers in Sao Paol ... more

Weyermann® at IBD Young Brewers Presentation    25.02.2015

Weyermann® on the move – today in beers from Great Britain. Last week John Middleton, Weyermann® UK representative held a presentation at the IBD Young Brewers Presentation in front of 36 guests and participants about our specialty malt manufacture a ... more

Karl-Ludwig Rieck among the ten best beer sommeliers in Germany    24.02.2015

Won preliminary decision for World Championship in Brasil – Weyermann® malt with 18 beer sommeliers On January 31st Weyermann® customer consultant for Germany Karl-Ludwig Rieck made it to the finals of the beer sommelier World championship 2015 in ... more

Weyermann® brewing barley award 2015    24.02.2015

2012 we first honored the special services of the cultivators who are responsible for the high quality brewing barley. Furthermore Weyermann® malt says thank you to their cultivators for continuing delivery reliability to the specialty manufacture. ... more

Weyermann® gross weigh bagging scales thoroughly accurate    24.02.2015

Recently our modern weigh bagging scale has been officially calibrated once more. The gauging office sent one officer who then took care of the gauging within two hours. The gauging guarantees all Weyermann® customers that again all red-white sacks c ... more

Weyermann® at Beer Attraction trade show in Rimini    21.02.2015

Just back from Spain and gone already: Our bosses taking off today to hold up high the colors of Weyermann® in Italy. Sabine Weyermann und Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, 4th generation of managing board will be at the trade show Beer Attraction in Rimini to ... more

Patras got it    18.02.2015

We warmly welcome a newbie in the circle of Weyermann® customers in over 135 countries of the world: Microbrewery Partaiki in Western Greece near Patras is brewing with the high class malt from our Weyermann® specialty manufacture in Bamberg for ... more

Weyermann® again featured in “Encyclopedia of German World Market Leader”    16.02.2015

German enterprises are world leading in every third sector. In the malt and brewery sector Weyermann® malt is under the best of the best. Proof: The Specialty Malt Manufacture in Bamberg that was founded in 1879 is featured in the “Encyclopedia of Ge ... more

Weyermann® ‪‎Malts‬ in Tuborg ‪‎Beer‬ in Israel    16.02.2015

Have a look at www.ynet.co.il and see how Weyermann® ‪‎Malts‬ influences Tuborg ‪‎Beer‬ in Israel! With a lot of nice impression ... more

Chinese Weyermann® team member reports from her country    16.02.2015

Last month Lan Zou who is doing her apprenticeship in industrial management assistance held a speech about her country of origin China and especially about her place of birth Wuxi. The presentation was part of the Weyermann® academy and was held in t ... more

Weyermann® at 4th Microbrewery Seminar in Barcelona    13.02.2015

On February 12th Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, 4th generation of Weyermann® executive board, held a widely noted speech about the Weyermann® aroma wheel® at the 4th Microbrewery Seminar in Barcelona. Spanish and Portuguese Brewer listened carefully. The pr ... more

Weyermann® exhibition tankard for Josefs Brewery    12.02.2015

Traditionally, at every Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Weyermann® Specialty Malts awards its customers with an exhibition tankard. In 2015 Josefs Brewery in Olsberg received the coveted award. Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® customer relations team leader, r ... more

Buddenbrooks at the Weyermann® mansion    12.02.2015

On five different days over the past winter months the Weyermann® malt house was a place of resurrection. The lovely actor Eckhart Neuberg who is part of the E.T.A. Hofmann Theater in Bamberg since 1993 read out of the monumental work “Die Buddenbroo ... more

New Weyermann® team member in Bamberg    10.02.2015

Roland Kestel is married, father of wo and lives in Bad Staffelstein. He is 52 years old and and made an apprenticeship to office administrator. As head of shipping, head of purchasing department/disposition and at last head of logistics he gained ... more

New Weyermann® staff member in Bamberg    10.02.2015

Roland Kestel is married, father of wo and lives in Bad Staffelstein. He is 52 years old and and made an apprenticeship to office administrator. As head of shipping, head of purchasing department/disposition and at last head of ‪#‎logi ... more

Weyermann executive board holding keynote at Microbrewery seminar in Barcelona    09.02.2015

We wish our bosses, Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® fourth generation Board of Directors, safe travels to ‪‎Spain‬. On the 12th of February, they will take part in the fourth Microbrewery Seminar of our Weyer ... more

The Weyermann® World keeps on growing!    09.02.2015

Since 2014, busy construction works on the area of Brennerstraße 15 are promising something new in red and yellow. From now on, all visitors from Bamberg and from all over the world who love malt and beer, will find the popular Weyermann® Fan Shop wi ... more

Weyermann® extends contract with IBD    07.02.2015

Since 2009, Weyermann® Specialty Malts has been a member of the IBD (Institute of Brewing & Distilling). Now the specialty malting company has extended its membership once again! The IBD is known for having the world’s largest membership organizat ... more

visit from Chris Farley CEO Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply    07.02.2015

In January, we were very pleased with Chris Farley’s visit, the CEO of Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply. During his recent trip to Europe, Chris really wanted to personally experience the red & yellow Weyermann® world and was even able to get to know ... more

Language Quality Seal for Weyermann® Specialty Malts    07.02.2015

With much dedication, Weyermann® Specialty Malts is strongly committed to an appreciative, clear and differentiated language both within and outside the company. For this commitment, the Bamberger traditional company has now been awarded with the LIN ... more

Tsingtao Beer is brewed with Weyermann® Malts    07.02.2015

A delegation from the Tsingtao Brewery in China was recently the guest of Weyermann® Specialty Malts. Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, fourth generation management, personally led both guests from the former German colonial city of Qingdao (2.5 million inhabi ... more

Weyermann® donates to the Reading-Art Project    07.02.2015

As well as first-class malt quality, the Weyermann name also stands for social commitment. With a not insignificant sum of money, Weyermann® ‪‎Specialty‬ ‪Malts‬ supported the Reading-Art Project of Barbara Bollerhoff an ... more

Annual Weyermann® company employee meeting: We are building bridges    04.02.2015

According to the principle “too many people are building walls and too less are building bridges”, the company employee meeting of Weyermann® took part last week on the Altenburg Castle in Bamberg. Everyone working at Weyermann® Malts, world market l ... more

Offspring in the Weyermann® family    04.02.2015

Look forward with us to great news: We congratulate Andreas Schaed, ‪#commissioner‬ at the Weyermann® shipping department and his wife Michaela Schaed to the birth of their second child. The boy Sebastian was born on January 14th 2015. ... more

New presentation of the 141 Weyermann® patents in the specialty roast house    04.02.2015

We will be able to present our visitors a new hotspot of the red and yellow Weyermann® world. Over the last days we redesigned the room in front of our roast house. It got repainted and shows all of 141 Weyermann® #patents. The patents of all our sp ... more

Ramona Gumprecht is back in the Weyermann® Team after parental leave.    04.02.2015

Together we are looking forward to having back a familiar face at the Weyermann® campus: Ramona Gumprecht is back after parental leave. Ramona Gumprecht is working at Weyermann® since 2002. She has been working as a clerk in the export department, s ... more

Our best wishes fort he retirement of Oswald Hierling    19.01.2015

Today we congratulate Oswald Hierling, maltster at the Weyermann® location in Hassfurt, for entering his retirement . Thankfully the father of one daughter from Hassfurt-Unterhohenried will still be available for us. He will be employed as a supporti ... more

The Weyermann® team in Bamberg grows!    16.01.2015

Hildegard Weinkauf is from Breitenguessbach, 49 years old and a loving mother of one son. After successfully concluding her apprenticeship to office administration she took further education to IHK-approved secretary. Most recently Hildegard Weinkauf ... more

25 year anniversary of Lothar Knöchel at Weyermann® Malt    16.01.2015

Lothar Knöchel, head of human resource management is working since 1984 in the Weyermann® Malt world and at yesterdays staff meeting he received an honorary certificate from Sabine Weyermann who is leading the company in the third generation. The Wey ... more

Weyermann® Malt shovel for BrauStil    16.01.2015

Today we send out our warmest congratulations to the BrauStil GmbH & Co. KG in Frankfurt with their executives Georg-Augustin Schmidt and Sascha Reifernberg (right) on top of the comany. The Weyermann customer who is buying Weyermann’s special malts ... more

US-brewery Chestnut will produce in the heart of Hallertau    16.01.2015

diploma-brewmaster Florian Kuplent (on the right), one of the owners of the Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in the middle-western US and long-lasting Weyermann customer will realize his dream to be a part of the german Craft-Beer-movement by buying th ... more

New Weyermann® customer from India    12.01.2015

The Weyermann® Team ist happy to welcome a new costumer in our indian squad: Adda by Striker – a brewery that hosts a restaurant and a coffee shop. The entire Weyermann® Team wishes all the best and nothing but success! We are proud to contribute our ... more

Weyermann® wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!    23.12.2014

Dear friends of the red & yellow world of Weyermann®! The Weyermann family and the entire Weyermann® team wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year in 2015! more

Weyermann® employees get de-stressed    22.12.2014

Before the Weyermann® team started into the calm days of Christmas, there was a workshop in the frame of the Weyermann® Academy last week: “Stress and how to handle it”. Psychologist Ingrid Hoinkis and her daughter Ann-Kathrin Hoinkis explained the ... more

Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® in Italy    22.12.2014

In December, the Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® was published in Italy – which means that the Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® will soon be registered as a trademark in Italy as well. It is part of the company philosophy at Weyermann® Malts to put high ... more

Two new water tanks at Weyermann® Malts    22.12.2014

A precision job was done on Wednesday at the Specialty Malt Manufacturer Weyermann®: two new water tanks with the size of 70 cubic metres each, were build into the former boiler house on the Weyermann® premises at Brennerstraße. The two tanks, eac ... more

Professional change of Dr. Michael Flämig    22.12.2014

We would like to forward the following information: Dr. Michael Flämig, Assistant of the Management and fifth Weyermann® Generation has, to the surprise of all of us, decided to go new ways on friday noon. We respect his decision and wish him strengt ... more

Historical Weyermann® Anniversary Calander is back in Bamberg    18.12.2014

The Weyermann® Anniversary Calendar from the year 1929 finds its way back to Weyermann® after a long time.Wolfgang Balk sent the leather-wrapped historical calendar, which is a predecessor of the one which is given to all Weyermann® customers nowada ... more

New Weyermann® staff member in 2015     15.12.2014

Dimitrij Sudakow will join the Weyermann® Team on January 1st 2015. Sudakow is 27 years old, single and lives in Bamberg. He was born in Kremenchuk, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a landlocked country between the Caspian Sea in the west and the Altai m ... more

Weyermann® successfully passes SMETA 4-Pillar audit    12.12.2014

We are very pleased and proud, that Weyermann® Specialty Malts successful passed the SGS company, SMETA 4-Pillar audit by Daniela Schobert at all sites last week. This audit, carried out for the first time at Weyermann®, included the areas of occupat ... more

Weyermann® at 3rd European Microbrew Symposium    08.12.2014

With the lecture “Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel® – the perfect tool to choose your specialty malt,” Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® customer service team leader and food specialist, represented the Bamberg specialty malting company at the 3rd European Microb ... more

Erdinger Weißbräu audit passed    08.12.2014

Dr. Sebastian Hörmann and Norbert Schmank from Erdinger Weißbräu recently carried out a customer audit for the first time at Weyermann® Specialty Malts. Both auditors were clearly impressed with the high standard of hygiene and very good QM-documenta ... more

Discover the Weyermann® world with QR-codes    08.12.2014

For the first time at the legendary Weyermann® Bavarian Party after the international trade show, Brau Beviale held mid-November, Weyermann® Specialty Malts unveiled its new QR-codes, that now not only hold all the data on the Weyermann® malt sacks, ... more

Stefan Seidl and Felix Arnold new to the Weyermann® Team    06.12.2014

From the 1st January 2015 Stefan Seidl will complement the Weyermann® Team. The 29-year-old comes from Iphofen and will be relocating to the Bamberg district in the near future. The trained forester looks forward to his new challenge as an employee i ... more

New Weyermann® Malt Barke®: Old Variety, Many Advantages    06.12.2014

Weyermann® Specialty Malts has recently added another traditional malt variety to its heirloom portfolio: Barke® Barke once enjoyed the highest reputation among German brewers and was the most widely used barley variety given the authentic and highl ... more

20th anniversary for the Spandau Brewery    04.12.2014

We send our sincere congratulations today to the Spandau Brewery in Berlin, which celebrated its 20th anniversary on Monday. Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® customer service team leader, was on-site to congratulate them on this special day, as well as to p ... more

Weyermann® customer presents the highest-brewed beer in Europe    03.12.2014

On these pictures you can see the Brewery “Tacoa” on Tenerife, the first brewery pup on the Canarian Islands (foundet in 2001) and the second oldest of Spain which has produced the highest brewed beer in Europe with Weyermann® Malts. On September 27t ... more

7th Weyermann® Bock beer tapping heralds wintertime    03.12.2014

This year’s Willy Wonka Bock from the Weyermann® Pilot Brewery had a 7.3% alcohol content – how appropriate, as the 7th Weyermann® Bock beer tapping took place last week with around 200 guests. The atmospheric event, with fire baskets, Bock beer an ... more

Georg Walthes retires    02.12.2014

Making malt keeps you young – one cannot describe the life of Georg Walthes better! Since the Weyermann® acquisition of Meissner Malt 13 years ago, Georg Walthes has carried the all-encompassing responsibility of specialty malt production for the Has ... more

Roland Vojer is retiring    28.11.2014

Today we say goodbye to the Weyermann® Laboratory Manager Roland Vojer. He has been working eleven years for Weyermann® Malts and is now retiring. He grew up in the rural area of Lichtenfels and graduated in Weihenstephan as brewing engineer – one of ... more

Tradition meets Innovation: Weyermann® Specialty Malts celebrates its 135th anniversary    27.11.2014

In 1879, company founder Johann Baptist Weyermann started out with roasting barley under a makeshift tarpaulin on Bamberg’s Laurenziplatz. Back then, nobody expected the success story of Weyermann® Specialty Malts as today’s world market leader in sp ... more

Professional Changes    25.11.2014

Today we inform about two professional changes in the Weyermann® World: Starting from October 1st, Ulrich Ferst, certified engineer and beer sommelier, is appointed to be Team Leader Customer Service in the area of baking and food industry Europe ... more

Weyermann® Malts is building bridges!    25.11.2014

We are looking forward to the next brewer, which we are to welcome within our international brewer exchange programme! From December 1st to December 19th, Gabriel Di Martino from Brazil, Cervejaria Sankt Gallen Brewery, will take a glimpse into the ... more

„Bike to Work“ Campaign: Employee at Weyermann® Specialty Malts wins first prize    24.11.2014

The participation campaign „Bike to Work“ has once again stirred around 50,000 people across Bavaria. In 2014, a total of 700 employees from 140 different companies from the Bamberg/Forcheim region took part. In the months of June, July and August, t ... more

The Weyermann® Team keeps on growing: December 2014    24.11.2014

From December 1st, we are able to welcome two new members in the Weyermann® Team: Clemens Kucharski is studying Communication Science at the University in Bamberg and will be working as a student-trainee in the marketing department. He will suppor ... more

Weyermann® retains its Kosher certificate    21.11.2014

Amongst many quality certificates (for example Demeter, Bioland, JAS,…) Weyermann® holds, Weyermann® is now also to retain its Kosher certificate. A Kosher inspection by Rabbi Hod fulfilled all expectations. We say thank you to our quality management ... more

Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2014 - in celebration of 135 years Weyermann® Malts    21.11.2014

New bridges of friendship were built at Weyermann® Malts last Saturday, at the Weyermann® Bavarian Party. We were able to welcome over 500 guests from 50 nations at Weyermann® Malts in Bamberg, to celebrate the 135th anniversary of Weyermann® togethe ... more

Wholesaler Evening - 135th Anniversary of Weyermann® Malts    18.11.2014

50 distribution partners celebrated the 135th anniversary of Weyermann® Malts together with the Weyermann® Management and the Weyermann® team at the Altenburg in Bamberg. With fine dinner, music, and magician performances, Weyermann® said “thank y ... more

European Beer Star: Bronze for Bamberg Rogg´t by Weyermann® Malts    13.11.2014

We are very proud to announce that Weyermann® Malts won a bronze medal at its first participation at the European Beer Star. The winner beer is called Bamberg Rogg´t, a full-bodied chestnut brown rye beer with 45% Weyermann® Dark Rye Malt, in the cat ... more

Weyermann® Malts at the Brau Beviale 2014: impressions    12.11.2014

Traditionally, Weyermann® Malts is itensively taking care of its customers at the most important German brewing exhibition, Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. Here you can see a picture cut-out of happy faces, seeing each other again after a long time and ne ... more

Weyermann® at the Brau Beviale 2014    07.11.2014

The countdown is on – 4 days to the Brau Beviale 2014 in Nuremberg. Like always, Weyermann® will be present with a booth at the most important German exhibition of the beverage industry for three days – hall 1, booth 403. Today, our strong “Weyermen” ... more

Weyermann® Pilot Brewery: Bubbling creativity in the new brewhouse    04.11.2014

If Dominik Maldoner, brewmaster at Weyermann® Specialty Malts, would like to examine his mash or his beer, he looks through the wet with condensation inspection window of the newly installed Weyermann® brewing equipment, and focuses on the liquid in ... more

Innovation competition with Weyermann® Malts as sponsor    24.10.2014

The “Innovationswettbewerb für Getränke und Lebensmittel” (Innovation Competition for Beverages and Food, short IGL) of the technical university in Munich, which had been sponsored by Weyermann® Specialty Malts, has just taken part for the second tim ... more

Congratulation to Josef Gimmer for 40 years Weyermann(R) Malts    21.10.2014

On his 40th anniversary we now congratulate Josef Gimmer, Head Maltster in production & storage at Weyermann®, and thus a true "veteran" at Weyermann® Specialty Malts. To our insiders he is known as Mr Carafa®. Josef Gimmer knows the family business ... more

One-Stop service for small breweries: Malt and Yeast Variety from a Single Source    21.10.2014

A Decade of Fermentis® Dried Yeast at Weyermann® By Sabine Weyermann As everyone knows, fresh hops, the best malt, clean water, and pure, healthy yeast ... plus a good dose of brewing art … are the basic ingredients of any top-quality beer! In ... more

Weyermann® Malts convinces at quality audits    01.10.2014

Weyermann® Malts has just passed a two-day quality audit by Anheuser-Busch Inbev (www.ab-inbev.de) with great results. Anheuser is the largest brewery group in the world, with a production of almos ... more

Weyermann® at the Drink Technology India 2014    30.09.2014

From September 25th till September 27th, Weyermann® Malts presented itself on the fair Drink Technology India in Mumbai. Weyermann® customer consultant Gabriele Kaltner and Pradeep Verma, Weyermann® consultant for the Indian market, welcomed and info ... more

Where pigs still have tails…    30.09.2014

With their event in September, The Bamberg Chapter of the Association of Former Weihenstephaners (VeW) opened the door to a true idealist and visionary: Otto Weiss of Naturlandhof Weiss in Laibarös, Königsfeld. For 25 years, Otto Weiss has jointly ... more

Russian guests at the International Craft Beer University Bamberg    23.09.2014

According to the motto “all about wheat beer” was the first Weyermann® seminar with Russian guests which was taking part last week. 14 brewers all over Russia travelled to the “International Craft Beer University Bamberg”, which lasted for three days ... more

Weyermann® at the Cerveza in Mexico    23.09.2014

Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster and German champion of beer sommeliers, had been taking part on the congress Cerveza in Mexico City, Mexico. As an expert, he tasted beers and held a speech about malt, specialty malts, and especially about the ... more

New members of the Weyermann® Team 2014    13.09.2014

New employees starting at Weyermann® Specialty Malts in September. Starting in September, Annika Klee will become head of the modern Weyermann® Guest Center, which will be inaugerated in November, and head of seminars at Weyermann® Specialty Malt ... more

Welcome to all new members of the Weyermann® Team!    13.09.2014

25 new staff members were welcomed in an almost traditional annual welcome-evening for the new members of the Weyermann® Team – they were warmly hearted welcomed into the red-yellow world of Weyermann®! The CEOs, the management, executive managers, d ... more

Weyermann® Malts on the hop walk    11.09.2014

Ulrich Ferstl (l.), Weyermann® Customer Consultant for breweries, destilleries and food branche and Jennifer Wichert, Weyermann® Assistant Logistics & Export for Great Britain, have attended the Hop Harvest Open Day of Charles Faram & Co. LTD in Here ... more

Rudolf Bulheller has been retired    08.08.2014

Rudolf Buhlheller (middle, with his wife) has officially been retired after 43 years of working for Weyermann® yesterday at the gust house and brewery Roppelt in Trossenfurt. Dinner with his department (in the picture from the left: Deputy Manager of ... more

International brewers join Weyermann® brew manufacture    29.07.2014

Brandan Watcham (left), owner of Copper Lake Brewery, Lanseria, Johannesburg, joined our brew manufacture team for a week to broaden his brewing knowledge. Colin Graham White (Rright), Ballast Point Brewery, California, USA, is staying for three mont ... more

Doemens brewmasters visit Weyermann® Specialty Malts    28.07.2014

40 brewmasters who just have finished their education as brewmasters at Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing, visited Weyermann® Specialty Malts. Their final excursion brought them directly to the world leader of specialty malts in Bamberg. Ulrich Ferstl ... more

Weyermann® Malts celebrating 135 years of successful business    21.07.2014

The specialty malt manufacture Mich. Weyermann® was founded by Johann Baptist Weyermann in 1879. Today, the familiy enterprise is led in the fourth generation by Sabine Weyermann® and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann. On the ocasion of the 135th anniversary we ... more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts meets strictest Food Standard FSSC    18.07.2014

After another passed audit, Weyermann® Specialty Malts is a pioneer in the Food Industry field. Given that the FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) examination standards have just been redefined, only a few companies have achieved certification un ... more

14th Classic Car event at Weyermann® Specialty malts    02.07.2014

The figures impress once again: more than 400 classic cars (a new record) took part and more than 2000 visitors enjoyed a fabulous summer evening at our historic site with its heritage protected red-brick buildings. Have a look at the cars dating ... more

Israeli press reports about Weyermann® Specialty Malts    30.06.2014

Five Israeli journalists visited Weyermann® to learn how important malt is for the production of beer. Sabine Weyermann, fourth generation, presented the whole process from growing barley to the manufacturing process of Weyermann® specialty malts to ... more

Weyermann® at Brewing Summit Chicago 2014 - MBAA Annual Conference    12.06.2014

The Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) has been providing technical leadership for the brewing industry for 125 years. One of the primary activities to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas is the MBAA Annual Conference. This y ... more

Whitsun excursion of Weihenstephan students 2014    10.06.2014

The students in the fields of brewing and food technology visited Weyermann® again for a profound insight into the production of an important raw material for the production of beer, malt - the soul of the beer. Ulrich Ferstl and Karl-Ludwig Rieck ... more

Brazilian brewery is World Cup winner of hearts    07.06.2014

Since the opening of his brewery in 2005, Weyermann® customer Alexandro Bazzo, owner of the brewery "Bamberg" in Brazil, has won more than 89 prices. And Weyermann® won a customer who has been using Weyermann® Malts for nine years. Alexandro Bazzo ... more

10th Weyermann® seminar for Italian brewers     29.05.2014

The popular Weyermann® seminar for Italian brewers has taken place for the 10th time. Together with Italian wholesaler Fabio de Filipi the group was supplied with expertise and specialty beers. They were able to get to know the manufacture and use of ... more

Weyermann® in Russia - 4th VLB seminar for microbreweries    22.05.2014

St. Petersburg - once again Thomas and Sabine Weyermann gave higly valued advise to attending brewers - this time at the 4th VLB seminar for microbreweries in St.Petersburg. Weyermann ® again acted as main sponsor. They were accompanied by their ... more

Brewers Supply Group (BSG) - 10 years anniversary    05.05.2014

In 2004, BSG realized that the craft beer scene needs a reliable source of high quality beer ingredients from around the world. BSG soon has won the trust of its customers and with Weyermann® a reliable supplier of specialty malts with consistently h ... more

Weyermann® at Craft Brewers Conference 2014 in DENVER    05.05.2014

Sabine Weyermann,Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Franziska Weyermann represented Weyermann® along with wholesaler BSG at the exhibition and visited Weyermann® customers afterwards. About 1,100 American breweries were represented with 9,000 participating ... more

Record: 4.754 beers at World Beer Cup 2014 (+21%)    28.04.2014

The World Beer Cup is held in the United States every two years. A panel of highly qualified beer experts award a Gold, Silber or Bronze medal to breweries in each of 95 beer categories. Andreas Richter, director of Weyermann® quality assurance an ... more

Fire at Weyermann®: again a guardian angel saved us from bigger damage!    24.04.2014

Monday night (2.30am) a fire started in the 7th floor of our maltery building. Thank God no one was injured. So far, we have no explanation what caused the fire. But due to the great work of about 50 firemen the damage done is small. We thank all ... more

Weyermann® at IBD 2014 in Saigon    01.04.2014

Weyermann® Key Account Manager Frank Gauger and our Vietnam wholesaler THAI TAN Co., Ltd represented Weyermann® Specialty Malts at the IBD Exhibition in Saigon. In addition to the presentation at the exhibition they arranged a seminar for craft br ... more

Weyermann® at Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2014, Blumenau    18.03.2014

Weyermann® directors Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann were welcomed with great excitement in Brasil. Just like in the U.S., creative microbreweries come up in Brasil. More than 90 breweries out of 300 took part in the Blumenau festival. ... more

3rd Microbrew Seminar in Valencia, Spain    21.02.2014

For the third time, Weyermann® directors Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann represented Weyermann® Specialty Malts at the Microbrew Seminar in Valencia, Spain. In addition to the seminar they took the chance for an exchange with wholesale ... more

25th anniversary of Georg Walthes    24.01.2014

Since 2001 Georg Walthes has had the entire responsibility for our plant in Haßfurth, which we took over from "Meissner Malt" 13 years ago. His passion has since been the production of malts and hundreds od satisfied customers proof this. 2014 wil ... more

Weyermann® works assembly    16.01.2014

The annual works meeting in January is the time when all 145 Weyermann® employees come together and celebrate the jubilarians of the past year. Moreover, management and employees review the past year and highlight all the activities, success stories ... more

We wish you all the best for 2014!    24.12.2013

Dear customers, We thank you for your loyalty and friendship and wish you all the best for the New Year! more

Israeli customer wins Gold for best English Porter 2013    07.11.2013

Congratulations to Alexander Bier, Weyermann® customer in Israel. Again our specialty malts played a major role in giving the beer colour and flavour. As often this is the success factor to win a championship.
Alexander Brewery was founded in 200 ... more

Our Brasilian partner Agrária shares its new video    17.10.2013

Weyermann® is proud to be part of the success story of Agrária!
Agrária is an agro-industrial cooperative. They have 550 member farmers and 1200 employees. Agrária´s head-office is situated in the District of Entre Rios – a rural locality in t ... more

Weyermann® malt in Transnistria    07.10.2013

This is a video from our Transnistrian customer "Stargorod". Transnistria is a breakaway territory located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. The video shows a reporter who visits th ... more

drinktec 2013 - Weyermann® welcomes international guests    20.09.2013

Management and staff of Weyermann® welcome their customers from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the United States, Brasil, Taiwan, China, Japan, Russia und last but not least the home of Weyer ... more

Weyermann® Wholesaler in Korea    22.08.2013

We are happy to have BISION Corporation as our exclusive distributor in Korea since 1998! more

Weyermann® oldtimer event 2013     16.07.2013

It was a perfect sunny day with 450 oldtimers on the historic site of Weyermann® and the Brennerstrasse. 2000 pairs of Franconian sausages and 1800 liters of Weyermann® specialty beers were sold. In particular, we thank all oldtimer enthusiasts f ... more

Weyermann® honours winner of the International Beer Awards London 2013    16.07.2013

Congratulations to Cambodscha Beer - the winner of the renowned London beer competition in 2013! more

Weyermann® at FI Istandbul 2013    19.06.2013

The Weyermann® Food Division took part in the Food Ingredients exhibitions in Frankfurt (2009) and Paris (2011). This June Xavier Galobart, Weyermann® Key Account for the food industry, and Florian Hübner (Sales food industry) went to Istanbul to pre ... more

2013 Oldtimer event    15.06.2013

This year our yearly Oldtimer event will take place on Tuesday, 2 July 2013. It will start at 5.00 pm and we expect more than 300 interested oldtimer friends on our historic site! more

Spectacular aerial images of our grain storage Leesau    12.06.2013

Leeasau is one of the great Weyermann® investments into the future. Now view fantastic aerial images of this site. more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts announces EUR 10,000 contribution to help flood victims    07.06.2013

Weyermann® Specialty Malts, represented by the owner families Weyermann & Flämig, contributes EUR 10,000 to the charitable activity of Sternstunden e.V., an organisation of the Bavarian radio station "Bayern 3" which helps people who have lost their ... more

Weighbridge installed in Bamberg    06.06.2013

The new weighbridge (50 tons) has been installed in two hours. It can measure vehicles up to 60 tons in 1kg units. more

2nd VLB seminar in St. Petersburg    04.06.2013

Weyermann® customer representative Karl-Ludwig Rieck met our Russian wholesaler "Braumeister", represented by Marina, Dascha and Fedor Nikolashkina in St. Petersburg in May. On the occasion of the 2nd VLB Microbrew seminar more than 100 microbrewers ... more

15th anniversary: Ulrike Buhrmann is our fairy for decoration & design    02.06.2013

Congratulations to Ulrike Buhrmann. Thank you for your endless creativity and perfection. Each guestbook entry looks fantastic thanks to your wounderful handwriting. We are proud and feel valued because you enrich our working days with so much love. ... more

Weyermann® customer Rosita voted best beer of Spain in 2012    22.04.2013

- Congratulation to our Spanish costumer Rosita- voted Spanish best microbrew artesanal by Sabrosia ! more

Great news from Weyermann(R) in Haßfurt    22.03.2013

We are proud to announce that we just received a brandnew container screw conveyor for our site in Haßfurt. Just like in Bamberg we are now able to fill containers with bulk malt. more

Innovation made by Weyermann(R): Malt analysis by barcode scan    21.03.2013

The “I-nigma” barcode reader is a free smartphone application which works very well to download the batch malt analysis by scanning the analysis code from Weyermann® bags. It is available for Apple, Android- and BlackBerry® smartphones and tablets. Y ... more

The Latest Weyermann® Malt Innovation at the CBC 2013 in D.C.: “Weyermann® Special W®”    19.03.2013

Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann are on their way to Washington D.C. for the 2013 edition of the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®. They have participated in every CBC since 1996; and Weyermann® Malts have been part of th ... more

Refurbishment: germination box no.3 looks great in red and yellow    13.03.2013

Our germination box no.3 has been refurbished according to our corporate identity. Obviously, the colours that were used are red and yellow just like the whole Weyermann(R) world. We thank all involved companies (Feustel, Keidel and Boos) for the gre ... more

Welcome to our new employees!    12.03.2013

We welcome Dirk Schumacher, our new personell manager. He will be responsible for performance reviews, training, payroll accounting and the Weyermann(R) academy. He is 38 years old, comes from Heidelberg, is married and has two daughters. He spent ... more

Weyermann® brewmaster Dominik Maldoner is the new German beer sommelier champion!    18.02.2013

Dominik won the national championship of German beer sommeliers in Hallerndorf (Upper Franconia, close to Bamberg) last weekend. He qualified for the 3rd world championships in Munich which take place just before the drinktec exhibition. Weyer ... more

Successful audit: Weleda audits roast malt beer brewery    11.02.2013

Weyermann® holds 27 certificates for organic products. In 2012 we had 9 audits for recertification. This time our customer Weleda audited our roast malt beer brewery as they use our Demeter malt extract in a cough syrup. The auditors were impressed o ... more

Congratulations to Wladimir Nikolaschkin on his 65th birthday!    27.01.2013

Congratulations to our fantastic friend and reliable wholesaler, Wladimir Nikolaschkin, on his 65th birthday! Great to have such a fantastic Weyermann® ambassador. The Russian Brewers like to ask him for advice. Enjoy this special day ! Special thank ... more

Weyermann(R) works meeting in historic location    17.01.2013

Overlooking Bamberg, the Altenburg sits on the tallest of the seven hills of Bamberg. The first mention of the castle was in 1109. Today it is the town’s landmark and this evening it is the location of the works meeting of Weyermann® Specialty Malts ... more

Trainees get to know our brewing manufacture    16.01.2013

Our trainees now have the chance to get to know the Weyermann® brewing manufacture during their apprenticeship. Each week one of them will join our brewmaster, Dominik Maldoner, to get an insight into his creative work. Michelle Weber, business admin ... more

Congratulations! Julian Wolfschmitt and Sebastian Betz passed their final exam    15.01.2013

Congrats to Julian Wolfschmitt and Sebastian Betz! Both passed the final exam of their apprenticeship as specialists for food technology. more

Welcome, Sofia Münchenbach!    15.01.2013

Sofia joined the Weyermann® team as a trainee. She is 23 years old and an examined foreign language correspondence clerk for English and Spanish. Sofia took part in an EU project to gain experience abroad in Barcelona. She will support our sales depa ... more

All the best for 2013!    09.01.2013

Dear Weyermann® family members, a colourful, turbulent red and yellow Weyermann® year just ended. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in us, letting us provide each of your beers, whiskeys and breads with a granule of W ... more

100 years old and still in use: The anvil of 1913 in our metalworking shop.    07.01.2013

Mounted on a wooden base of solid oak, it has “forged” and accompanied a century of Weyermann® history. What stories could it tell? more

Happy New Year - Prosit Neujahr!    01.01.2013

Cover of the Weyermann® calendar of 1894 - one of our earliest promotional gifts. Two dwarfs brewing a magic potion against the background of the city of Bamberg with the imperial cathedral (4 towers) and St. Michael’s monastery (at the far right). ... more

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Ulrich Ferstl at presentation of "Preussische Whisky Destillerie"    17.12.2012

Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and customer representative, Ulrich Ferstl, visited Claudia Bohn to take part in the presentation of the first whiskey of her company “Preussische Whisky Destillerie”. Visit the following sites for more information and a pictur ... more

Weyermann@ gifts for christmas    14.12.2012

Our customers really value the red and yellow stationery products Weyermann@ sends out for christmas. Thanks for all the letters of appreciation we received from our customers !!! more

Weyermann@ supports beneficial fairy concept    12.12.2012

Weyermann@ introduces a beneficial fairy to express how child-oriented we are. The idea of the fairy concept is to show children where they can get help. Shops and enterprises put a fairy logo at their doors. Children can rely on getting help as ever ... more

Living the Brewers Dream - An article about Weyermann® Exchange Brewer Adam Brown    11.12.2012

Some people, well actually most, might find the thought of waking-up to the smell of roasted barley every morning as something of a turn-off. But for one Melbourne guy this is now his life and very much his interpretation of “Living the Brewer’s Drea ... more

Top father 2012    11.12.2012

Congratulations to our Weyermann® Customer Representative, Ulrich Ferstl - he is one of the top fathers of the 21st Century ! He has been rewarded with the price “Top father 2012” which has been donated by the Mestemacher Group for the seventh time. ... more

Sabine Weyermann has been rewarded for her commitment as ambassador of Bamberg    05.12.2012

In 2002, Sabine Weyermann was appointed as ambassador of the city of Bamberg. To honour her commitment of the past ten years, she was rewarded with a certificate from the mayor of Bamberg. Without question, the award certificate will receive an appro ... more

Franconian apple champagne: Weihenstephan alumni meet at Pomme Royal in Ebermannstadt    04.12.2012

For the 4th time in 2012 members of the Weihenstephan alumni association have come to Bamberg, and this time they had to cope with apples and champagne yeast instead of hops and malts. The group of 15 beverage experts visited the production site ... more

Weyermann@ historian Christian Kestel 10th anniversary     03.12.2012

You can only shape the future, if you know your past ! Christian Kestel has been compiling fascinating details of the Weyermann@ company history for 10 years. His greatest achievement was the Weyermann@ history book on the occasion of the 125th anniv ... more

Willy Wonka Bock 2012 leads Weyermann@ into the winter wonderland     30.11.2012

It was a perfect start into the winter season: a great Willy Wonka Bock 2012, created by brewmaster Dominik Maldoner, delicious Lower Bavarian style oven baked breads with Italian prosciutto from San Daniele and a great ambience. Employees, partners, ... more

Weyermann@ bags labeled in four languages    29.11.2012

1.6 million bags of Weyermann@ malt leave the Weyermann@ logistics center each year to 130 different countries. For the third year, we offer our bags with labels in four languages: English, German, Portuguese and Russian – added value for our wholesa ... more

Weyermann@ at VLB seminar in Moscow    28.11.2012

Moscow: capital city of Russia with more than 11 million citizens, famous for the Moscow Kremlin and Saint Basil´s Cathedral. On the occasion of the first seminar for microbreweries held by the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt fuer Brauerei in Berlin "VLB"( ... more

The Weyermann® Recipe Series by Horst Dornbusch - German Porter & London Porter    23.11.2012

Our new series on weyermannmalt.com! This time: German Porter & London Porter Adapted with permission from The ULTIMATE ALMANAC of WORLD BEER RECIPES by Horst Dornbusch, the famous award-winning beer author, brewer and consultant in the internati ... more

First Weyermann® delivery for Cape Brewing Company, South Africa    22.11.2012

Wow what a splendid view, isnt it? The first Weyermann® Malt delivery for Cape Brewing Company arrived in Paarl, South Africa - for sure just in time and with bags looking like they just came out of the Packaging. Happy Brewing Wolfgang Koedel, Brewm ... more

A Retrospective of the 2012 BRAU Beviale and Weyermann® Bavarian Party    21.11.2012

What a week we had at Weyermann®! First, there were three busy days in the booth at the BRAU Beviale in Nuremberg, followed by a huge Bavarian Party on the company grounds in Bamberg, as well as a three-day brewing seminar in the Weyermann® Pilot Bre ... more

Brewing seminar at Weyermann@    19.11.2012

Following the great international days at Weyermann@ we are offering the Weyermann@ Brewing Seminar to our customers. Weyermann@ wholesaler Israel Gad Deviri, Andreas Richter, head of quality department at Weyermann@, John Maier (Rogue Ales, England) ... more

Congratulations!    18.11.2012

Congratulations to all winners of the European Beer Stars 2012! On behalf of all participants Italy, The Netherlands, Israel and Brasil signed the framed Weyermann@ ambassador. more

Kosher audit passed successfully    14.11.2012

Great news: We passed the audit of of rabbi Hod successfully. Our kosher certificate of the Federation of Synagogues, London, has been extended for another year. Thank you very much for the perfect organisation to the QS department with Andreas Ric ... more

Have fun at the Weyermann@ booth at Brau Beviale !    13.11.2012

Dear friends of the red and yellow world of Weyermann@ ! We wish all visitors of the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg a great time at the Weyermann@ booth in hall 1 (stand 403/405). Weyermann@ management together with all emplyoees from the sales and ex ... more

Weyermann@ visitor tours    12.11.2012

Weyermann@ is offering a weekly tour through the red and yellow world. Interested visitors may join each Wednesday at 2.00 pm (price: 15,- euros) Please wear strong boots and be advised that children under 16 may not participate in the tour. For ... more

30th anniversary at Weyermann@    09.11.2012

Our painter Adolf „Addi“ Koder is celebrating his 30th anniversary at Weyermann@ today! Thank you for all the efforts you have spent together with your twelve colleagues from the maintenance department to keep the Weyermann@ world in a good shape. ... more

Precise to a gram...    08.11.2012

There are 18 weighing machines at Weyermann@. Today, all of them are being calibrated to ensure they operate precisely and the customer always receives exact the amount he ordered. more

5th anniversary of Michael Flämig    05.11.2012

We celebrate the 5th anniversary of our smart management assistant, Michael Flämig. May he experience lots of successful years as representative of the 5th generation at the world market leader for specialty malts. more

Malt analysis via smartphone    02.11.2012

Founded in 1879, Weyermann@ Specialty Malts is a long established company based in Bamberg and the world market leader for specialty malts. The company has always played the leading role with regard to the introduction of trademarks, certificates for ... more

International exchange brewers at the pilot brewery    31.10.2012

Australia, Brasil, Franconia/Upper Bavaria - three nationalities at the Weyermann@ pilot brewery. The team of brewmaster Dominik Maldoner comprises longterm exchange brewer Adam Brown (Australia), Matthew Jessop (Australia) and Marlon Schlafner (Bra ... more

Happy birthday, Cornelia Giehl !    26.10.2012

We wish our smart employee (laboratory), who is also the best malt ice cream producer, a year full of light and love, happiness and laugh. May always be a sunray or rainbow on the horizon! As visitor guide she she may always have nice visitors with ... more

"Querdenker award": Weyermann@ one of the finalists    25.10.2012

Creative thinking is a special gift. At Weyermann@, however, being creative and in constant movement is common practise. Therefore we are proud to announce that Weyermann@ is one of the finalists of the “Querdenker Award” in the category “marke ... more

With R2Brew at the Vejle Bryghus in Denmark    10.10.2012

Weyermann® at the Vejle Bryghus in Denmark, a brewery close to Hedensted. Our Weyermann® wholesaler R2Brew organized a fantastic day at the brewery. Vistors not only were introduced into the art of brewing but also had the chance to try the different ... more

Florian Hübner new in the Weyermann® team    08.10.2012

We are welcoming a new member to our team: Florian Hübner, 29 years old and from Bamberg. He will assist the Weyermannn® sales team in the food sector. He is the successor of Wolfgang Schmitt, who transferred from the food section to the marketing de ... more

Top Honors for Weyermann® Customers at the Copa Cervezas de América 2012     08.10.2012

At the Copa Cervezas de América ("American Beer Cup") held for the second time in Santiago de Chile, between September 2 and 7, twenty-one countries from the Americas and Europe entered some 325 beers to compete for gold, silver and bronze. In the en ... more

Best restaurant in Honduras with Weyermann® malt    05.10.2012

We are sending our best regards to Thomas Wagner (in this picture) for his award. We received the following email from him: “Today we received a letter with the award from the rating agency Tripadvisor. We received 5***** for a constant top ranki ... more

Ramona Gumprecht celebrates 10 years with Weyermann®    02.10.2012

Today, at the 2nd of October, Ramona Gumprecht celebrates her 10th anniversary with Weyermann®. The always cheerful export-lady, responsible for USA and Canada, is on maternity leave at the moment. Weyermann® is thankful and proud to have her in th ... more

Claudia Maria Freitag – the new project manager IT department    01.10.2012

A warm welcome to Weyermann® for Claudia Maria Freitag on her first day as the project manager of the IT department. Claudia is 46 years old and lives in Stegaurach. After her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk she added a training as a IHK Bilanz ... more

Weyermann® congratulates Ratsherrn Hamburg at their opening ceremony    28.09.2012

What an amazing opening ceremony of the brewery „Ratsherrn“ in Hamburg in the „Schanzenhöfen“. A big praise to the brew master Thomas Kunst and all others involved for their fantastic creations that were offered at the 1st Craft Beer Days along with ... more

A perfect communication solution     27.09.2012

When a customer is calling Weyermann® his name, telephone number and name of the brewery will pop up on the computer screen along with his last order and his payment history. This guarantees that each caller gets immediate attention and a receptionis ... more

New Wholesaler for Columbia    26.09.2012

Weyermann® proudly announces its new wholesaler Merquiand in Columbia, who will be responsible for selling Weyermann® malt from their offices in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín. Merquiand was founded in 1990 and worked for a single company from Barcelo ... more

A wedding can be so beautiful    25.09.2012

What a nice couple! Weyermann employee Tobias Arnold and his newlywed wife Christina said Thank You: “Thanks a lot, it was just beautiful. So many people wished us luck. So many people brought us happiness. All these people we would like to th ... more

A real gem for our collection from 1904    20.09.2012

We are proud about a new very special item in our Weyermann® collection. This original beer mug from 1904 was given to councilor of commerce, Rudolf Weyermann (1880-1946) by his student colleague at the beginning of his university time in Weihenstehp ... more

10th Anniversary of the Italian Brewing Research Centre    08.09.2012

CERB was established in April 2003, and during these years it promoted the excellence in the R&D, technology, analysis, quality control, training and consultancy, with particular regard to beer and its raw materials. The Centre has been a constant re ... more

Frank Gauger, our man on the roads, turned 50    07.09.2012

Frank Gauger, key account manager Weyermann®, celebrated his 50th birthday. The whole Weyermann® team is sending their best wishes and Sabine Weyermann, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Michael Flämig celebrated with Frank in Adenbüttel, together with ma ... more

Eberhard Gießner – 30 years with Weyermann®    06.09.2012

A company’s most important support is their employees. And we are proud to announce that Eberhard Gießner just celebrated 30 loyal years with Weyermann®. He started in the malt house, then worked in the logistic centre and is now one of our most know ... more

New special brewery in Breitengüßbach    31.08.2012

Many prominent people joined the opening ceremony of the “hands-on brewery” In Breitengüßbach. The brewery with the name “Brauhaus Binkert” is run by Jörg and Anja Binkert. Not only brewing their beer brand “Main Seidla” is on the schedule, they wil ... more

Your beer in your bread – Weyermann® beer-bread mixes    31.08.2012

This is how you can surprise your customers, think about it: You have a brewpub and you are serving homemade beer-bread with your dishes. Not only homemade, but also have your beer as an ingredient. Your visitors will enjoy it. And it´s pretty easy ... more

The smallest is the biggest    29.08.2012

During a test of the different beers available in the region of Basel in Switzerland, the small brewery Zipfelbier came out first. Their beer is brewed with Weyermann® malt and we are sending our best congratulations to the whole brewery team. more

Interview with Sabine Weyermann for a regional newspaper    28.08.2012

On the 28th of August 2012 an interview was published in the “Nordbayerische Kurier”. It was done by the reporter Roman Kocholl with Sabine Weyermann, management Weyermann®. He was interested in the beer sommelier seminar, that was successfully comp ... more

Licorice beer specialties presented by Weyermann® beer sommeliers    24.08.2012

Smelling, tasting and feeling licorice – that was part of the program of state secretary Melanie Huml (centre of the picture in the red dress). The politician from Bamberg had invited state secretary Gerhard Eck (fourth from the left) and the state p ... more

Wrexham Lager Beer Co. and Weyermann® in Partnership    23.08.2012

Weyermann® is pleased to announce the award of the premium pilsner malt contract to supply Wrexham Lager Company in Wrexham. This contract represents the largest single specialty malt contract to date in the UK for Weyermann® whom Charles Faram, are ... more

Weyermann® is happy about a great harvest in Leesau    22.08.2012

The barely harvest 2012 is going very well. This is what Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, management Weyermann® agreed on, when they visited the state of the art Weyermann® grain-receiving facility in Leesau. 25.000 tons of highest qua ... more

Harvesting in full swing – now and then    20.08.2012

Harvest is in full swing – nowadays similar than 60 years ago, when Weyermann® malt was advertised in 1952 in a publication called “Caramalzfibel”. more

Weyermann® at the World Brewing Congress 2012    17.08.2012

This year’s World Brewing Congress in Portland, Oregon, broke all the records. Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, both Weyermann® management also participated. As usual there was a never ending line-up of visitors at the red and yellow Weye ... more

More Weyermann® Malt for El Vaso de Oro    16.08.2012

Gabriel Fort Segovia is the owner of the famous brewery El Vaso de Oro in Barcelona. Just recently Weyermann® management Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus Weyermann together with Weyermann® key account food industry, Xavier Galobart, visited Gabriel ... more

18 new Beer Sommeliers in Bamberg    14.08.2012

Weyermann® employees, HW Brewery Service and Kaspar Schulz employees are receiving their diplomas after their 10 day course. A gentle bang and a hint of smoke coming out of the bottle neck.Silence. A Belgian beer specialty has just been opened and ... more

Greetings from Switzerland    13.08.2012

We received the following letter from our former brew master, Oliver Honsel: “Hello Sabine, Today we received 31 times 33 pieces of Bamberg holding 25 kg of malt – reason enough to say thank you again for the great cooperation and the sincere wor ... more

More good news    02.08.2012

We are happy to announce that once again we are nominated for the award for the GREATEST medium sized businesses. We made it into the last round and now a jury will judge. Last year we won the prize and we are hoping for the best this year again. ... more

22 new brew masters from Doemens visited Weyermann®    26.07.2012

They just graduated and for their last excursion together they came to Bamberg to visit the world market leader for Specialty Malt. After a presentation and a tour they enjoyed a tasting. Their visit was guided by Andreas Richter, Weyermann® quality ... more

Great American Beer Festival    24.07.2012

The Great American Beer Festival is one of the most important events during the year Weyermann® is attending. To give all the employees in Bamberg a better idea about the great festival quality manager, Andreas Richter, beer sommelier and judge of th ... more

Weyermann® is exercising    23.07.2012

It´s already a tradition: each year some Weyermann® employees are taking part in the Hassfurt Run. Also in 2012 and this run will stay in the participants memories for quite a while. Because of a heavy rain a day before the run, some of the road sign ... more

Hop Seminar at Weyermann® by Charles Faram Hops    20.07.2012

Dr. Rudi, Riwaka, Magnum – no, these are not celebrities, these are the names for certain types of hops, so are Aurora, Pacific Gem or Millennium. In a hop seminar held by the company Charles Faram & Co. Ltd (UK) the Weyermann® management Sabine Weye ... more

Role Reversal    19.07.2012

Albina working in the fitters shop, Evelyn in the electronic workshop and Maja in the laboratory – three girls from the 7th grade of the “Erlöser” school of Bamberg experienced three days in a job normally more choosen by men. The girls were quite ex ... more

Weyermann® Fan Shop is expanding    13.07.2012

Good news from Bamberg: The Weyermann® Fan Shop is expanding. Accounting assistant, Steffi Reh, is working on this project together with the actual trainee of the marketing department. Together they will focus on an inventory control system. Introd ... more

Weyermann® attending the Bamberg Beer Seminar    12.07.2012

Soon there will be 13 new qualified beer-sommeliers at Weyermann®. And another five employees just received a special training on beer. They attended the Bamberg Beer Seminar, held by Markus Raupach from the company Guide Media and Hans Wächtler from ... more

BRAUSUPPLIES: New wholesaler for Ecuador    10.07.2012

We present our new wholsesaler for Ecuador: Team BRAUSUPPLIES CIA. LTDA (left to right): Emilio Berrueta (Warehouse Supervisor), Jorge Bone (Maintenance), Gabriel Vizuete (Mechanic), Luis Najera (Technical Manager), Ana Najera (General Manager, Brew ... more

No sweet without sweat – 111th anniversary Luitpoldschool of Bamberg    09.07.2012

In 1901 the Luitpoldschool had its inauguration. The architect of the impressive building was the famous Mr. Hans Erlwein from Bamberg. The school was important enough to even receive the name of the prince regent. The royal parliament wrote an off ... more

18 qualified beer-sommeliers now in Bamberg!    05.07.2012

It´s not only about knowledge, it´s an art, requiring all your senses. And because it´s an art it can also lead to many different opinions. We are talking about the art to be a beer-sommelier, about smelling, tasting and feeling. Weyermann® Malt toge ... more

Bigger – hotter – better – 12th Weyermann® vintage car get together    04.07.2012

Rumbling and Lightning – but now thunderstorm up in the sky. It´s the roaring engines and the polished vintage cars coming to attend the 12th Weyermann car show. It´s 27 degrees Celsius and 14:00 – when the cars start floating into the Brennerstree ... more

Vintage car get together at Weyermann® - 3rd of July 2012    03.07.2012

On Tuesday, the 3rd of July 2012 we are inviting vintage car fans to come to Bamberg to witness our annual vintage car get together. We are expecting more than 300 cars from all different eras. The event start at 17:00. For impressions of last ... more

Finding the way home    02.07.2012

In 1954 when Weyermann® celebrated its 75th anniversary, the management had a very special gift for their loyal customers: a table lighter. One of these ones went to the owner of the Brewery Wachter in Trosdorf, Bischberg, which was taken over in its ... more

Xavier Galobart meets Agrano    27.06.2012

Xavier Galobart, Weyermann® key account food industry (in the centre of the picture) recently visited Andreas Scherer (Agrano) and Sebastian Zitzler (Phyterra Organic Yeast) at the production site of the organic yeast manufacturer Agrano in Baden-Wür ... more

Something special – “A feins Stöffla”    24.06.2012

“A feins Stöffla” – something special and really good, that´s what mayor Andreas Starke said about the Weyermann® liquorice beer specialties. Weyermann and the newspaper “Fränkischer Tag” invited him for a tasting. For further information: more

Coming from the heart    22.06.2012

It´s a very special day, if you enter your office and you find a present on your desk. It just happened! Igor and Ellina Morits, Weyermann® customers from the Brewery Amadeus in Russia just sent a great oil painting. It shows the Weyermann® historic ... more

Visiting Weyermann® friends    19.06.2012

If you are on vacation isn´t it all about not thinking about work? It just happened differently with apprentice Michelle Weber. She went on vacation to Tunisia and met Mr. Walid Ghezal, director finance of the Golf Residence Hotel in Sousse. Ghezal b ... more

Royal visit to Weyermann®    16.06.2012

On the day 100 years ago the ceremony for the opening of the new harbor of Bamberg was held. And it was opened by the Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, the later King Ludwig the III of Bavaria. The royal majesty visited Bamberg from the 15th to the 17th of J ... more

Andreas Starke, mayor of Bamberg, receives Weyermann® liquorice specialty beers    14.06.2012

This morning the mayor of Bamberg received the liquorice beer specialties of Weyermann® handed over by Dominik Maldoner, Weyermann® brewmaster. During their meeting Dominik told the whole story about the beer specialties: How the idea come up to brew ... more

Container number 200 going to Brasil    13.06.2012

A good reason to be happy: soon our wholesaler in Brasil Cooperativa Agrari in Entre Rios will receive the 200th container with Weyermann® malt – as usual only filled with highest quality malts. Susanne Kuhlbusch, export department Bamberg, who handl ... more

Beer seminar in Bamberg    08.06.2012

Together with the local association „Kultürla“ Markus Raupach (Guide Media) and Hans Wächtler (HW Brewery Services) held a beer seminar. On the schedule: - Beer culture of Bamberg and Franconia - The process of brewing and the ingredients - Tou ... more

Members of Barleyment…    05.06.2012

What a pleasure having such creative friends: We are presenting the members of the so far only known Canadian homebrewers club – the “Members of Barleyment”. For further information: more

Weyermann® accounting is getting help    01.06.2012

Lothar Knöchel and Steffi Reh, Weyermann® accounting team, are now getting help from Karin Scholl, who started with the company on the 1st of June 2012. She is 49 years old, has a child and lives in Gunzendorf. She is a qualified industrial clerk a ... more

Carawheat® Cookies and passionate brewers – Brouwland Open House Days in Belgium    30.05.2012

Creativity is the winner, not always, but often. So why not having a bag of malt flour as a gift for the neighboring booth holder, a noodle production company? They made delicious Carawheat® cookies out of it and the show visitors were thrilled by th ... more

Back check for all Weyermann® employees    29.05.2012

Weyermann® is caring about the health of their employees. Peter Felten and Paschal Mehrens (in the picture), two graduated sport´s scientists, together with Christine Völkl, insurance expert, spent a whole day at Weyermann® to check the backs of the ... more

Beer, Bamberg, and the Brooklyn Bridge… and a Factory Hall Turned Brewery in Los Angeles    25.05.2012

In 1829, Johann August Röbling, a German student of civil engineering at the Prussian Royal Polytechnic Institute in Berlin sat on the banks of the Regnitz River in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany, notepad in hand, observing the construction of a new bridg ... more

The Weyermann® fire brigade in Freising     23.05.2012

It wasn´t about the extinction of fire it was about the extinction of thirst (beer thirst) why the historical Weyermann® fire truck made its way to Freising. The truck is rebuild and now doesn´t take care and help with fires, but helps and thrills pe ... more

Seminario per gli Amici    18.05.2012

It´s not the first time, it´s the eighth time that brewers from Italy made their way to Bamberg to attend the annual Uberti-Weyermann® seminar, but never before there were so many participants than in 2012. And besides a lot of training and a tough s ... more

Öl – Oil – Beer: Weyermann® in Copenhagen at the ØLFESTIVAL KØBENHAVN 2012    16.05.2012

The Danish world for beer is Öl, which means oil in German. Whoever didn´t know that and went to the ØLFESTIVAL KØBENHAVN 2012 learnt that for sure. A total of 12 000 visitors came to the festival. And 70 breweries with 700 different beers welcomed t ... more

Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup in San Diego    14.05.2012

16 years ago Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann were travelling to the Craft Brewers conference (CBC) in the USA for the first time. These days there were exact 1131 breweries in the and the World Beer Cup (WBC), one of the most important co ... more

Dark and White – newest Weyermann® ice-cream creation    11.05.2012

Bamberg, Germany – it´s 27 degrees Celsius outside, it´s hot and we need refreshment. Best solution a Weyermann® ice-cream called “dark and white” which is served at the ice-cream parlour in Schesslitz, made of finest Weyermann® Vienna Red malt extra ... more

The fun of brewing - Mc Stout home brewers club from Reichelsheim    09.05.2012

For the „Tag des deutschen Bieres“ (day of the German Beer) the regional museum of Reichelsheim/Odenwald organized three different events all related to beer together with the home brewers club Mc Stout. They started with a presentation of Dr. Pet ... more

Sweet healing – a Weyermann® academy speech on the medicine plant of the year 2012    08.05.2012

Weyermann´s® latest beer specialties are three different types of liquorice beer. So it couldn´t be any better than having an internal Weyermann® academy speech on liquorice held by Jennifer Pock-Baier, “Natürlich-Apotheke” (natural pharmacy) in Hain ... more

Best of Jumpsuits    03.05.2012

Almost everybody wants one: We are talking about the Weyermann® jumpsuit. This time exclusively for the winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards of the Great American Beerfestival and the World Beer Cups. In our picture gallery please find some jum ... more

Brewing like 100 years ago    30.04.2012

Brewing beer the way our ancestors did a 100 years ago. The Franconian open-air museum Fladungen invited guests, including Weyermann® Malt to witness this special happening. The clothing of the brewers and helpers wasn´t really like in these days, bu ... more

No ball pen, no graduation    27.04.2012

In Germany one cannot imagine, that a child cannot graduate because it doesn´t have the pen to write the exams. In Togo, in Africa, is this reality. To give as many children as possible the chance of education the non-profit organization “Fol Bon Mon ... more

South Africa – Worthog Summer Beer Festival 2012    23.04.2012

On Saturday the 21st of April the annual Worthog Brewers Club Summer Beer Festival took place. 45 breweries offering 98 different beers with a total of 2298 litres of beer to taste for the South African Beer Enthusiasts. It was a sunny day in South A ... more

Liquorice specialties    23.04.2012

Charlie Chaplin, German TV presenter Thomas Gottschalk and the German politician Philipp Rösler, they all cannot keep their hands off: Liquorice. Black and sweet, but almost nobody knows how it is produced. It´s made of the roots of the liquorice pla ... more

Report about malt for the secondary school    18.04.2012

Brewmaster Andreas Hiernickel made its way from Switzerland to the Weyermann® plant in Hassfurt together with his son Peter. Peter is working on a presentation about malt for his new start at the secondary school. And where else can one get the best ... more

Presentation and Tour for the union of the food controlling team of the region Oberfranken    17.04.2012

If a food controlling team is announcing a visit some company-management might get all worked up, but not at Weyermann®. Weyermann® even invited the union to come for a visit. 60 visitors listened to a presentation of Andreas Richter, quality manag ... more

A seminar on wheat beer in Brazil    16.04.2012

The Brazilians developed a taste for wheat beer. So in these days, wheat beer is the most produced specialty beer there. To be always up to date the “Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustiral”, a close Brazilian friend of Weyermann® had organized a seminar ... more

Greetings from Bangkok    12.04.2012

Once again, Frank Gauger has stopped over in Bangkok to greet our loyal customers from the local craft brewing scene. One of them is Dirk Strobel, at home in Bangkok since 11 years and a proud defender of German beers at Holland Beer on Rama II. Show ... more

Photo shooting     10.04.2012

International but also local and familiar – that was the theme of the photo shooting by the new economic magazine of Bamberg. The team of the company medienreaktor® took pictures of Sabine Weyermann, Weyermann® management, and the Australian internsh ... more

HAPPY EASTER...    05.04.2012

... to all of our wonderful friends of the red-yellow Weyermann® world. more

Grilled fish, sunshine and happy faces – 1st Weyermann® Easter BBQ     04.04.2012

It couldn´t have been any better: With sunny weather, delicious fish and happy faces about 100 Weyermann® employees enjoyed a fish BBQ organized by the Weyermann® locksmith shop. Perfectly arranged by Robert Keller and his team. Red and Yellow decora ... more

Signatures are important    30.03.2012

How important they are was the topic of the Weyermann® Academy presentation of the companies’ lawyer, Mr. Michael Wonka. When he asked the audience if they ever read through the piece of paper they are signing at the gas station when paying for the g ... more

And the Winner is … “The Oxford Companion to Beer”    30.03.2012

In late September of 2011, Oxford University Press published its long-awaited The Oxford Companion to Beer, a weighty, almost 1,000 pages long, alphabetically organized work on almost anything anyone would ever want to know about beer—about its style ... more

A path-breaking multilateral agreement     21.03.2012

The European Union and the United States of America have announced a path-breaking multilateral agreement covering the certification of products labeled “organic.” Effective June 1, 2012, any product certified as organic in either the EU or the U.S. ... more

Constructive and creative days of the Bavarian Brewers Union in Bamberg    21.03.2012

Creativity: As the American author Sid Parnes says, that´s “the new arrangement of variables that a human can change during its search for improvements”. That a “Bavarian Brewer” can be quite creative against all its reputations, clearly showed the ... more

50 000 liters above the river Main    19.03.2012

At the Weyermann® subsidiary in Hassfurt a 50 000 litre water tank was exchanged. First the whole roof of the building had to be removed and then a 60 ton crane started its work and lifted the old tank 25 meters out of the building and the brand new ... more

¡Seminario Microcerveceria Barcelona – OLÉ!    16.03.2012

It was the first seminar of its kind for the Spanish Microbrewers, held in Barcelona. And sure enough, Weyermann® management Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann were there to be part of it. The wholesaler Ricardo Monlina had organized the eve ... more

Weyermann® academy times three – Rumania, Australia and Bamberg    14.03.2012

Constant education and training is very important at Weyermann®. That´s why there is the Weyermann® Academy not only providing inside but also external knowledge. Cornelia Giehl, food industry engineer, gave a detailed and interesting presentation o ... more

A fox visiting Weyermann®    12.03.2012

When Christian Kröger checked the security cameras on Saturday morning, he couldn´t believe his eyes. Was it really a fox wandering around the Weyermann® grounds? Sure it was. Getting in through the narrow spaces between the fence and quick as appear ... more

The story of Jürgen Buhrmann and the “Huberplatte”    09.03.2012

In the city of Freising, worldwide well known for its University for brewing technologies and the oldest brewery another very old tradition is uphold. The oldest constantly happening students “Stammtisch” (regulars´ table) is held every Friday duri ... more

Weyermann® - a company with tradition between local happenings and the world market    08.03.2012

Christian Kestel is the Weyermann® historian and he can answer any question about the company’s history. He didn´t miss the chance to give a detailed presentation to the members of the history and heritage club “Colloquium Historicum Wisbergense” of ... more

Godly support and the Weyermann® Malt Display – Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke brews pilgrim brew    07.03.2012

The Hallerndorfer Brewhouse in Kreuzberg received godly support from the Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke from the diocese in Eichstätt when brewing this year’s pilgrim’s brew. “Being the abbot of the Plankstetten monastery I already was involved in the dev ... more

South Africa – Craft Beer Festival in Clarens    06.03.2012

For the second time Clarens Brewery organized a special Craft Beer Festival in Clarens in the Freestate on the 25th of February 2012. 27 breweries from all over South Africa participated and more than 50 beers were on tap. Weyermann® customer care re ... more

Mother, Father and Malt – Brewers from the Ukraine are visiting Weyermann®    28.02.2012

They travelled a long way from the Ukraine to Bamberg. After three days with an informative fun filled program the eight sympathetic brewers from Odessa, Kiev, Donezk and Lvov (Lemberg) all agreed: “We found the way and we fell in love with Bamberg a ... more

Weyermann® employees perfectly insured    24.02.2012

“That´s great for all the employees!” says insurance expert Christine Völkl about the health insurance Weyermann® is paying from now on for all his employees. As the expert Erhard Sungl explained all the advantages of the insurance, such as 55 % cove ... more

Announcing Lisa Luginer as New Press Officer at Weyermann® Malt    21.02.2012

A press officer is the public face of an enterprise or institution. His or her job is to convey the employer’s image to the world with panache, pizzazz, agility, and enthusiasm, as well as with credible knowledge and integrity. Thus the Weyermann® Sp ... more

„Cervejaria Bamberg“ – brewery of the year    17.02.2012

What a great success – for two years in a row: Alexandre Bazzo from the brewery called “Cervejaria Bamberg”, a loyal Weyermann® customer from Brasil, received the award “brewery of the year”. After getting more than 13 medals for his different beer ... more

Weyermann® made a donation for Danny Williams     24.01.2012

Danny Williams Needs Your Help! http://brookstonbeerbulletin.com/danny-williams-needs-your-help/ more

Opening of the Brewery „Bleckeder“    12.01.2012

We are sending our congratulations to the opening of the brewery “Bleckeder”, which took place at the beginning of December 2011. Customer service representative, Ulrich Ferstl, visited the new member of the Weyermann® family and handed over a decora ... more

Malt shuffle goes to the Schlitzer Distillery     12.01.2012

After the exhibition of spirits Desta 2011 in Volkach Weyermann® gave away the specially engraved malt shuffle. Winner was the distillery Schlitzer. Customer Service representative Ulrich Ferstl went to visit the distillery and handed the shuffle ... more

Brewhouse in Husum celebrates 20 years    12.01.2012

We want to take the chance to look back to 2011. In December Ulrich Ferstl, customer service representative of Weyermann® went all the way up North to Husum to congratulate Jens Nachtwein, brewmaster, to the breweries 20th anniversary. Ulrich Ferstl ... more

Opening a Weyermann® Malt Bag Is No Magic Trick!    05.01.2012

Unlike in days of yore, when malt was delivered in clumsy burlap bags, opening a modern Weyermann® bag is child’s play and can be done without mess or fuss. We have prepared a short, funny movie that shows a simple trick for getting our Weyermann® "a ... more

Bière Boutique in Uzelle decorated with Weyermann®    04.01.2012

The French wholesale partner of Weyermann®, Susanne Stettler, pays attention to detail, decorating her shop in the colors of Weyermann® - red and yellow. With two new Weyermann® Roll up displays her boutique looks even nicer now. Great job and defian ... more

Donation of malt for the university Anhalt    03.01.2012

We received greetings including a picture from students of the university Anhalt in Köthen. Since four years Weyermann® donates malt for brewing trials with very special beer recipes sometimes. The picture shows the professor Gerhard Kater with s ... more

Locksmith Robert Keller celebrating 15th anniversary with Weyermann®    03.01.2012

We are congratulation Robert Keller to his 15th anniversary with Weyermann® on the 1st of January 2012. Together with his team he is responsible that the Weyermann® machinery is working and working. “I like looking for and finding solutions for e ... more

Weyermann® shopping bags in Japan    02.01.2012

Soon fashionable Weyermann® shopping bags will be available in Japan. A company called Ikspiair will be producing these bags for an Earth friendly recycle project from used Weyermann® malt bags. Ikspiair is a member of the Tokyo Disneyland Group and ... more

Weyermann® apprentices are participating in klar.text    02.01.2012

From January onwards all 14 Weyermann® apprentices are participating in the longterm reading project “klar.text Azubi”. The project got initiated by the daily newspaper “Fränkischer Tag” and will be looked over by the Otto-Friedrich-Universtity. ... more

Malty Christmas Tree from Weyermann® customer    02.01.2012

We received many, many great and nice Christmas greetings from customers all around the world. THANK YOU SO MUCH! In the picture you see one of the very special greetings for this festive season from a loyal Weyermann® customer from Italy: The ... more

Just married!    02.01.2012

Could there be a better way to start a marriage than accompanied by the world market leader of specialty malts, Weyermann®? Jacqueline and Marco Ewald just got married and had the idea to rent the Weyermann® public transport bus, with historical desi ... more

Merry Christmas to all the world wide Weyermann® family members!    22.12.2011

Thanks for all your support over the last 12 months to make Weyermann® to the malt manufacture of the world. more

Weyermann® receives “Deutschen Bürgerpreis”    21.12.2011

With its Weyermann® Academy initiative Weyermann® won the “Deutsche Bürgerpreis” – German citizen award 2011, in the category “dedicated companies”. The prize giving took place on the 20th of December 2011 where Sabine Weyermann, Thomas Kraus-Wey ... more

Oskar Wehrli retires    16.12.2011

After being 37 years in the transport business and more than 10 years working with Weyermann® Oskar Wehrli from the forwarding company “Wehrli” retires end of 2011. Since June 2001 the company “Wehrli” made 500 trips for Weyermann and delivered m ... more

South Africa – Brauhaus am Damm opens    15.12.2011

After two years of construction the dream finally came true. On the 5th of November 2011 the grand opening ceremony was held. It all started in a typical German style with the “Männergesangverein” (male choral society) and the “Posaunenchor” (trombon ... more

We are looking for you in Bamberg– Export USA     13.12.2011

- You are positive minded and you enjoy working? - You know how to organize and work independently? - You like close customer contact and you are flexible and able to work under pressure? - You did a commercial oriented apprenticeship? - You have ... more

Christmassy craft work    12.12.2011

20 Weyer-women had some creative challenges to solve at an evening with the Weyermann® decoration fairy, Ulrike Burhmann. Tricky stars (Fröbelsterne) were produced as well as storm lamps and hearts. The evening was full of joy and happiness and ... more

State of the art Weyermann® malt storage in Bamberg and Venice    10.12.2011

At the beginning of 2011 a brand new, modern shelf system was build within the Weyermann® logistic centre, built in 2006. The new system stores 900 palettes double as much it did before with 400. The logistic centre of the Weyermann® partner Uberti S ... more


This is to declare and confirm that the Weyermann® Malting Company of Bamberg, Germany — organized under the legal names of Mich. Weyermann® Brau-, Röst- und Caramelmalzfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and Heinz Weyermann® Röstmalzbierbrauerei GmbH — does not a ... more

Weyermann® in Paris    08.12.2011

After the Brau Beviale and the Desta Weyermann® Malt just participated in another show, the Food Ingridients Europe (FIE) in Paris. It´s been the second time (last in 2009) for Weyermann®. The Weyermann® food team presented a great variety of flou ... more

Weyermann® assists the University in Udine    06.12.2011

We received a nice thank you greeting with a picture, showing a Weyermann® ambassador at the University degli Studi die Udine (Department of food science). „To Sabine and all Weyermann® staff for the kind invitation and the help given with your ma ... more

Weyermann® seniors are getting together    06.12.2011

They all worked for Weyermann® and they are all getting together on a regular base to enjoy time together, exchange news and talk about the good old times. One of their traditional meetings each year is the Christmas get-together in the cantine at We ... more

Weyermann® at Desta 2011    06.12.2011

Desta is an exhibition in Volkach focusing on finest spirits. It was the first time that Weyermann® participated. Present at the Weyermann® booth were the customer care representatives Gabriele Kaltner, Karl-Ludwig Rieck and Ulrich Ferstl. They wer ... more

New ICE-train tracks are not influencing Weyermann® in Bamberg    05.12.2011

As many articles could be read about the new ICE-train tracks in and around Bamberg, we just want to assure everybody, that Weyermann® may and will remain exactly where it is today. The planning agency of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German train com ... more

First Aid training at Weyermann®    05.12.2011

13 Weyer-“women” and Weyer”men” from the three locations in Bamberg, Haßfurt and Leesau came together to get a two-day First Aid training. Thanks to everybody who participated and makes the Weyermann® work environment safer. more

Bock Beer at Weyermann® 2011    01.12.2011

Happy Weyermann® employees, best beer brewed in the Weyermann® brewhouse, specialties baked in the wood fired oven, friendly talks, romantic setting, that´s how to describe the internal Weyermann® festival to start the Bock Beer season. Brewmaster ... more

Malt-Innovation meets Brew-Innovation     01.12.2011

A new specialty beer is on the market: A wheat wine was brewed with Weyermann® floor malt in the brewery in New York City called Brooklyn Brewery. Created by Garrett Oliver, Horst Dornbusch and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann. An article was published in th ... more

Weyermann® at Food Ingredients Europe 2011 in Paris    26.11.2011

After 2009 Weyermann® Speciality Malting Company presents its product range at the international fair from 29 November till 1 December for the second time (stand 3F89). The family-owned enterprise from the Bavarian town of Bamberg – a UNESCO world he ... more

American Ale in Switzerland    24.11.2011

We are happy to hear about the success of our Weyermann® customer in Switzerland – the brewery Sudwerk, close to Zurich in Pfäffikon. The brewer Gerry Farrell, with roots in England and Switzerland and grown up in America, brewed an American ale. . C ... more

Löwenbrauerei Passau AG wins gold medal at the European Beer Star 2011    22.11.2011

The Löwenbrauerei Passau AG is proud to receive one of the worldwide most recognized awards for outstanding quality. Their dark wheat beer called “Stockbauer Weisse Dunkel” received the gold medal in the category South German-Style Dark Wheat Beer ... more

Christmas Bock Beer with seven of our Weyermann® malts    22.11.2011

Not less than seven of our Weyermann® malts used brewmaster Alexander Himburg from the Michelstädter Rathausbräu to brew this special beer for the Christmas season. He sent us the picture presenting the beer with a wonderful color in a red wine glass ... more

Konstantin Flämig is born!    22.11.2011

We are sending our best wishes to Natascha and Michael Flämig, general manager and fifth Weyermann® generation, for their second baby. We are welcoming Konstantin Heinz as the sixth generation in the Weyermann world. more

Dark Star Brewery brewing with Weyermann® Malt    22.11.2011

A great picture from our Weyermann® ambassadors was taken at the Dark Star Brewery in West Sussex, a loyal Weyermann® customer. In this photograph on the right Mark Tranter, brewmaster of the Dark Star Brewery, and Weyermann® representative of the ... more

European Beer Star – Weyermann® Winners    17.11.2011

We are congratulating the following Weyermann® winners of the European Beer Star from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Well done! A special thanks to all the winners who sent us their photographs (find these in the picture gallery ... more

I grew up with Weyermann®    17.11.2011

The Canadian “Amsterdam Brewery” received great response to this years Lern2Brew event, organized and sponsored through the Weyermann® wholesaler Gilbertson and Page by Weyermann®. A total of 90 gallons of beer were brewed that day with Weyermann® ma ... more

Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2011    17.11.2011

After receiving two important rewards this year, the “Großer Preis des Mittelstands” and the “Goldene BierIdee” and after three very successful days of BRAU Beviale 2011 the company hosted an amazing event at their premises – the traditional Weyerman ... more

Brewers are getting together    15.11.2011

A week before the Brau Beviale 2011 Kaspar-Schulz, a neighbor and friend of Weyermann® producing brewhouses in Bamberg, organized a special Beer-Talk in Bamberg. In the Weyermann® canteen the 50 participants got together to enjoy an evening all about ... more

Stairs of Success    14.11.2011

This picture shows our sales partners worldwide, who participated in a training session after the Brau Beviale 2011. They all came to Bamberg to hear news about Weyermann®, new products, the new, upgraded logistic centre and to enjoy the Bavarian Pa ... more

Winners´ breakfast    14.11.2011

We received this nice picture of a Weyermann® customer from Canada, who is starting each morning with a nourishing Weyermann® malt cereal. "This will be my breakfast for the next few months. Ancient Grains, dried fruit and Weyermann®Bohemian Floor ... more

Aventinus from Schneider-Weisse rocks European Beer Star    11.11.2011

The oldest wheat Doppelbock of the world wins six gold medals in eight years. The Aventinus TAP6 from Schneider-Weisse, brewed with Weyermann® malt wins again a gold medal at the European Beer Star. This is already the sixths time that this beer is ... more

Without the magazine “Brauwelt” there would be something missing    10.11.2011

150 years of “Brauwelt” – that´s more than one reason to celebrate. Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, management Weyermann® and 4th generation, were invited by Michael Schmitt, management of the Hans-Carl Verlag in Nürnberg, to celebrate ... more

Weyermann® Malt in Syria    10.11.2011

Today the first Weyermann® Container ever is leaving for Syria, for the Kiwanian Brewery. 19 tons of best Weyermann® malt. We are very proud, to also call this Arabic state to our Weyermann® customer countries. Further Details: more

Weyermann® at the Brau Beviale     10.11.2011

Brau Breviale in Nürnberg and no questions Weyermann® is part of it with an enthusiastic team. Located in the hall No. 1, stand 403 and 405 we are welcoming you. Stop by as many exhibition visitors already did the first day. Sabine Weyermann® stateme ... more

Weyermann® Specialty Malts and Fermentis yeast supporting the Mexican craft brewing industry    10.11.2011

On September 1st to the 3rd 2011, the second edition of the event called “Cerveza México” was held in the World Trade Center (WTC) of Mexico City. This event has become the most important beer event in México, since it has three events in one place. ... more

International brewers exchange    06.11.2011

From this week onwards Adam Brown, assistant brewer at Buckle´s Beer Brewery Australia, will be doing an internship at you Weyermann® Brewery. The 36 year old Australian will work together with our brewmaster Dominik Maldoner till April. He is foll ... more

Weyermann® maltster celebrating Golden Wedding    03.11.2011

We are congratulating Weyermann® senior Heinrich Merkel and his wife Gunda to their special wedding anniversary. Further information published in the newspaper “Frankischer Tag Bamberg” on the 25th of October 2011, page 11: They already went to sc ... more

Mondiale de la Bière with Weyermann®    03.11.2011

From the 21st to the 24th of October 2011 Weyermann® had a booth at the Mondiale de la Bière in Strasbourg. Sales representative Susanne Stettler from the Bière Boutique in Uzelle presented Weyermann®. For three years in a row now Weyermann® is parti ... more

Weyermann® saying Thank You to workers in Leesau    02.11.2011

After finalizing their work in Leesau, Weyermann® invited the workers from England and Lithuania for a farewell dinner at the restaurant Erlmann in Schirradorf. The works much appreciated this kind of Thank You. Weyermann® is also saying Thank Yo ... more

Customer Service Representative Manfred Unkel retires    01.11.2011

Since 2003 Manfred Unkel was responsible for the customer service for Bavaria. After eight years of great commitment he retires now due so health reasons. He was always a great loyal Weyermann® ambassador. We wish him all the best for the future an ... more

Gold for the Brauhaus am Kreuzberg    21.10.2011

„That´s a dream coming true“, smiles Norbert Winkelmann, Weyermann® customer on the day he receives the golden award called “Bundesehrenpreis der DLG”, a important German award. “It was always my dream being one of the best, now time has come”. Toget ... more

Weyermann® customers are winning big at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival    20.10.2011

At the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival many Weyermann® customers received medals. We are sending our congratulations to all of them. The Beer Trophy of the year 2011 went to the Brewery S:t Eriks, also a Weyermann® customer, who received the most ... more

Weyermann® present at the Toronto Beer Week     19.10.2011

At this year’s Toronto Beer Week 2011 our long-term wholesale partner from Canada – Gilbertson & Page were representing Weyermann®. The event is growing each year and many of the participating brewers are already using our malts. This year the brewer ... more

Vicar Capitular have their own copy shop    14.10.2011

The participants of this month’s Weyermann® academy program got to see a part of the Bamberg cathedral that is normally not open to the public. Till the end of the 1980s twelve members lived in a part of the cathedral. Bamberg is the last city with a ... more

Fire brigade at Weyermann® - just for training    14.10.2011

At Weyermann® in Haßfurt the local fire brigade trained for an emergency. The scene: A truck gets on fire at the grain receiving area with extreme smoke development. Shortly after the alarm the fire department arrived. To protect the gas tank and a ... more

From a grain storage to the most modern and biggest specialty malt company – History of Weyermann®    14.10.2011

Another Weyermann® academy event took place in October. The companies’ historian Christian Kestel, who also wrote the chronic about the 130 years of Weyermann® Malt, took the interested Weyermann® members on a little journey through the history. It ... more

Lucky ones at Weyermann®    14.10.2011

This is how winners look like. The Bamberg city magazine published an article about Weyermann®. Weyermann® on the other hand sponsored a tour of the company ground for ten interested readers. The outcome was impressive and in this picture are the ten ... more

Weyermann® gets orthography training    13.10.2011

Another Weyermann® academy event with great outcome. Weyermann® press officer and specialist in German studies Beate Ferstl taught her colleagues about the German orthography and the rules for comma usage. After a one hour presentation Beate Ferstl h ... more

Weyermann® malt deliveries – highest standard    13.10.2011

Weyermann® produces more than 80 different malt types and handles and delivers incoming orders quick, safe, affordable and reliable to its customers. Service is very important at Weyermann® and that starts already with product development, productio ... more

New Weyermann® “Heirloom” & “Terroir”Malts    10.10.2011

There was once a simpler time — before modern transportation, mechanized agriculture, and factory foods — when every dish and every beverage, including beer, that mankind put on the table at mealtime was “craft,” that is, made by hand; and it came fr ... more

Chuckanut Brewery wins Small Brewing Company & Brewer of 2011    10.10.2011

The Weyermann® client Chuckanut Brewery has won big at the national Great American Beer Festival 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The brewery picked up 2 Gold Medals: one for their Chuckanut Helles Lager and the other for Chuckanut Kolsch (German Ale). The ... more

Also in October our team is growing    10.10.2011

We are welcoming: Holger May – started on the 19th of September 2011 He is 23 years old and grew up in Warmersdorf. He will assist our export team. Steffi Reh – started on the 1st of October 2011 She is 27 years old and grew up in Lichtenfe ... more

Solidarity and familiarity: 20th anniversary of Jürgen Buhrmann    01.10.2011

On the 1st of October 2011 Jürgen Buhrmann celebrated his 20th anniversary at Weyermann® as operations manager. Solidarity with the company and a close familiar relationship with the management Almost during the same time when Sabine Weyermann and ... more

Anniversaries in October 2011    01.10.2011

Not only Jürgen Buhrmann is celebrating an anniversary at Weyermann® - we are sending our warmest wishes to all of our team who are celebrating their anniversary at the beginning of October. We are grateful about each of you, all of you playing in im ... more

NEW at the 2011 GABF: Introduction of The Oxford Companion to Beer    29.09.2011

Global Beer Knowledge Now Available in a Single, Comprehensive Reference Guide The just released The Oxford Companion to Beer, published by the renowned Oxford University Press, will be introduced to the public for the first time on September 30th ... more

“Bravissimo” – Doppio Malto in Italy    29.09.2011

At the International Beer challenge 2011 in London the long-time customer of Weyermann® Doppio Malto achieved five medals! The brewer from Erba in Italy is proud of a gold medal for its BRASS WEISS and four brass medals. We are sending our best ... more

Medals and award for the Brazilian Brewery “Bamberg”    26.09.2011

At the Copa Cervezas de América in Chile the Brazilian Brewery named “Bamberg”, a loyal Weyermann® customer, received some awards. They won the gold medal for their “Bamberg Weizen”, a wheat beer, and a silver medal for their “Bamberg Schwarzbier” as ... more

Medals for Weyermann® sales partner in Uruguay    22.09.2011

At the beginning of the September the Latin America´s First International Copa Cervezas de América took place. An international jury of 13 people tasted 280 beers from 64 participants out of 21 countries. Our Weyermann® sales partner for Uruguay, C ... more

Weyermann® in Cambodia    22.09.2011

Frank Gauger, Weyermann® Key Accounter has been back to Cambodia, falling in love again with a beautiful country and its ambitious people striving to become a leading force in South East Asia. One of them is Peter Leang, VP and owner’s family at Khm ... more

Weyermann® Malt Now Represented by Brewers Supply Group in the United States     16.09.2011

For almost two decades, Crosby & Baker, Ltd. (C&B) of Westport MA, a supplier of ingredients and equipment to breweries and homebrew supply shops as well as wine-makers, has been the United States importer and distributor of the Weyermann® brand of m ... more

Weyermann® new team members    16.09.2011

Please welcome with us: Herbert Aust He lives in Frensdorf, is 54 years old and married. He is an approved painter and will now be the head of our paint shop and will make sure, that the whole Weyermann® world is always bright and colorful. He s ... more

Gold for “Meierei” brewpub in Postdam    16.09.2011

The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German agriculture cooperation) awarded the brewpub „Meierei“ In Potsdam with its forth gold medal. This year they received the reward for their top-fermented wheat beer. Weyermann® sends congratulatio ... more

Weyermann® ambassadors in China    16.09.2011

Today we received a picture taken at the impressive Kerry hotel in Shanghai/Pudong during an event of the German-Chinese chamber of commerce. The picture shows our typical Weyermann® ambassadors – our red and white Weyermann® bags as being part of a ... more

Weyermann® electrical division out for dinner    16.09.2011

The Weyermann® electrical division supervised by Klaus Bayer took the generous and always available offer of the Weyermann® management to go out for dinner. The team met at the Greifenklau brewery, a Weyermann® customer. They all had a great time tog ... more

New Brewmaster at Weyermann® Malt    14.09.2011

Starting September 1, 2011 Dominik Maldoner (23) will be at the helm of the renowned Weyermann® Pilot Brewery in Bamberg, Germany, where Weyermann® tests its malts, develops new beer recipes, and hosts scores of international brewers. He will also be ... more

Weyermann® Whiskey Ale – BRAU 2011    09.09.2011

Dominik Maldoner and Leo Habermann, brewmasters of the Weyermann® brewery, are proudly presenting something very special. At this years´ BRAU exhibition in Nürnberg Weyermann® will spoil their visitors with 170 litres of a specially brewed ale. F ... more

Breakfast for apprentices    09.09.2011

Weyermann® currently trains 14 apprentices and has 20 qualified trainers. For the start of the new year of the apprenticeships Weyermann invited all newcomers to a special day at Weyermann® together with their trainers. They got to know each other as ... more